Hello Hervi,

I hope you are fine. Here is the latest stuff I broadcast on the radio show.I hope you enjoy them!! Have a nice day!

The playlist of the Sprawl zone:

1)Kalles Kaviar 2)Lo and the Magnetics 3)The Afterbeat 4)Eddy Senay (I introduced "Soul Preachin") 5)Backy Skank 6)Viking's Remedy 7)Western Special 8)The Rude Pressures 9)Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation 10)New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble 11)Peeping Toms 12)Los Vicios de Papa 13)Ocho Y Media 14)K*Mob

The playlist of the Sprawl zone:

1)The Stingers ATX 2)Steady Ups Vs Doctor Echo 3)Matisyahu 4)Dennis Coffey (I introduced "Big City Funk") 5)Pama International 6)The Harmonics 7)St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 8)Jazzbo 9)Blue Beat Players 10)The Planet Smashers 11)The Supatones 12)Dr.Octopus 13)Skamoondongos 14)Open Season

All the best, Savvas