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New! Pleasure Beat presenting their brandnew riddim called "Majestic" featuring tunes by Million Stylez, Junior Kelly, Jah Mason, Luciano, Lukie D and many more. This one is hot off the press, exclusive at Soundquake!

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 March 24, 2007

Kingston Hot Club Zollamt, Stuttgart ... more March 30, 2007 Clash - War Ina East - Sound Quake VS Supersonic Atak, Enschede (NL) ... more

7" Records

new releases

1 Family Daddy Gone 9 Soundclik My Girl Broken Stick Let Them Talk Dream Weaver Addisababa In The Streetz Street Signz Ink A Link Riding Irie Ites Rocking Time Jasic Blessed

Key Tyme Praises

Nocturnal Ends Out Pleasure Beat Majestic Reality Production My Love Seanizzle Reverse Taxi Taxi Taxi Darker Shade Of Black Thirty Six Degrees Full Clip

last weeks releases


Blank Come Around

dancehall hits


Baby G Congo Man Don Corleon Sativa Don Corleon Don Corleon Raging Bull Fire Mix Kingswell / Margret Goldie Lox Z-March In The Streetz Hot Wuk Jammys Taxi John John Battle Field King Judah Gunshot

Kinky Music Atariq

Klariti Long Flight Pure Music Ghetto Whisky Pure Music Serengeti Renaissance Quick Draw The Baker Taxi Time Travel Mad Ting / Ebola Young Legends Bullet

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360 Degree 360 Degree 40/40 Synthetic 40/40 Diwali 5th Element I Swear 71 Records 71 Records No Time African Star Jah Glory All Access Bushfire Amplex Energize Awful Antrax B-Rich Fear Factor B-Rich Glue B-Rich Tai Chi Baby G Della Move Big League Sun Is Shining Big Ship Power Cut Big Yard Stop That Train / Return Big Yard Telephone Ting Big Yard Salsa Big Yard Di Ting Big Yard Hey Sexy Lady Big Yard Solomon Big Yard Wild 2 Nite RMX Birchill Cry Baby Birchill Gangsta Rock Birchill Limbo Birchill Ghetto Blues Black Chiney Octane Black Scorpio Dance Black Scorpio You Should Have Known Black Scorpio Angel Black Scorpio Real Rock Black Scorpio Live On Black Scorpio Ba Ba Boom Blacker Dread Answer Blaque Warriahz Forty Supemmh Calibud Rock With Me / Rock Me Calibud Kingston Jamaica Camp Fire Playlist CJ Records Mui Caliente CJ Records Engine CJ Records Tixx Clinch Satta Massagana Compaq Music Gideon Red Creation Music Freedom Blues / MPLA Creation Music Intercom Creation Music Ba Ba Boom D&F Productions Danger Zone Wipe Out Danger Zone Turmoil Danger Zone Perilous Daseca Dreaming Daseca Anger Management Dawg House Pit Bull Delperies Hard Drugs Digital B All Purpose Digital B Watch This Sound Digital B Queen Majesty Digital B Forever Loving Jah Digital B Throw Me Corn Digital B Fade Away Digital B Hold On Digital B Johnny Too Bad Don Corleon Mad Guitar Don Corleon Sweat Don Corleon Foundation Don Corleon Jonkanoo Don Corleon High Altitude Don Corleon Drop Leaf Don Corleon Heavenly Dream Entertainment Revolution Footsteps Boom Blast Footsteps Half Way Tree Germaican JA Doctors Darling Ghetto Youths United Educated Fools Gravi T Step Out H2O Man Fi Dead H2O 12 Gauge Harmony House Harmony House They Gonna Talk Henfield Babatunde Henfield Sweet River Rock Hi Profile Baddis Hi Score Green Heart House O Love Endless In The Streetz Hot Wuk In Time Music Bed Rock Ink A Link Rock With Me Ink A Link Irie Ites Rocking Time Irievibrations Lovebird

