Omar Sosa Radio Broadcast - Saturday, November 25

Omar Sosa and his Trio, featuring bassist Childo Tomas and drummer Steve Argüelles, will be guests on the Radio France-France INTER broadcast, Le Pont des Artistes, with host Isabelle Dhordain, on Saturday, November 25. Also on the show will be Cesaria Evora.

The program airs at 8:10 PM (until 10:00 PM) in France on Saturday, November 25, and can be heard at that time via streaming audio on the Internet by going to:

And clicking direct (or the speaker icon).

Omar Sosa will play compositions from his new CD, "Live ŕ FIP".

Internet streaming times worldwide:

8:10 PM Europe 7:10 PM U.K. 2:10 PM East Coast USA 1:10 PM Central USA 11:10 AM West Coast USA 4:10 AM Japan (November 26) 6:10 AM East Coast Australia (November 26)

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