"when ethno music meets science-fiction atmospheres" Holeg aka Spies meets Von Magnet for a cinematic experience. Cinetiks is a new record label dedicated to cinematic music : merging modern electronics, indie-rock, ambient, symphonic, contemporary, world musics and other sonic influences to stimulate your imagination.

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Spies under Von Magnet influence

  shape your shade (EP)

« Spies under Von Magnet influence » is a collaboration between Holeg's hybrid electronica project SPIES and the legendary electro-flamenco inventor VON MAGNET, including MIMETIC.

"travelling to the confines of your dreams" (sonic energy) "holeg prints a new fusion of musical universes" (d-side) "mutant and hybrid sonic object" (coda) "a bent for post-modernism" (psynews) « shape your shade » is a 4 title CD digipak limited edition as an introduction to the full lenght album "suvmi" to be released in June.