Irievibrations Peace

Jah Ruby Love Me Forever Jah Snowcone Applause Jah Snowcone Cheerful Jam 2 Peanie Peanie Jam 2 Sidewalk University Jammys Mexican Jammys Sleng Teng Jammys Real Rock Joe Frasier Frenzy John John Hypocrites John John Lots Of Signs John John Battle Field Juke Boxx Statement Juke Boxx Confessions Juvenile Filthier Juvenile Filthy KBC Music Fade Away / Inspector Kic For Kic Savage Kickin Combination Kickin No More Will I Roam Kickin Blazing Kickin Irie And Mellow Kickin Cuss Cuss Kings Of Kings Dancehall Rock Kings Of Kings Double Jeopardy Kings Of Kings Martial Arts Kings Of Kings/High Society Coolie Dance Kinky Music Black Rain Legends Bogle / Throw Back Giggy Lion Vibes Jah Glory Logon Street Vibes Diseases Mad House Eighty Five / 85 Mad House Joyride Mad House Stage Show Main Frame Medallion Main Street Rich Main Street Rotten Rich Mentally Disturbed Bellyas Mentally Disturbed Trilogy Mixing Finga Standing Ovation One Love Acqua One Love Bandolero Orange Hill Rock Steady PG Music Safe & Secure Pow Pow Prod. First Sight Pretty Boy The Arrow Pure And Clean Come Down / Free Up Pure Music Ghetto Whisky Purple Skunk Istanbul Q 45 Pon De River Raggedy Joe Reggaelypso Rashanco Real Rock Rashanco Golden Hen Rashanco Vanity / I Am Just A Guy Renaissance Ice Breaker Rocky Gibbs Haffi Get A Beaten Safire Babatunde Shines Black Widow Shocking Vibes Badda Badda Shocking Vibes Scarface Shocking Vibes Extasy Silver Bullet Rudie Smash Hyperactive Smash SMR (UK) Im An Israelite South Rakkas Crew Clappas South Rakkas Crew Chinkuzi Stainless Inspector Star Trail Callie Star Trail Fire River Stone Love Bad Kalic Stone Love Typhoid Studio 2000 Punany / Capital P Studio 2000 Twice My Age / Twice Again Studio 2000 Old Truck Studio 2000 Bug Out Taxi Cuban Rock Taxi Bam Bam / Raw Food Taxi Taxi Time Travel Sirene Time Travel Mad Ting / Ebola Voiceful Police In Helicopter Ward 21 Bad Belly XL Productions Rae Rae XL Productions Showtime Young Blood Soul Food Young Blood Gideon Young Blood Bullet Young Legends Dem Time Deh Young Legends Bullet

classic/ oldies


Charmax Cherry Oh Baby / Tenament Yard Dub Party Jammys Duck Jammys Bad Treatment Jammys Bogle Jammys Vampire Jammys Kuff Jammys Cool & Deadly Jammys Jammys Poco Man Jam

Kingston 11

Prince Buster Shocking Vibes Steely And Clevie Bogle Steely And Clevie Turn Yu Steely And Clevie Stone Love Frog Tads International Here I Come Tads International

    back in stock!

African Museum Rockfort Rock African Star Tour African Star African Beat African Star African Star Bam Bam African Star Chalice Anchor Black Scorpio She Is Mine Brickwall Heathen Brickwall Satta Massagana Brickwall Solomon Brickwall Waiting In Vain Columbia Digital B Lecturer Digital B Kuff Digital B Boogie Down Digital B Sick Digital B Stalag Digital B Love Me Forever Digital B Undying Love Digital B Peanie Peanie Digital B Cherry Oh Baby Digital B Danger In Your Eyes Digital B Shine And Criss / Ba Ba Boom Digital B Bulldozer Digital B Workie Workie / Mud Up Digital B Feeling Soul Digital B Movie Star Digital B General Digital B Satan Digital B Dem Bow Dynamite Solomon Dynamite Gunman Hop Records Jackpot Ali Baba Jaguar Aint No Sunshine Jah Life Jah Life Head To Toe Jammys General Jammys Jammys Hypocrites Jammys Things And Time Jammys Head To Toe Jammys Truly Jammys Storm Jammys I Love King Selassie Jammys Duck Jammys Agony Jammys Butterfly Jammys Rambo We Rambo Jammys Top Dog Jammys Bam Bam Jammys Vampire Jammys Broad Hips Jammys Father Jungle Rock Jammys Laugh And Grin Jammys Boops

Jammys Kuff

Jammys Throw Me Corn Jammys I Need You Jammys Taxi Jammys Real Rock Jammys Fi Wi Rock Jammys Dem Bow Jamrock Joe Gibbs Shank I Sheck Joe Gibbs Joe Gibbs Heavy Rock Joe Gibbs Two Seven Clash John John Gunshot John John Shank I Sheck John John Sleng Teng John John Peanie Peanie John John Get A Lick / Billy Jean John John Death In The Arena Kingston 11 Duck Kingston 11 Far East Kingston 11 Darker Shade Of Black Kingston 11 Workie Workie / Mud Up Kingston 11 Fi Wi Rock Midnight Rock African Beat Music Works Music Works Hardcore Loving Music Works Telephone Love Observer Guess Who Is Coming Observer West Bound Train Observer Roof Int Bam Bam Roof Int Freedom Blues / MPLA Rude Boy Cloak And Dagger Shocking Vibes Cloak And Dagger Shocking Vibes Natural Mystic Steely And Clevie No No No Steely And Clevie Poco Man Jam Steely And Clevie Sleng Teng Steely And Clevie Bogle Steely And Clevie Magnum Steely And Clevie Steely And Clevie Taxi Steely And Clevie Double Trouble Steely And Clevie Love I Can Feel Stone Love Stink / Go Go Wine Stone Love Love I Can Feel Striker Lee Promised Land / Dub Fire Striker Lee Death Trap Striker Lee Fi Wi Rock Striker Lee Gorgan / You Wrong Survival Weatherman / Answer Time One Time One Revolution Time One African Beat Time One Real Rock Tuff Gong Hypocrites Weed Beat Push Come To Shove


