The playlist of the Sprawl zone:

1)Maroon Town 2)Nathaniel Mayer 3)Los Granadians 4)Moodphase5ive (I introduced the album "Super Deluxe Mode") 5)Sibot 6)Skalariak 7)USCB All Stars 8)The Allstonians 9)The Daktaris 10)Black Velvet 11)Banda Uniao Black 12)Dr.Calypso 13)Costo Rico / Sabor Mestizo

The playlist of Sprawl Zone:

1)Proyecto Secreto 2)Soul Survivors 3)Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7 4)Kalahari Surfers (I introduced the album "Muti Media") 5)Tykoon Suit 6)Dr.Woggle and the Radio 7)Mario Allison y su Combo 8)Let's go Bowling 9)Lord Kaya and the Kinky Coo Coo's 10)JD and the Evil's Dynamite Band 11)Stubborn All-Stars 12)The Poets of Rhythm 13)Los Vicios de Papa 14)Sin Sospechas / Resto Pollo Rico 2

All the best, Savvas