JUMP UP RECORDS hot new arrivals! Yep! In the past 5 days we have shipped hundreds of the new Vic Ruggiero "Hambuguru" solo CD and the long anticipated new album from Chicago's DEAL'S GONE BAD! What are YOU waiting for? Don't miss out!!! The Japanese Import only VIC Ruggiero CD is a must for any SLACKERS fan who likes a touch of BOB DYLAN acoustic protest folk...we still have a limited quantity available at this special introductory price! You can purchase both titles from JUMP UP RECORDS direct or through AMAZON.com !

VINYL Sale List! Grab them quick!

We're making room for some new shipments, so we've got an exciting new sale - buy 5 LPs and choose any 6th LP for FREE!! All titles are in limited quantitles so act quickly! $10 each postage paid! Most are quantites of 3 or less!

Ngobo Ngobo "Daily Talk" LP - SPICY ROOTS "One More" LP - INTENSIFIED "Doghouse Bass" LP - ARTICLES "Flip F'Real" LP - SENSI SIMON "Selected Mastertapes" LP - DR CALYPSO "Toxic Sons" LP - PEEPING TOMS s/t LP - INCITERS "Well Well Well" LP - STINGERS ATX "This Good Thing" LP - HOTKNIVES "Screams, Dreams" LP - KALLES KAVIAR "Lime Time" LP - JAZZBO "Black Friday" LP - MR REVIEW "Essential/One Way Ticket" LP - Various STUBBORN "NYC SKA MOB" LP - ROTTERDAM SKA JAZZ FOUNDATION "Sunwalk" LP - DR RING DING "Golden Gate/Best of..." LP - LAUREL AITKEN w/ SKATALITES "Long Hot Summer" LP - LAUREL AITKEN meets POTATO 5 LP - LAUREL AITKEN "En Espanol" LP - KING DJANGO "Roots Tonic" LP - AMPHETAMEANIES "Now That's" LP - LAUREL AITKEN "Rudi Got Married" LP - EASTERN STANDARD TIME "Second Hand" LP - OPEN SEASON "Each Day" LP - RUDE RICH "Soul Stomp" LP - PEACOCKS "In WIthout Knocking" LP - SKA TREK "Move Along" LP - EASTERN STANDARD TIME "Time Is Tight" LP - SCRAPPY "Unsteady Times" LP - SHOTS IN THE DARK "Shots From The Ghetto" LP - DOREEN SHAFFER "Adorable" LP - FRAU DOKTOR "Penner" LP - VARIOUS "SKA AMERICAN STYLE" Pic Disc LP - TOASTERS "Enemy of The System" Pic Disc LP - GO JIMMY GO "Girl With The Fishbowl Eyes" LP - DRASTICS "Very Fine Real Fine" LP - LORD MIKE'S DIRTY CALYPSONAINS "More" 10"

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Limited Edition Madness vinyl 7" in stock now!

Man, this is a cool collectible piece! A brand new Madness 7" that looks like an old Jamaican 45. Genius. Even a fake peeled off sticker. When this was only available at their December UK gigs, I personally paid the equivalent of $40 to get my hands on a copy. Didn't think it would be available again! Well.....I am a fool. It is! And you can get it for only $15 postage paid!

The easiest way to order from us is to use PAYPAL! Just send payment to chuckw@jumpuprecords.com and list what you want in the description field. Nice and simple!


2007 will be a great year here at JUMP UP! DR RING DING's "Back & Forth" CD will deliver old favorites, rarities, and brand new tracks from this German mastermind! The US version of MR SYMARIP's "Skinhead Dem A Come" CD will also be released this spring - ROY ELLIS is back in full effect making exciting skinhead moonstomping ska and reggae! And both ROY ELLIS aka Mr SYMARIP and DR RING DING will be hitting the US shores in August for some big ska festivals including SKA WEEKEND Knoxville (8/25) !! Bored and want to hear our WLUW radio showpodcasts? Visit JUMPUPRECORDS.com today - we have dozens of hour long radio shows for you to check out!

Great Ska and Great Prices you can afford!


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