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Faluma Lavaslide / Soca Island Style Farewell To Life / Soca Taste Hot Soca Poison / Soca Taste Hot Soca Soca

Taste Hot Soca Dougla / Soca

Waist Line Muzik The Grippa / Soca Waist Line Muzik Soca Waist Line Muzik Tabernacle / Soca

hip hop/ remixes

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Blank Gladiator Core Development Reggaeton / One Draw Scandal Bag Get A Lick / Billy Jean

Shocking Vibes Love Me Now

Spicy Tuna Stage Show / Blink Wings Intl. Hot In Here / Hip Hop


artist albums


Sly & Robbie

Unmetered Taxi Pressure Sounds (UK), 2 LP

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Serious Times VP, LP

riddim albums

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Various Artists

Buy Out - Riddim Driven VP, LP Buy Out



Various Artists

Channel One Dubs 1974 - 79 Pressure Sounds (UK), LP

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Various Artists

Reggae Gold 2006 VP, LP

12" & 10" Records

12" records


Benny V, Dfrnt Lvls & Stevie

Aint no stopping us now Dance Concept, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

DJ Vadim & Deuce Eclipse

Like the wind BBE Records, 12-Inch Like The Wind / Boom Sumting

J-Status & Rihanna

Roll it Control, 12-Inch Roll It

Kenny Ken

Murdah ya Blank, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass


Top shotta nah miss VP, 12-Inch Power Cut / Dreaming

 Richie Spice

Brown skin VP, 12-Inch Heavenly / Jah Love

Sean Paul & Mr Vegas

Hot gal today RMX VP, 12-Inch Punany / Bookshelf

Supply & Demand

No more Cold Steel, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass


Run for your life Blank, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Visionary & Peter Ranking

Around the world RMX Rock And Groove, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

back in stock!

Beenie Man

Gimme some ( Romie ) RMX Blank, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Blackstar & Jah Cure

Jah is my guide RMX Congo Natty / Conscious Congo, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Bob Marley and The Wailers

One love / People get ready Island, 12-Inch

Bounty Killer

Smoke the herb ( Accapella ) Reggae Accapellas Vol 5, 12-Inch

Busy Signal

Step out Greensleeves, 12-Inch Step Out / Bad Man Place

Collie Buddz

Come around Epic / Sony BMG, 12-Inch Come Around / Mamacita

Damian Marley & Bobby Brown

Beautiful Ghetto Youths United/Tuff Gong, 12-Inch Beautiful / Road To Zion

Demolition Man & Serial Killaz

Fire RMX Knowledge & Wisdom, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Ding Dong & Hollertronix

Jiggle it RMX Vol 1 Hollertronix Vol 5, 12-Inch Jiggle It / Truth And Rights

Erykah Badu

On and on RMX Blank / Friendly Rasta Blends, 12-Inch Seasons / Truth And Rights


Ready or not RMX Pt 1 Blank, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Gregory Isaacs & Lady Saw

Night nurse VP, 12-Inch Night Nurse

 Heretic & Damian Marley

Traffic jam RMX Rude Bwoy Plastic Vol 5, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

J Frequency & Sister Nancy

Bam Bam RMX Mix & Blen, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass


Nuttin a gwan RMX Dub Rock, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Rebel MC & Little T

Rich ah getting richer RMX Congo Natty, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

Rogue State & Bongo Chilli

Sound like Bongo Chilli, 12-Inch Shogun / Jungle

Sean Paul

Temperature Atlantic / VP, 12-Inch Applause / Sirene

Shabba Ranks & Michael Rose

Shine eye gal RMX Like Dat, 12-Inch Chase The Devil / Java


Solid as a rock RMX Flare Vol 1, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

TC & Distorted Minds

Compton Digital Soundboy, 12-Inch Jungle / Drum & Bass

The Game & Junior Reid

Its okay ( One blood ) Geffen, 12-Inch Its Okay ( One Blood )

Top Cat

Herbsman Pt 1 Congo Natty, 12-Inch Police In Helicopter / Jungle




Various Artists

Hi Grade Ganja Anthems Greensleeves, CD

mix cds


Pow Pow

Hardcore Vol 24 Pow Pow Prod., CD Mix CD/Germany

 Ronny Trettmann

Kaffee - Mix Germaica, CD

back in stock!

Dawee / SWS Sound

Get Ready Rocksteady SoulForce, CD Mix CD/Germany

 Pow Pow

Roots & Culture Vol 22 Pow Pow Prod., CD Mix CD/Germany


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45 Twister -orange transparent

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