In This Newsletter: Friday night, Roccapulco has Tito Garcia. Saturday, Ricardo Lemvo at Marin JCC, and Julio Bravo at Cocomo, and don't liss Latin Nights this Saturday @ Kelly's Mission Rock..

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And if that's not enough for ya, check the Calendar of Events for a complete event listing. Post your events (for free)!

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in this issue

SalsaCrazy's Last Salsa Dance Party @ Canvas! Super Launch Sale: The Ballroom Dance Mastery System Just Released! Saturday Night Live: Latin Night @ Kelly's Mission Rock Cafe Cocomo: Live Salsa Thursday & Saturday Nights! Glas Kat SupperClub - Salsa Dancing Every Tuesday Live Music! SalsaBootCamp: Your Online Dance Academy! SBC Volume 2 Just Released! Offers New Salsa Footwork and Movement DVDs Louie Romero and Mazacote Release Their First Album The DownLow Lounge: Wednesday Night Salsa in the East Bay! Need an Event Team? DJ's, Instructors & Performers? We do YOUR Event! SalsaCrazy's Bay Area Nightilfe and Event Calendar! Sabor Boricua - Salsa Radio on the Internet with La Coqui In 2007: Salsa Classes Seven Day a Week, All Over the Bay Area! New Salsa Bands: Julio Bravo and Mazacote, Plus Anthony Blea and Benny Velarde SalsaCrazy's Salsa Dance DVD Mastery System, 5 DVD Set! SalsaCrazy Presents: Pilates For Dancers - Your Exercise Routine!

SalsaCrazy's Last Salsa Dance Party @ Canvas!

THE LAST CANVAS SALSA DANCE PARTY, EVER! Don't Miss It. . . This is it. . . Come to the Grand Finale. . . Learn How to Salsa Dance at SalsaCrazy's Last Salsa Party at Canvas!

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The Canvas Gallery 1200 9th Avenue! 9th Avenue and Lincoln, SF

SalsaCrazy's April Canvas Party!

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Saturday Night Live: Latin Night @ Kelly's Mission Rock

Saturday March 24th is LATIN NIGHT!

@ The All New Kelly's Misison Rock, San Franicisco's Premier Waterfront NightClub!

Join us for an amazing LATIN NIGHT EDITION with a DON JULIO TEQUILA VIP Tasting before 11PM

Get Your Guestlist Pass Now!

The City's newest weekly inside it's only waterfront indoor/outdoot nightclub/lounge.

Featuing DJ's MAURICIO Mixing Latin Flavor With Top 40 and Hip Hop In The Main Room. EDDIE T and FRISKO EDDY Play Salsa, Merengue, and Reggaeton Downstairs

Upscale nightclub attire required - Dress code enforced!

Kelly's Misison Rock 817 Terry Francois St., SF


Cafe Cocomo: Live Salsa Thursday & Saturday Nights!

March At Cafe Cocomo: Awesome Dance Floor, great bars, sound system and design.

Tropical Flare and Dance Paradise... Cafe Cocomo is San Francisco's Hot Spot for Dancing Salsa!

Have you visited paradise lately?

CAFE COCOMO: PALM TREE AMBIANCE Your legs will feel great, as you dance on the huge wooden dance floor or just relax under palm tree ambiance. Select your favorite drinks from a full bar. 21 and over. Large airy room. Capacity 600! Cool bands, Easy Parking, Great Drinks, Cheap Cover, Full Bar, and New Lava Lounge !!Lessons: 8-9pm by Jake are FREE w/paid admission. Great D.J.s spin hot music during breaks. LIVE MUSIC with Salsa bands from the Bay Area and beyond. Thursdays and Saturday: Salsa Lessons w/Jake and Techi - 8pm Thursdays, $10 Saturday Admission is $15 unless otherwise noted. (Salsa class included), D.J. , Live Music, Great food available now with dining inside or out. *All bookings are subject to change, please check with Cafe Cocomo for the most accurate information... Dress Code enforced (no blue jeans please). ********* Cafe Cocomo Information: 415-824- 6910 or

Visit the Cafe Cocomo Website!

Glas Kat SupperClub - Salsa Dancing Every Tuesday Live Music!

GlasKat Karamba

Glas Kat SupperClub - Salsa Dancing Every Tuesday & Always Amazing Live Music!

Lessons: Alison with the Beginners at 7:45pm / Ricardo with the Intermediates at 8:30pm

March Highlights: - Avance - 03/06 - Sensual - 03/13 - Humbria - 02/20 - Rumba Cafe - 02/27

General $10 520 Fourth Street, SF. General admission is $10

520 Fourth Street, SF. General admission is $10

Get more Information about the Club, and Plan to attend Every Tuesday!

SalsaBootCamp: Your Online Dance Academy! SBC Volume 2 Just Released!

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Footwork and Styling + Dance Movement and Spins

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Louie Romero and Mazacote Release Their First Album

Mazacote is San Franciscos favorite hard-core salsa and latin jazz band.

And They Have Just Released Their First Album With Louie Romero - Timbalero" A fixture on the Bay Area salsa scene for over a decade, Mazacote is led by legendary percussionist Louie Romero, who came to fans attention playing with Willie Coln, Hector Lavoe, Rubn Blades, Celia Cruz, and other salsa stars in his native New York.

