What's crackin', Stubborn Massive? Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We spent it getting together a bunch of new additions to the site. We're continuing to add to the 800+ items on http://www.stubbornrecords.com, and there's no end in sight! If you like good music as much as we do, then just keep reading!


Don Drummond - In Memory of LP (Jamaican Import) Trombone great Don Drummond was a Jamaican genius who died much too soon. This collection of 14 songs spans the prime of his career, and includes songs from Studio 1, Treasure Isle, as well as Justin Yap-produced sessions. It's an amazing compilation, very hard to find on vinyl, and each tune is more scorching than the nex. It's an authentic Studio 1 Jamaican pressing, too!

Jackie Opel - Take Your Time b/w Roland Alphonso - Live Desire 7" YELLOW VINYL (Jamaican Import) We have a killer 2-sided Ska classic here! This is limited edition YELLOW VINYL from Jamaica on the legendary Top Deck label. One side is Jackie Opel's soulful Take Your Time. The other side features Roland Alphonso's rare classic Live Desire. These are super rare, and the sound quality is solid, too!

Jackie Opel - Sometimes I Wonder b/w Don Drummond - Smiling 7" BLUE VINYL (Jamaican Import) Here's another rarity. Jackie Opel and Don Drummond tunes back to back on limited BLUE VINYL! The Jackie Opel tune is a frantic piece of American-style Soul music that sounds like it could've been cut in Memphis or Chicago. Don Drummond's "Smiling" is an uptempo Ska instrumental with some serious burru drumming. This record is truly a unique piece of Jamaican music history.

Roland Alphonso - Four Corners b/w Lassel & Dimples - Love or Be Loved 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Skatalites - King Solomon b/w Ska Tom 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Derrick Morgan and Naomi - Wall Flower b/w Derrick and Patsy - Let the Good Times Roll 7" single (Jamaican Import)


V/A - Treasure Isle Collection CD (British Import) This is a very serious collection of hits. We're talking all bonafide Rocksteady, Ska, and Early Reggae jams by the original artists. Treasure Isle Records needs no introduction. The artists on this collection are some of the biggest, with names like Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon, Stranger Cole, Melodians, etc. Just one look at the 27 beautiful songs on here is enough to tell you that this CD is a must-have.

Rod Taylor - Where is Your Love Mankind CD (Jamaican Import) Rod Taylor is a legendary Jamaican Roots Reggae singer. He had some popular recordings on the Freedom Sounds label, and sang powerful lyrics that ranged from conscious to Lovers-style. His voice is unique, very musical, and perfect for the heavy roots reggae he sang. This CD features the Roots Radics laying down the backing tracks!

De Lions of Jah - Music CD These guys are based in Jacksonville, Florida, where they are legendary! They're one of the most popular Reggae bands in their area, and they've earned that status by working hard and playing tight Roots Reggae grooves. They even dabble in some very danceable Dancehall, as well as some deep Dub. This CD is a great introduction to a great band.

Cold Spot 8, Soul Merchants, Predator Dub Assassins - STUBBORN RELEASE THREEPACK 3 CD


Ansel Collins and Augustus Pablo - Monkey Rinch b/w Version 7" single (Jamaican Import)

The Upsessions - The Chambermaid b/w Hold Your Whining 7" single (German Import)


V/A - NEW VERSION CITY AND FREEDOM SOUNDS VINYL COMBO PACK Now you can get all of the latest Version City and Freedom Sounds titles we just brought back from Jamaica in one fell swoop, and at a discounted price. If you already have the older records, you'll want all of these anyway!

Don't forget that we also re-stock items we might've been out of previously. This week, we brought these guys back!

Magadog - Sunrise CD

The Slackers - A Documnetary DVD

V/A - This Is Special Potatoe Vol. 1 CD

Hey, if you guys would like to listen to some of the stuff we've recently added to the site, we've got good news for you! We added a TON of new tracks to our JUKEBOX! Go to http://www.stubbornrecords.com/jukebox/ and check out the songs on the Fortitude Riddim! All 7 singles are on their, as well as their b-sides. We also added all 4 sides on the Ethiopian Kings riddim from the Freedom Sounds label. You'll also notice the 2 songs from King Django's new 7" single on Conquering Ruler Records have been added. And, finally, we added the following albums to the jukebox in their entirety: Blue Beat Players - Torrid Rock CD, Soul Merchants - ...If You Like Music, Stubborn All-Stars - Nex Music, The Cold Spot 8 - Get on High plus 10 more!

Wrap your ears around these new tunes, and let us know what you think. If you like them, or know someone who might like them, link them up! Sharing our music like that is a gift in itself. We appreciate all the love you guys have given us, and we appreciate it even more when you help us spread our love. Thanks, and enjoy!

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