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The Combat Circus is back: in fact Mazel Tov represents the direct pursuance of the previous album. 13 tracks of combat punk-chanka, with the addition of a bonus track dedicated to the pirates of St. Pauli, the antifascist football fans. Lots of things link the two albums: thanks to Combat Circus we grew up, we became well known and we started to reflect our experiences and our thoughts in our music. Combat Circus was the beginning of a trip, Mazel Tov represents a coming back home, carrying experiences that enriched us and let us grow. So we started talking again about positive and negative stories we are living and we have already lived

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RedSka were born 2001 in Romagna (Italy).RedSka propose in a strong way a ska-punk style together with reggae, reggaemuffin,swing, blues, hard-core, rocksteady influences. Their music meet with the Italiancustomers approval. Antifascism, antiracism and the great variety of musical influences make sure both the lovers of reggae style, such as rude boys, skinnheads and mods, and people who listen to these sounds for the first time love this kind of music.Publics involvement is very important for Redska. Sometimes, during the concerts, there are true "invasions" of fans on the stage! 2004, after a long live promotion, the first album "Mi son sbagliato nel confondermi" waspublished (Sana Records/Audioglobe). 2007 there was a new edition of this album forOne Step Records. Many artists, such as The Hormonauts and Enri (ex VIP200),collaborated at it. Until now Redska have held lots of concerts both in Italy and abroad."Le mie prigioni" (2008) is the new album of Redska. You can listen to rough soundswhich are at the same time very particular and make this album interesting; it is characterized by a perfect mix of ska, punk and reggae. This album is rich in collaborations, such as Banda Bassotti, Matrioska, Los Fastidios, The Good Fellas and Enri. "Le mie prigioni" contains 12 songs which refer to some aspects of our life: the Italian and international politics, the Church ("Laghi di sangue", "Ora dopo ora"), the hard life conditions of the workers, the difficulty with being consistent with our own principles ("Il castello", "Non cambiare mai"), the struggle for freedom and the full disapproval for the death penalty ("Il Partigiano", "Le mie prigioni") and the battle against prejudices("Rabbia e libert"). The songs deal with other "lighter" subjects too. The official presentation of the album took place on the 15th March 2008 at Vidia Rock Club in Cesena.

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The soldiers of ska, rocksteady runaways and rebels of reggae bring you music for dancers and lovers.

Babylove and the van Dangos is a tight group of bonafide musicians and nomatter if its live acoustic performances on japanese television, cramped bars, bass booming festivals, this band always deliver. So keep your eyes peeled, because any stage, anywhere, at anytime BvD might be bringing their Rocksteady Ska and reggae to your town. After more than 200 shows played throughout the 4 year life of Babylove & the Van Dangos, their soulful sound has earned them a place up with the top live acts on the ska scene. Doing it the old fashion way BvD has toured Scandinavia, all over Europe and Japan to build a solid fan base and show that this is a band that always gets the peoples feet, moving to the sweet ska beat.

In the spring of 2004, this seven piece outfit was formed in Copenhagen Denmark by lead singer Daniel Babylove Broman to express the soulfulness of ska music. Less than 3 months later this baby was already up and running wild on the Danish ska scene. After a year of song writing, beer drinking and dancefloor shaking, Babylove & the Van Dangos recorded, produced and mixed their debut album Run run rudie, which was released on the bands own label Lovers Choice Records. The self released album has so far sold a solid 1500 copies whithout any promotional support except the music itself and the bands impressing live performances. Run run rudie was January 2007 re-released by the international ska label Megalith records and is distributed in Europe, U.S.A and Japan.

In February 2007 Babylove & the Van Dangos released a 7 vinyl recorded the classic way. One take, no cuts and lots of oldschool feeling. The single called Big Big Baboon was released by Mad Butcher Records and features the amazingly talented Coolie Ranx (ex-Toasters, ex-Pilfers) from New York who brings his personal rudeboy style to the track. The release was followed by heavy touring all over Europe in April 2007.

Later that year the 2nd album called Lovers choice was recording and it will be released by Megalith Records (CD/downloads) and Mad Butcher Records (Vinyls) April 2008 and feature 14 brand new songs and feature Doreen Shaffer from The Skatalites and will be mixed by the legendary Victor Rice from New York.

