The story started in spring 2003 during the Ska-p italian tour… Bambole di pezza (Rag dolls) were the support act, and during the tour Joxemi and Michela fall in love… well this is not properly a punk rock story, but this is how the story was!After few months Micky quit Bambole di Pezza because she wasn’t anymore on the same view of the band.Joxemi and Micky start rehearsing songs that are not “in line” with their original projects and in the march 2004 “Gridalo” was released on Incontrolable Records, the band was born and the name is “NO RELAX” The songs talk about social, violence on pets, pollution, and some more introspective and emotive theme. The music style is punk Rock with influences like swing, Reggae a la Clash, OI, Hardcore and some ’50 rock’n’roll. They start touring in the day offs of the SKAP world tour. In the february 2005 SKAP split off, NO RELAX now are the band of Joxemi and Micky.In September 2005 they start composing songs for the new album, and now MAD BUTCHER give them the chance to release the album in GERMANY!“Virus de rebeliňn” themes are various, the main idea is to be always active.The musici is always punk rock, but there are irish punk and rock’n’roll influences, there is also a jazz punk instrumental song! After the success of "Gridalo" No Relax are back! This is their second album (release also in Italian, just for that territory) No relax are Joxemi (SKA-P guitar player) and Micky (formerly singer of Bambole di pezza, an all female combo, well-known in Italy), now that they’re free from their original projects, they can put all their energy and enthusiam playing punk rock music! 'Virus de Rebeliňn' contains 13 songs of genuine and raw punkrock, with an amazing spanish cover of "Rock’n’roll radio" (Ramones)


Die Geschichte der Band beginnt in Italien im Frühling 2003 während der Tour zweier Bands zum einen Ska-P zum anderen B.D.P. auf der sich Joxemi und Micky kennenlernten. Micky verließ ihre Band jedoch aufgrund größerer Meinungsverschiedenheiten. Die beiden gründeten ein neues Projekt das sehrbald den Namen "No Relax" trug und im März 2004 erschien schon die erste eigene Cd "Gridalo!" welche auf dem eigenen Laben "Incontrolable Records" veröffentlicht wurde. Ihre Texte handelten von vielerlei Dingen von Sozialen, wie von Persönlichen oder dem Kampf für die Rechte der Tiere. Die Musik selbst war ein bunter Mix auf Punk-Rock, Swing, Reggae und einer großen Portion Rock'n'Roll. Die Zeit jedoch war knapp bemessen da Joxemi immernoch bei Ska-P spielte und so konnten 2004 ~30 Konzerte in Spanien und Italien realisiert werden. Im Februar 2005 entschieden sich Ska-P dazu eine Pause einzulegen und No Relax starte voll durch und es wurde eine Neue CD Aufgenommen im September 2005. Am 27. Februar 2006 wurde "VIRUS DE REBELLION" veröffentlicht, in zwei Versionen. Eine in Italienisch und eine in Castilian um so möglichst viele Leute mit der Musik zu erreichen. Die Musik der zweiten CD kann man im groben als "Punk-Rock" bezeichen jedoch diesmal auch mit einflüssen des "Irish-Punk" und die schon im ersten Album zu hörenden Einflüsse wurden beibehalten. Im Moment wird die Tour zu dieser neuen CD geplant die sie diesmal nach Spanien, Italien, Frankreich, Deutschland und in die Schweitz führen wird .




A new "football" single cd including the title track "Un calcio ad un pallone" taken from the album Rebels'n'Revels (the song is dedicated to Cristiano Lucarelli, Livorno football player, a champion in and out the football field), a new "You'll never walk alone" version, the acoustic version of the song "Buscando el sol" (song written by the Atarassia Grop guitar player Filippo Andreani for Los Fastidios) and the "Antifa Hooligan" videoclip. (Vinyl available in 4 weeks)



The cd will contain the best songs of their early period,check the free track.

ATARASSIAGRöP set up in 1993 with the intention of playing a street music fit to be the base for lyrics concerned social problems often ignored by the media.

Their sound is actually a mix of different tendencies: hardcore, punk rock, ska, oi!, reggae, dub. The lyrics are composed in Italian and other languages to create a multiethnic atmosphere.

ATARASSIAGRöP has played in many various situations in Italy and in other countries in about 250 different occasions; they got appreciations on radio, magazines and fanzines. They took part in many compilations and self-produced their first 3 albums and a compilation including a significant part of the punk scene of their home town, Como.

