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1) BIG BAND "NUEVA HORA" CD (60's skinhead ska & reggae), 2) PANICO LATINO "BAILANDO SKA" CD (fun and bouncy 2-TONE styled ska), 3) TARZAN CONGO "ELEMENTOS" CD (mixing harder Spanish rock, ska, and pop), 4) SECTOR OI! "GRITO DE UNION" CD (dark and mysterious modern skinhead ska like the SKOIDATS), 5) LA BOLON CHONA "TODAS DE PACHANGA" CD (fun and frantic ska that mixes in plenty of tradition Latin riddims), 6) INTOCABLES "BABILONIA" CD (legendary early 80's South American ska pioneers return), 7) AGA-V BIMBA "EL SUENO" CD (great 80's flavored dark ska like the UNTOUCHABLES), 8) ESPECIAS SECRETOS "RESISTIR EN VENCER" CD (spy / soundtrack flavored punky ska), 9) LOS PIES NEGROS "s/t" CD (original 1993 cassette only release), 10) LOS SKATERRESTRES "INVASION" CD (keyboard/spy-style 3rd wave ska), 11) LOS DE ABAJO "LATIN SKA FORCE" CD (all star ska-punk band feat members of Maldita Vecindad, Desorden Publico, Panteon Rococo, and any more), 12) KARAMELO SANTO "s/t" CD (Party Latin ska!!), 13) V/A SKUELA DE BAILE VOL 3 CD (20 tracks from Sonora Skandakera, Tarzan Congo, El Jucio, and more! ), 14) U-NIKO "DUNS & FRIENDS" CD (Wicked rasta dubs from this reggae master), 15) DANCING MOOD "20 MINUTOS" CD (Authentic style ska covers from this all star band), 16) LOS PIES NEGROS "MOVIENDO LOS PIES" CD (Classic Puerto Rican 3rd wave / 2-Tone carnival ska!!!), 17) LOS ATLANTES "50 GRAMOS DE LIBERTAD" CD (Great fast-paced peppy ska!!),


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18) INSPECTOR "BLANCO Y NEGRO" CD (First album from soon to be HUGE major label ska band That's VERY much like the TOASTERS!!! ), 19) EL JUCIO / MATE "Split" CD (Two classic ska-punk cassettes now on one CD!), 20) GINKO BILBOA "SISTEMA BAIERA" CD (Fun uptempo ska and heavy reggae!), 21) GARBANZOS "LA DOCTRINA SECTRETA" CD (Catchy Spanish rock with bits of ska!), 22) V/A LO MEJOR DEL REGGAE EN ESPANOL CD (inc AGUA BENDITA, GINKO BILBOA, LOS ATLANTES, FIDEL, and more), 23) 13 MILAS "DE LIBERTAD" CD (Fast Reel Big Fish/Catch 22 styled punk-ska), 24) V/A SKAMANIA (ARGENTINA Traditional ska) CD (Includes Los Atlantes, Mimi Maura, Especias Secretos, Satellite Kingston and more!), 24) DON KHUMALO "DE VUELTA AL SKA" CD (Venezuela swing-ska produced by KING DJANGO!!!), 25) UN KUARTITO "NO PARES" CD (Fantastic Toasters style 3rd wave bright ska!), 26) GATO DE TROYA "Yo No Quiero" CD (Great 3rd wave ska from Monterrey Mexico!), 27) LA CIZANA /7 NEGRO / EFECTO CURARE demos CD (3 band split CD of early ska punk demos!), 28) PIKAZOS "Monterrey Ska" CD (Great 3rd wave ska band from Mexico!!), 29) VARIOUS "Skuela De Baile Vol 2 " CD (Feat La Tremende Korte, Almalafa, Inspector, Nana Pancaha and more), 30) VARIOUS "Skuela De Bale Vol 1 CD (Feat INSPECTOR, Panteo Rococo, Nana Pancha and more!), 31) FIDEL "Avanzando" CD (Amazing rasta roots reggae from this legendary vocalist!), 32) PAPAS BI PIDAMOS "Nos Sacan Desde Adentro" CD (Great 2-Tone styled ska from Argentina!), 33) FAUSTO & BANDA CUENCO "Silbando Bajito" CD (great Hepcat styled traditional ska with amazing vocal harmonies), 34) RADIO ROOTS "Politiqueros" CD (dancehall influenced roots reggae!), 35) LA CASA DEL TODOS "Tardes De Reggae" CD (fantastic old skool reggae from Mexico),



1) BUTUMBABA "Majikakonvinazion" CD (great early roots reggae and ska - includes cover of SPECIAL AKA's Racist Friend), 2) BALTAZAR "s/t" CD (roots digital styled dancehall) 3) LO MEJOR DEL REGGAE EN ESPANOL Vol 2 CD (16 trx from FIDEL, JAH PABLO, LUMUMBA, BUTUMBABA and more), 4) V/A LA KAZA DEL SKA CD (15 tracks of 2-Tone ska from all over Latin America), 5) LUMUMBA "Se Viene El Bum" CD (excellent early styled reggae from Mexico), 6) MASKATESTA "Maskatonians All Stars" CD (all star band feat guests from Panteon Rococo, Inspector, Nana Pancha, and more), 7) SKANDALOSOS "Fuerza Y Protesta" CD (crazy crusty punk ska), 8) SKA CORE KILLERS s/t CD (new skacore band from Mexico!)

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More LATIN SKA titles! Released on different labels!

1) CEBOLLAS ARDIENTES "Encebollame Este" CD (Catchy ska punk from Venezuela!) $8, 2) V/A Venezuela Ska Vol 2 CD $8 (20 great bands in all different styles of ska!), 3) RIVOLTA s/t" CD $8 (Rancid style punk from Spain on TRALA Records), 4) DESORDEN PUBLICO "Diablo" CD $8 (Great 2002 effort on Sabor Discos!), 5) PALMERA KANIBALES "Siempre Comemos Con Hambre" CD $8 (Wicked salsa meets ska craziness!), 6) JULIA "Combo Tropical Contemporaneo" CD $8 (Venezuelan ska punk on RADIO PIRATA records!), 7) DESORDEN PUBLICO "En Vivo En El Teatro Teresa" 2 x CD $15 (Great double live CD that includes 5 studio songs!!!), 8) SATELITE KINGSTON "Una Isla" CD $12 (Beautiful Skatalites style jazzy ska from Argentina), 9) COFFEE MAKERS "El Camino" CD $12 (Gorgeous traditional ska from Columbia!), 10) FERMIN MUGARUZA "Euskal Herria Jamaica Clash" CD $12 (feat TOOTS, U ROY, I Threes, Luciano, and more Dancehall roots reggae in the Basque tongue!), 11) LOS SKARNALES "Pachuco Boogie Sound System" CD $8 (Amazing Latin ska with punk and rockabilly influences from Texas!), 12) DESORDEN PUBLICO "En Vivo En El Teatro Teresa Carreno" DVD $15 (amazing concert footage!)

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