Dear Sirs,

I am writing you to ask if there are possibilities to come together on promoting your products on our TV- and radio-program and possibly in our weekly Reggae/Rasta-magazine.

After producing EASY SKANKING, Roots Reggae Radio weekly in The Netherlands for about 7 years (the years before that we were also making radio in Anguilla BWI, Sint Maarten DWI and The Netherlands), opportunity knocked to continue our mission of promoting Reggae and its message on a more regular basis in Sint Maarten, North-Eastern Caribbean.

After arriving here, we soon found out the distribution is in no way comparable to that of western Europe. Luckily enough, we build up a large contact-network over the years, so formations looking for promotion, continued to provide us with their material, also after our move here.

But the (with all respect to the artists/bands who send in music) greater quality products (thats you !) came in on a much less regular basis. European distributors kept sending us material sporadically for some time, but since they have no interest/profit out of these promotions in the Caribbean, these mailings got thinner.

Since March 30, 2007, we started our weekly TV program as well. We got some video-material, for which we are thankful, but it will soon proof not to be enough to fill an hour of television with.

Again, were humbly looking into possibilities to promote the more high-standard/quality type of music on our (daily) radio program and TV-show.

Question is, could you help us out, or help us to get in contact with persons who are in interested in promoting their product in this part of the world.

Hopefully well hear from you soon.


Bas(Tafari)Judah EASY SKANKING, Roots Reggae TV/Radio/Magazine PJD3 102.7 FM, TV6 + TODAY Newspaper

ps Promotional items for EASY SKANKING Roots Reggae Radio, EASY SKANKING Roots Reggae TV and/or Sint Maarten's TODAY Newspaper (Roots n Culture ReggaeZine), can be sent to the following postal address. Videos are accepted on DVD, Mini-DV, S-VHS and Beta-SP. Playlists can be downloaded online, via:

PO Box 4545 Plaza del Lago, Simpson Bay St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles Cell: (+599) 526 8989 I-mail: (Web) (MySpace)