Mardi 19 mars 2002 Emission Black Super Market sur Radio MDM 101.1 FM

Artistes / Titres / Labels / Disques :

Quatre in Toulouse : My bed is not free Leech Four legs/ Nguru: Mr Cooper Leech Time zone 2/ Killa Carltoon: Expatriés Crash Fleaustyle/ Solo: Soleil Sô Biyou Jah Gunt/ U-Brown : Soldier of jah army Patate Let’s Skank 3/ Quatre in Toulouse: Condor Leech Four legs/ Rod Taylor: Created by the father Patate Let’s Skank 3/ Luciano: Vision SPR (single)/ Struggler: Poor man SPR (single)/ Turbulence: Ruff times SPR (single)/ Sanchez: Call you on the phone Brick wall (single)/ Coco Tea & Cutty Ranks: Rip & run off Brick wall (single)/ Prince Alla: Funeral Stars (single)/ Bob Marley & Wailers: Rock to the rock Jad (single)/ Debra Keese & the black five: Travelling Orchid (single)/