CURANDEROS: This important band of the Angelino Scene prepares their 4th production, which promises to break though the national and international market. Their latest release entitled “Evolution Show” prompted performances in many North American, Mexican and Colombian cities. In Colombia, CURANDEROS played at the most important South American Urban Music Festival: “Rock Al Parque.” Website: Fans site:

JUGUETE: The Band’s songs have been played in US and Mexican radios. Their singles “Sin Ti”, “Lejos de Aqui” and “Boomerang” are played on Mexican radio stations and are, by some accounts of introduction, the next best thing. Juguete’s video release of “Sin Ti” is played in MTV Espańol and soon it will be launched the new video “Lejos de Aqui”, created completely in 3D animation. Finally, two of the band’s members have participated in a reality show, “The Melody Makers”, which will be broadcasted by Telehit LatinoAmerica. Official Website: Fans site:

ENJAMBRE: The Band’s first music production received several nominations for the “Lo Nuestro”, an award show which is broadcast every year by Univision. Also, Enjambre’s “Biografia” became one of 2005’s most radio-played songs in alternative radio stations in the United States. Website: Fan site: