You worked hard this year. VERY hard. Now that the bulk of your holiday panic shopping is over, treat yourself to some great music! JUMP UP Records once again delivers the best ska from all around the world - direct to you at LOW prices ! We're hitting the road as well: Dec 26th - 29th we'll be coming through Grand Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit - our mech table prices are EVEN BETTER in person! Come check us out online and IN PERSON today!


SKA CD of the MONTH CLUB is BACK! Only $100 KING DJANGO's ROOTS & CULTURE re-release! The original Hebrew ska/reggae album! Swing Ska! Dr Ring Ding presents BLACK CAT ZOOT! JUMP UP Hits Grand Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit! GANGSTER FUN reunion show! JUMP UP's FALL 2007 Releases coming soon!

KING DJANGO's ROOTS & CULTURE re-release! The original Hebrew ska/reggae album!

Originally released in 1998 on Triple Crown Records, KING DJANGO’S “Roots & Culture” brilliantly pairs musical and blood families in a titillating twist of traditional Hebrew folk, klezmer, reggae, ska, and dub. Recorded at the original Version City studios with King Django as head engineer, featuring members of the Stubborn All Stars, Skinnerbox, The Toasters, The Slackers, and the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, this all-star cast laid down superb traditional Jamaicans rhythms through which luminaries like Klezmer mandolin/clarinet player Andy Statman and The Klezmatics own violinist Alicia Svigals resonate the sound of ancient and modern day Jewish music. These original tracks have been remixed and remastered, sounding better than ever! If that wasn’t enough, two bonus tracks have been added. Collaborators include Agent Jay, Dave Hillyard, Dave Hahn, Victor Rice, and Vic Ruggiero. And ya gotta love the Hebrew versions of SPECIALS and MADNESS songs!!!! This is an all time classic finally back in print with JUMP UP and STUBBORN Records!

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Swing Ska! Dr Ring Ding presents BLACK CAT ZOOT!

Calling all Chicks and Cats! It’s time to swing and skank to Germany’s hottest live act! Turn back the clock to the Swinging Forties and Fifties, add some Jamaican Ska to the mix, and in a nutshell you have BLACK CAT ZOOT! Formed in 2001, Black Cat Zoot has spent the past 5 years perfecting their unique swing-ska sound, playing over 60 live shows in Germany, Austria, and Italy alone! It’s no surprise that BCZ quickly came to the attention of the legendary DR RING DING, who offered to arrange/produce their debut album “Main Attraction”. DR DING DING was so enamored by the band’s energy and beautiful female lead vocals (in the vein of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald), that he picked up his trombone – grabbed a microphone – and joined in! Black Cat Zoot’s songs capture the listener instantly, dance floor friendly tunes with peppy tempos, catchy horns, and flirty vocals. Imagine you’re in a speakeasy, watching a hot cabaret show while sippin’ on bathtub gin! If that’s too long ago - how about a more recent memory - those crazy 90s when radio was filled with happy songs from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish, and The Toasters? Fans couldn’t keep up! Swing and ska shows galore! Clubs were all filled with lindy-hopers, venues crammed with sweaty teens dancing to ska! It’s like that all over again with BLACK CAT ZOOT! Sounds you have come to know and love once again by way of huge revivals in the USA. Now that the hype has come and gone, bands can once again concentrate on playing the music they LOVE for people who LOVE the music! Swing! Ska! BLACK CAT ZOOT is here to make you DO THE DIRTY DANCE!

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JUMP UP Hits Grand Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit! GANGSTER FUN reunion show!

I would have to say this year's series of Midwest Ska fests are amazing. Simply amazing. As always, MUSTARD PLUG and DEAL'S GONE BAD host the events to spice up the holidays - and JUMP UP is there every night with the merch table to drool over! Our after Christmas SKA CD deals are insane! 4 for $20 - only in person at our table! And I"ll be DJing all the shows as well: Tues. Dec. 26 Grand Rapids - Intersection: Mustard Plug, DGB, Flatliners + TBA - Weds. Dec. 27 Chicago - Metro: Mustard Plug, DGB, Lord Mike's Dirty Calypsonians, Manic Sewing Circle - Thurs. Dec. 28 Cleveland - Agora: Mustard Plug, DGB, Flatliners, 80 HD - Fri. Dec. 29 Detroit - Magic Stick: Mutard Plug, Parka Kings, Gangster Fun, DGB, Soapbox Paradox, Matt Wixson See you there!

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JUMP UP's FALL 2007 Releases coming soon!

Coming Soon! US release of MR SYMARIP - original 60's skinhead reggae legend ROY ELLIS from SYMARIP! a new DR RING DING collection with new and classic songs, new SKAPONE album, and DEAL'S GONE BAD "The Ramblers" - the 6 year wait will be over! A new album will be co-released with Megalith Records - together we will put Deal's Gone Bad on the international map! VINYL PRESSING will come with a FREE POSTER and is limited to 330 copies!

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SKA CD of the MONTH CLUB is BACK! Only $100

You're a busy person, it's hard for you to find time to order new ska CDs. We understand. Now you can get a year's worth of GREAT new SKA sent right to your door every month! For $100, we'll not only immediately send you two JUMP UP label CDs of your choice, but we'll send you 12 more import / domestic ska CDs throughout the year! You pick the style (traditional / 2-Tone / punk ska) and we start to send! We pick some of our favouites from our radio show - so you know these are good! That's about $7 a CD ! Sign up today, space is limited!

Of couse, we have plenty of new import shipments arriving weekly if you just want to pick up a few things up today! Recent arrivals include: JAH DIVISION “Best of” CD (Russain Import) $12 Amazing Russian reggae band that’s been keeping the roots reggae scene alive for years. Heavy, rasta rockers riddims – sung in Russian! FENICIANS “Stoned Moments” CD (Spanish Import) $10 Great debut of cool skinhead reggae / funky reggaexploitation from Spain! PANNONIA ALL STARS “Budabest Ska Mood” CD (Megalith Europe) $10 Awesome 10 piece ska band from Hungary! Fast 3rd wave /2-Tone ska with loads of brass, with cool “gypsy” instrumentation throughout. Great stuff! PLENTY ENUFF “Schauermarchen” CD (Leech,Switz) $10 Traditional ska reggae rocksteady sung in German and English! AMPHETAMEANIES “Now!” CD (Flotsom, UK) $12 Brilliant new fast pub/drink friendly 2-Tone stomp from Scotlands fave ska band! TOO MANY CROOKS “Inside” CD (DoTheDog, UK) $10 English 2-Tone ska/pop fun! 18 tracks! SKALPEL “Serious Fun” CD (Russian Import) $12 Amazing uptempo scooter 2-Tone ska from this top Moscow band who sings most of it’s songs in English! SKAFIELD “Create Your Own Hell” CD (Leech, Sw) $10 Fantastic new album from Swiss ska-punk heroes. BABYLOVE & THE VANDANGOS “Run” CD (Import) $10 Real fine neo-traditional ska and reggae from this wonderful Danish band ! ALASKA “Dog Sled Xing” CD (808, Switz) $10 Ska-jazz, neo-traditional and 3rd wave ska from Switzerland Mixed by Victor Rice. JAH PABLO MOLINA “En Vivo” 2xCD (PPLobo, Mexico) $12 Supurb double album (live and at a radio station) from Mexico’s top reggae artist, deep conscious roots reggae / dub sung in Spanish!


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