Mardi 08 janvier 2002 Emission Black Super Market sur Radio MDM 101.1 FM

Artistes / Titres / Labels / Disques :

Les Caméléons : Tu l’as vu Small axe Todos/ Dr Ring Ding + SAS: Burn Them Dub Grover Pick up the pieces/ Laurel Aitken: Gimme back mi dollar Grover Rise & fall/ Inspector: Amargo adios MX rds Alma en fuego/ The Starlites: Naranja Brixton Bikini groovy/ Dr Woggle & the Radio: Never walk in my shoes Grover Suitable/ Peeping Toms: Handicap 155 Brixton Brixton cat & the Rudies/ Freetown: Star Beatville The rudies painless/ The Double deckers: Havana Leech Showtime !/ Family Sound: Immigration autoprod/ Don Khumalo + king Django: No mas errors Autoprod/ The Special Guest: Another truth autoprod Can’t stand sitting/ The Parka kings: Dish or die Jump up Wherestheafterparty live/ The Kingpins: L’aventurier Stomp Plan of action/ The Israelites: Eternally Kingston beat Freedom sounds Vol.1/