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BIOGRAPHY Since 1995 Feel Good Productions have been radiating from their remote farm nestled in the hills of north-western Italy.Their music project erupted when DJ /producers Julian (Funky Farmer) & Pony (Rider) launched their first free parties at the farm where they developed their eclectic dj style.

1996: They were the leading inspiration behind Funkadelicas clubnights, who introduced and started working with ethnic vibes and new urban beats on the Italian club scene. Club nights are still going from strength to strength.

1997: Feel Good Productions founded 'Asian Underground Collective' with many artists from the London scene including Nelson Dilation, Badmarsh, Pathaan, Miss Solange, Earthribe and Mc Coleridege from Transglobal Underground. Together they extensively toured Italy and many clubs across Europe.

1999: Release of the single The Feel Good Vibe (NUN Entertainment EDEL) featuring former Earthtribe member MC Daddy E. The track commanded heavy rotation on international radio networks, featured in more than 40 compilations worldwide and was signed for the Fiat TV commercial for Europe. Its video was shown on all music TV networks including MTV Europe and MTV Asia.

2001: Release of Funkadelica Dancing to a different drum (NUN Entertainment EDEL), a compilation to celebrate the first five years of Feel Good Productions homonymous club night. The track list includes Feel Good Productions dancefloor killer The Feel Good Vibe plus rare unreleased material from Bollywood Brass Band, Momo, Dzihan & Kamien, DJ Nickodemus, Nelson Dilation and Badmarsh. The compilation has had excellent worldwide feedback and is distribuited in more than 40 countries. During the same year they remixed 'The last good day of the year' by Cousteau, which won 4 Italian Golden Disc awards.

2002: F.G.P remix an electronic version of 'Protector' by Indian master percussionist Trilok Gurtu. The track is included in the Trilok Gurtu remix project "Izzat" together with other versions by some of the best global beat producers: Black Star Liner, T.J. Rehmi, Fun-da-mental, Dum Dum Project and Orchestral World Groove. The album is released by UK indipendent label X-Squared Rec.

2002: Italian release of This is the Sound ep, featuring Yunis on vocals and a remix version by drum 'n bass specialist Rollers Inc.

2003 Italian release of Feel Good Productions first album Funky Farmers featuring famous guest musicians Raiz (Almamegretta), Daddy E and MC Tribes da Dread I. During the same year Feel Good Productions remixed the politically aware Italian band 'Modena City Ramblers' delivering a skankin breakbeat version of Una Perfecta Excusa, featuring MCs Daddy E and former Macaco member Beto Betoya (Barxino).

2004: Italian release of Voodoo Papa ep, new single featuring the up and coming talent of the London scene Vaanya Diva and MC Navigator, top UK toaster, who mashed up drum 'n bass dancehalls with the killer track Mo Fire and worked with important bands such as D-Note, Freestylers and Asian Dub Foundation and recently featured in Roni Size latest album "Back to V" on legendary drum 'n' bass label V Records. During the same year, Feel Good Productions also release the soundtrack of the movie 'Tutto in quella notte' by Italian film director Francesco Bertini (De Laurentis Productions).

2005: Their track 'This is the sound' is signed for Algida / Walls TV jingle for Europe.

Feel Good Productions launch their new label Green Queen Music with the release of the pro-Emergency charity compilation "Mad World" featuring many global beat bands and producers including Macaco, ADF, Raiz, Orchestral World Groove, Feel Good Productions vs Navigator and Ojos de Brucos.

2006: Release of "Funkadelica vol 2" on Green Queen Music /SELF. The compilation continues it's journey around the world where different sounds and cultures meet in a global soundsystem which reflects today's urban melting pot, featuring tracks by global beat producers worldwide, picked from the Feel Good Productions dj bags. Track listing includes: Dum Dum Project, Kamel Nitrate, Swami, Asian Dub Foundation, Zohar, Rachid Taha vs The Wiseguys, Gaudi, Hi Life Connection and other unreleased material by Feel Good Productions.

2007 May: Release of Balkanica! on Green Queen Music/SELF (available for distribution worldwide).

2007 Winter: Forthcoming releases of a Green Queen vinyl e.p. featuring Raggamuffin legend General Levy and Navigator + remixes.



Balkanica! (Green Queen Music ) Funkadelica vol.2 (Green Queen Music) Mad World Funkadelica vol.1 (Nun Ent.)


Feel Good Productions_Funkadelica Hot Tracks Funky Farmers (Nun Ent.)


Voodoo Papa E.P. (Nun Ent.) This Is The Sound E.P. (NUN Ent.) The Feel Good Vibe E.P. (NUN Ent.)

Remixed Feel Good Productions remixed

Remixes Feel Good Productions remixes

NEXT EVENTS The Feel Good Productions will be on tour to promote their last work BALKANICA!.

The compilation focuses on the Gypsy & Balkan scene with rare and exclusive tracks taken from Funky Farmer and Pony Rider's dj bags featuring Dunkelbunt vs Fanfara Ciociarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Mahala Rai Banda vs Shantel, Deladap, Feel Good Productions, Eastenders, Magnifico & Turbolenza and OMFO. Some tracks are included into the soundtrack of the film 'Borat'.

Feel Good Prod. are currently in the studio working on a remix project for the Italian Celtic/crossover band Lou Dalfin that will also include Badmarsh, Shantel, Barxino and Earthtribe. .



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