In summer 2002 ATARASSIAGRöP won the Popular Jury Award at the Amnesty International festival in Rovigo (I). The same year, coproduced with A Voce Alta Records, was published an antology of their previous works which includes 2 unreleased tracks.




ladies and gentlemen, boys 'n girls, this is johnny speakin'! after working for a recordlabel for quite a while, i finally decided to start my own...yeah dudes,that`s how it goes and here it is: "BLIND ALLEY RECORDS"...three cheers and a tiger! What we wanna do is a lot of streetpunk-stuff...and definitely some pieces of ska aswell.Our first upcomin' lp-releases (thanx mike!) are really good examples for the kind of stuff we're going to offer you, hopefully, hehehe!!!...our first releases will be: "SCRAPY-YOU BETTER WAKE UP"(finest streetska-sounds from bavaria...dance,dance,dance!!!), and "LOS FASTIDIOS-SOPRA E SOTTO PALCO-LIVE'04"(what a great record!).So,that`s it from me for now, i'm lookin' forward to hearing from you soon.drop by and visit my homepage. keep it going rock'n roll! cheers...and all the best... johnny...


October 27/28: A Hot Weekend in Göttingen... Fire and Flames Festival and Nazi Demonstration!!!!

The second annual Fire and Flames festival will be held in Göttingen on the weekend of October 27th and 28th, 2006.

Confirmed so far are the following bands:

  • Oi Polloi (anarcho oi/punk, Scotland)
  • Klasse Kriminale (legendary streetpunk, Italy)
  • No Respect (Ska punk from Göttingen)
  • Stage Bottles (ska, punk, oi, Frankfurt)
  • Los 3 Puntos (Ska from Paris)
  • Atarassiagrop (Streetpunk, Italy)
  • Rogue Steady Orchestra (ska-punk, Göttingen)
  • one band is still missing

Last years festival was a total success...completely sold out, great atmosphere, an unexpected spontaneous demo through the city, and two weeks later a disaster for the city and the Nazis in Göttingen.

This year...its even hotter. The Nazis have announced their next attempt to demonstrate in Göttingen for exactly the same day as the festival!

How many more reasons do you need to come to Göttingen??!!

Weekend tickets cost 20? and day tickets 11?. At the door, if any are left...12? per day.

As usual with our events, the festival will be organized together with local antifa groups and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to finance the antifascist mobilization against the Nazi demonstration.

On Saturday the 28th of October, Neo-Nazis from the NPD (German National Party), as well as so called "autonome nationalists" are mobilizing for their third demonstration attempt in 12 months in the city of Göttingen. For those of you who might have missed it.on October 29th 2005, a combination of militant antifascists and demonstrators succeeded in stopping the Nazi demonstration after only about 400 meters.despite the protection of 4 000 (!) police officers. The end result.a city full of burning barricades, injured Nazis, and a fiasco for a local government committed to seeing the Nazis march peacefully through the city. Six months later.7 000 (!) police officers created a two hour "national liberated" zone at the Göttingen train station, while 8 000 antifascists demonstrated through the city despite massive repression and criminalization attempts from the police. This new provocation is a clear sign of the Nazi strategy for entering strong antifascist cities.try and try again. Its up to us to show police, city, and Nazis that our resistance will only get stronger with each attempt, and that there is no space for Nazis, in Göttingen or anywhere!






02.09.2006 parco/omegna (vb) Italy 10.09.2006 benefit/reggioemilia Italy 30.09.2006 sedel/lucern Switzerland 26.10.2006 ak 47/dusseldorf Germany 27.10.2006 festival/gottingen Germany 27.10.2006 junges theater f'nf festival/gottingen Germany 28.10.2006 groovyrecordstore/gottingen Germany


20.10.2006 Buntes Haus/Celle Germany 21.10.2006 Juzi/Göttingen Germany 17.11.2006 Alte Meierei/Kiel Germany 19.11.2006 t.b.c./Düsseldorf Germany 01.12.2006 esperanza/schwäbisch gmünd Germany 02.12.2006 jab/nürtingen Germany 09.12.2006 OK 21 Studio, Meisenstr./Bielefeld Germany