Mazacote plays a high-energy mixture of classic salsa favorites and original latin jazz tunes.

Singer Manny Martinez, formerly of eclectic latin rock band Los Mocosos, keeps the dancers on their feet with his lively vocals and improvisaciones.

the Bay Areas best dance band.

Click Here to buy their CD.

The band's first CD, Timbalero is a fresh take on Louies classic 1972 recording of the song with the Willie Coln band.

The album is filled with the best salsa, cha-cha, latin jazz, Cuban guajira, and even bomba - is receiving rave reviews from dancers and critics alike.

Check Out Louie And Mazacote Online

The DownLow Lounge: Wednesday Night Salsa in the East Bay!

When you think of the DownLow lounge, nestled down a set of stairs, right off Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, you think of Salsa History, and you can't help but remember . . .

This club has been around since the days of Kimballs, and back then it was known as Mr. E's (and belonged, in fact, to Mr. Pete Escovedo).

Well, new name, but still, there's something special when you visit the DownLow. It's just a classic salsa spot . . .

Don't miss out! Great Dance Lessons for over an hour, start every night off, with SalsaMania (John and Liz). It's a great night out, at a classic salsa spot!

Live Salsa every Wednesday. Dance lessons: beg. 8-8:45, int. 8:45-9:30. Show @ 10:15

$4 Margarita special. $10/$5 w/student ID.

Visit The Downlow Website!

Need an Event Team? DJ's, Instructors & Performers? We do YOUR Event!

DancEvents represents a group of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced dancers, performers, and certified instructors. Our mission is to provide fun, entertaining, quality dance instruction and creative dance entertainment. Whatever your event, we commit ourselves to making it an exciting, joyful experience for everyone.

We Provide: Elegant and Fun Social Dance Demonstrations Dance Performances In Ballroom, Latin and Swing Ensemble Performances Line Dances Modern Dance Solist, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap Full 10-30 Minute Self Contained Shows

With all of these great dances to discover, why not "Make your next event a DancEvent!"

DancEvents,, (415) 820-3979

Note: To get a special deal, tell em: "SalsaCrazy sent me". :)


SalsaCrazy's Bay Area Nightilfe and Event Calendar!

The definitive guide to Latin Nightlife and Events in the Bay Area. Everyone, and Everything is listed!

Don't know what to do tonight? Every event, throughout the entire Bay Area (and major cities outside the Bay Area) is listed right on this calendar. It's fantastic! One place you can go to check out every Salsa Dance event in the Bay. Don't miss a single event, ever - and see every night's infinite possibilities! Promoters, Nightclubs, Teachers: Make sure that your nights are listed on the calendar. Right from the Calendar page, anyone may add a listing, and it's FREE! Make sure to bookmark the page, and always add your events as far in advance as possible! Pass the word, this is a great resource for the dancers, and you should visit it often to plan your nights out!IT'S FREE - EVERYONE AND ANYONE CAN POST EVENTS, AND IT ONLY TAKES ONE MINUTE TO POST VISIT THE SALSACRAZY NIGHTLIFE SALSA CALENDAR

Sabor Boricua - Salsa Radio on the Internet with La Coqui

DJ Coqui, and are proud to announce our new Internet radio station SABOR BORICUA. Listen to the hottest Salsa Sounds on the internet compiled by DJ Ivette "DJ LA COQUI" This Station Plays Tracks Like: Celia Cruz - Mi Vida Es Cantar - Mi Vida Es Cantar Ismael Miranda - Borinquen Tiene Montuno - Fania 30 Great Years, Vol. 2 ( Johnny Polanco - Guacuanco con rumba - Pa'l Bailador Roberto Roena - Baila y Goza - Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound: Mi Mica 1997 Walker, Rico / Willie Rosario - La Bomba - Back to the Future


In 2007: Salsa Classes Seven Day a Week, All Over the Bay Area!


SEVENnights of the week, in San Francisco and the EAST BAY too, New classes at NEW locations. You'll love these beginning and intermediate classes, which are now available for pre- registration! Beginning and Intermediate classes available. Beginning Classes suitable for people who have never danced, while beginner/intermediate classes are suitable for people with over 3-6 months experience. Register now to guarantee your space. No partner and no experience necessary. ALL NEW CLASSES FOR 2007. Visit for Details! Visit for the Current Schedule and To Register for Classes!

New Salsa Bands: Julio Bravo and Mazacote, Plus Anthony Blea and Benny Velarde

Check out these Fantastic Bands and their Latest Albums!

SalsaCrazy's Salsa Dance DVD Mastery System, 5 DVD Set!

This is the ultimate collection to take you through beginner and intermediate salsa dance. This set includes all of SalsaCrazy's Beginning and Intermediate Learn to Salsa Dance DVD's. Enjoy these fun, sexy and easy- to-follow lessons on high-quality video in the privacy of your own home. Order this Mastery collection today and you'll be dancing tomorrow. After these DVD's you will be the master of all that is salsa dancing!

All DVD's can also be purchased seperately! Get More information from the Website!

SalsaCrazy Presents: Pilates For Dancers - Your Exercise Routine!

Here it comes: SalsaCrazy's Fantastic New Exercise program. This fantastic workout, designed for dancers, will provide amazing results for you, both in your dancing, and your fitness level!

This professional workout will help people of all skill levels!

Visit the Pilates for Dancers Website!

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