Hello Hervi,

I hope you are fine. Here is the latest stuff I spinned on the radio show.I hope you like them. Have a nive day.

The playlist of Sprawl Zone:

1)Lord Kaya and the Kinky Coo Coo's 2)Los Vicios de Papa 3)Johnny Colon 4)Rude Tins(I introduced the album "Varicoloured") 5)Soulfood International 6)Dr.Echo presents:Solange St.Croix 7)Desorden Publico 8)Delroy Wilson 9)Two Tone Club 10)Chris Murray 11)Western Special 12)USCB All Stars 13)Plenty Enuff 14)Rollings

The playlist of Sprawl Zone:

1)Irie Beats 2)The Drastics 3)Soul Searchers 4)Rico(I introduced the 7inch "A message to you Rudy") 5)Adji 6)King Django meets The Scrucialists 7)Wood in di Fire 8)Jazzbo 9)Banda Uniao Black 10)Mephiskapheles 11)Deal's Gone Bad 12)Lionsclub 13)Skalariak 14)Akatz

All the best, Savvas