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III IST ECHT DERBE ROCKSCHEISSE!!! Wir bringen den Dreck, der berall so abgeht, voll auf den Punkt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keine Kompromisse, keine Gefangenen aber immer das fette Brett!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir sind tierisch wtend und kmpfen deshalb gegen die ganzen Verrterschweine und Politiker und so, die alle blo abzocken und immer nur lgen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir reden Klartext und lassen uns von Niemandem den Mund verbieten!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bisher war Rock nur Pipikram - jetzt kommen wir!!!!!!!! Und zwar knallhart... Das ist Punk!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wie er sein muss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

III HAT GELOGEN. III ist nichts von alledem. Nicht mal ein Ausrufezeichen. Denn III erklrt nichts, III erzhlt lediglich: ber sich. ber dich. ber jetzt. Schn, dass es wieder eine deutsche Band gibt, die keine ausgedienten Phrasen und Bilder bemht. Und nichts komponiert, was kurzlebigen Trends untergeordnet werden muss. Ein universeller Bandname, den man ohne bersetzung versteht. III Charaktere. III Einflsse, III Instrumente. Und das war es dann auch schon mit der konstruierten Realitt von Rockmythen. Man spielt alternative Gitarrenmusik mit einer noch immer sprbaren Punkrock-Vergangenheit. Trotzdem hat III intelligente deutsche Texte zu bieten und vergibt genussvoll musikalische Ohrfeigen voller Sarkasmus und Humor. Am Ende bleibt die Hoffnung. Somit sind III eine Chance. Ein Vergngen. Und sie wnschen alles Gute.

III HAT EINE VORGESCHICHTE. Hier ist sie: Swoons, Psycho Gambola, Faked ID, Popzillas. Hunderte von Konzerten, Dutzende von Tontrgern. III ist etwas anderes. Gegrndet im Frhjahr 2007 in Stuttgart und ab sofort unterwegs.

III IST GUT GEBAUT. Stefan Becker - Gesang, Gitarre Dirk Kittelberger - Bass Dirk Hundt - Schlagzeug

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Limited edition of 500 copies with free Fetter Skinhead Pin.7 contains the 2007 skaversion of Fetter Skinhead and a skaversion of Cock Sparrers Were coming back.Thx to the Talco brasssection.




