We are very pleased to announce that Priscila y Los Que Son (PyLQS) have joined The Clave with the release of 2 of their popular salsa tracks.

Priscila y Los Que Son (PyLQS) is a group of four musicians who are dedicated to the development of new forms of _expression in Cuban and American music. PyLQS brings you 2 new Salsa songs:

Fulanita listed in Latin Dance Beat Mag. in the Top 20, in Broadjam’s Top 10 Latin, Fulanita is a very popular song. It was described as “A cool sort of cuban - hip-hop fusion... A substantial piece full of varied and rich musical content.” by an American studio musician, and along with “La Cafetera” it is being played regularly in clubs in Italy, the Bronx, Germany and Argentina

La Cafetera is a very danceable composition by the talented Albert Ramos Pineda (Buenaventura, Columbia). For this song, they have included trumpet and timbales to pump up the dance hall sound and give the listener a fuller taste of PyLQS.

Samples and more information are available at:


Hope to see you on the dance floor.