28.09.2006 Schaubude/Kiel Germany 29.09.2006 JUZI/Göttingen Germany 30.09.2006 Wild At Heart/Berlin Germany 01.10.2006 Subway To Peter/Chemnitz Germany 02.10.2006 Kuba/Julich Germany 03.10.2006 AZ im EXIL/Osnabruck Germany 05.10.2006 Sabotage/Vecenza Italy 10.10.2006 Zwölfzehn/Stuttgart Germany 13.10.2006 Café Nova/Essen Germany 14.10.2006 Lifehouse/Stemwede-Wehdem Germany

Los Fastidios

02.09.2006 Festa dell'Unitŕ/Pesaro Italy 09.09.2006 10 years Leech Records /Zurich Switzerland 10.09.2006 Antifa Benefit Gig/Rio Saliceto (Reggio Emilia) Italy 14.09.2006 Musikkantine/Augsburg Germany 15.09.2006 /Goettingen Germany 16.09.2006 Sound of the Suburbs Festival/Essen Germany 19.09.2006 Die Pumpe/Kiel Germany 20.09.2006 UNGDOMSHUSET/COPENHAGEN Denmark 21.09.2006 ELM STREET /OSLO Norway 22.09.2006 KVARTERET /BERGEN Norway 23.09.2006 UFFA /TRONDHEIM Norway 25.09.2006 MUSIKENS HUS /LINDESBERG Sweden 26.09.2006 NORMA JEAN /SKOVDE Sweden 27.09.2006 BACKBEATBOLAGET /SANDVIKEN Sweden 28.09.2006 T.B.A./VASTERAS Sweden 29.09.2006 DIGGER'S CLUB /STOCKHOLM Sweden 30.09.2006 SHOWDOWN/GOTEBORG Sweden 02.10.2006 CAFE EMIL /ZITTAU Germany 04.10.2006 FAVAL CLUB /BRNO Czech Republic 05.10.2006 COLOSSEUM/Kosice Slovakia 06.10.2006 Music Factory/Budapest Hungary 07.10.2006 ARENA/WIEN Austria 08.10.2006 OPEN ROCK/ BRATISLAVA Slovakia 21.10.2006 SALA CAPITOL /SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain 02.11.2006 WALFISCH /FREIBOURG Germany 03.11.2006 LE GRILLEN /COLMAR France 04.11.2006 CLUB VAUDEVILLE /LINDAU Germany 24.11.2006 FESTIVAL /WETZIKON Switzerland 16.03.2007 ANTI G8 FESTIVAL/BERLIN Germany


08.09.2006 PARMA/PARMA Italy 09.09.2006 SIENA/MONTEPULCIANO Italy

No Respect

02.09.2006 AJZ Metzgerstrasse/Hanau Germany 22.09.2006 Bei chez Heinz/Hannover Germany 23.09.2006 Schlosspark Biesdorf/Berlin Germany 20.10.2006 Nexus/Braunschweig Germany 21.10.2006 JUZ/Verden/Aller Germany 28.10.2006 Junges Theater/Göttingen Germany 01.12.2006 AJZ Talschock/Chemnitz Germany 02.12.2006 Tommy Weissbecker Haus/Berlin Germany 08.12.2006 Kunstverein/Nürnberg Germany 09.12.2006 JUZ/Mannheim Germany


16.09.2006 Festival/Monheim (bei Donauwörth) Germany


31.08.2006 Forte Gazzera/Mestre Italy 02.09.2006 Festa de l'Unitŕ/Pesaro (Pu) Italy 17.09.2006 Campi sportivi/Spinea Italy 06.10.2006 Unicum/Osnabrück Germany 07.10.2006 Kato/Berlin Germany 11.10.2006 Bauteil 5/Gütersloh Germany 12.10.2006 AZ Lüdenscheid/Lüdenscheid Germany 13.10.2006 Linkes Zentrum/Düsseldorf Germany 14.10.2006 Kunstverein/Nürnberg Germany

The Baboonz

29.09.2006 Tüwi/Wien Austria 13.10.2006 Rock Cafe/Prag Czech Republic 14.10.2006 tba/Most Czech Republic 18.11.2006 Klub Morrison/Marienbad/Mariansky Lazne Czech Republic

The Grindolls

17.09.2006 Zeche Carl/Essen Germany 29.09.2006 JUZI/Göttingen Germany 25.11.2006 Kulturpalast/Wiesbaden Germany

The Skaliners

28.10.2006 Cafe Central/Weinheim Germany


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