Hello Hervi,

I hope you are ok my friend. I send you the last stuff I spinned on the radio show.I hope they rock!! Have a nice day!

The playlist of Sprawl Zone:

1)St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 2)Open Season 3)Pressure Cooker 4)Big D and the Kids Table(I introduced the album "Strictly Rude") 5)The Astors 6)Henry&the Seven 7)Barbara Lewis 8)The Aggronauts 9)Rude Rich and the High Notes 10)Green Island 11)Doctor Echo 12)The Drastics 13)Johhny Colon 14)Seespot 15)Adji

The playlist of Sprawl Zone:

1)The Chosen Few 2)The Aggrolites 3)Ska Cubano 4)Firebug(I introduced their album "On the Move") 5)After Hours 6)Calibre 38 7)Jazzbo 8)Eddy Senay 9)USCB All Stars 10)Skafari 11)The Harmonics 12)Aztecas Tupro and Stucky 13)Alpha Boy School 14)Go Jimmy Go

All the best, Savvas