26.04.2008 anne-frank-haus/karlsruhe Germany

27.04.2008 Zakk/dsseldorf Germany

09.05.2008 druckluft/oberhausen Germany

30.05.2008 Rote Flora/hamburg Germany

20.06.2008 Eurocamp/Weissenbach/Attersee Austria

01.08.2008 reiterhalle/bern Switzerland

02.08.2008 u&d festival/vlotho Germany

08.08.2008 Rock Im Grass festival/Barsinghausen Germany


17.05.2008 sbrorocken (Cancelled)/SBRO(Cancelled) Sweden

18.06.2008 BODINI/Malm Sweden

19.06.2008 Schaubude/Kiel Germany

20.06.2008 TBA/TBA Germany

21.06.2008 JUZ Klecks/Sarstedt Germany

Los Fastidios

27.04.2008 Rebellion Festival - Arena/Wien Austria

01.05.2008 Skylab/Terni Italy

02.05.2008 Puerto Baracoa/Grosseto Italy

03.05.2008 C.S. Pedro/Padova Italy

16.05.2008 Circolo Aggabachela /Sassari Italy

17.05.2008 C.S. Magazzino 47/Brescia Italy

22.05.2008 Sala Vietnam/Girona (PPCC) Spain

23.05.2008 Sala KGB/Barcelona (PPCC) Spain

24.05.2008 Festival Herri Northe Taldea /Bilbao (Euskadi) Spain

30.05.2008 Le Local/Marseille France

31.05.2008 Festa Universitaria/Trento Italy

13.07.2008 Taverna da Boe/Castel dell'Aquila (Terni) Italy

18.07.2008 Vaudeville/Lindau Germany

19.07.2008 Esperanza Festival/Schwabish Gmuend Germany

20.07.2008 Holzrock Festival/Schopfheim Germany

25.07.2008 Live'n'Loud Festival/Zadar CROATIA

27.07.2008 Force Attack Festival/Behenkenhagen Germany

31.07.2008 Desi/Nrnberg Germany

01.08.2008 Bike'n'Roll Festival/Grossrohrsdorf Germany

02.08.2008 Subculture Festival/Kralupy Czech Republic

03.08.2008 Ottinger Villa/Darmstadt Germany

05.08.2008 Sonic Ballroom/Koln Germany

06.08.2008 Druckluft/Oberhausen Germany

09.08.2008 Rebellion Festival/Blackpool Great Britain

03.09.2008 Caserta Rock Festival/Caserta Italy

02.10.2008 Ocktoberrevolution Tour - Rockstation club/Halle Germany

03.10.2008 Ocktoberrevolution Tour - Haus der Offiziere/Brandenburg Germany

04.10.2008 Alte Kafeersterei /Plauen Germany

31.10.2008 Dynamo/Zurich Switzerland

01.11.2008 Rockin Chair/Vevey Switzerland


08.05.2008 Festival Microderrame Rock 2008/Oviedo Spain

09.05.2008 Sala Arco/Alcazar de San Juan Spain

16.05.2008 Sala Nave 8/San Vicente de Raspeig Spain

30.05.2008 Polideportivo municipal/Viana (Navarra) Spain

20.06.2008 /Toledo Spain

19.07.2008 Derrame Rock Festival/Oviedo Spain

16.08.2008 Fetes di Village/ASKAIN (Iparralde) France

06.09.2008 Fetes du village/Urrugne ( Iparralde) France


25.04.2008 Festa di Liberazione/Perugia Italy

26.04.2008 Arteria/Bologna Italy

03.05.2008 Orcia Rock Festival/Siena Italy

09.05.2008 Alta Marea/Cagliari Italy

10.05.2008 Nottedi/Cagliari Italy

22.05.2008 Tommy Weisbecker Haus/Berlin Germany

23.05.2008 Hafenklang/Hamburg Germany

24.05.2008 Supamolly/Berlin Germany

21.06.2008 WoodRock Festival/Bagno di Romagna Italy

27.06.2008 Bombay Summer Sound/Terni Italy

04.07.2008 Ciao Estate/Bologna Italy

05.07.2008 Festa Allegrona/Terni Italy

11.07.2008 Rototom Sunsplash/Udine Italy

26.07.2008 Skaville Festival/Krk CROATIA

24.10.2008 PMK Club/Innsbruck Austria


25.04.2008 Treibhaus/Innsbruck Austria

21.05.2008 Stustaculum/Mnchen Bavaria

07.06.2008 Westpark/Mnchen Bavaria

01.07.2008 Tunix-Festival/Mnchen Bavaria

02.08.2008 Sinnflut-Festival/Erding Bavaria

01.11.2008 Linkes Zentrum/Dsseldorf Germany

12.12.2008 Kulturfabrik Moabit/Berlin Germany


25.04.2008 Festa del Roser/La Cellera de Ter Catalonia

26.04.2008 Euskal Herria/Leitza Euskadi

08.05.2008 Bogaloo/pfarrkirchen Germany

09.05.2008 So36/Berlin Germany

10.05.2008 Open Air Berg/Eichsttt Germany

11.05.2008 IrReal/Aulendorf Germany

12.05.2008 Piarate Satellite Festival/Stuttgart Germany

15.05.2008 Kamp w/ Ma Valise /Bielefeld Germany

16.05.2008 Lagendreer/Bochum Germany

17.05.2008 Barracuda Bar/Kassel Germany

17.05.2008 /Gottingen Germany

23.05.2008 Cs Il Molino/Lugano Switzerland

24.05.2008 Box Club/Davos Switzerland

26.07.2008 Der Krater Bebt Festival/Hainsfahrt bei Nrdlingen Germany

27.07.2008 Force Attack Festival/Benkenhagen Germany

15.08.2008 Tells Bells Festival/Villmar Germany

The Baboonz

30.08.2008 tba/Marienbad Czech Republic

02.10.2008 JUZI/Gttingen Germany

04.10.2008 AJZ/Bielefeld Germany

06.10.2008 Alte Mlzerei/Regensburg Bavaria

09.10.2008 Lucerna Music Bar/Prag Czech Republic

10.10.2008 Marty's/Budweis Czech Republic

11.10.2008 Pod Lampou/Pilsen Czech Republic

Umbrella Bed

02.05.2008 tba/Chicago USA

03.05.2008 University/Appleton, WI USA

04.05.2008 Triple Rock Social Club/Minneapolis USA

02.10.2008 JUZ/Gttingen Germany

04.10.2008 AJZ Bielefeld/Bielefeld Germany

06.10.2008 Alte Mlzerei/Regensburg Germany

09.10.2008 Lucerna Music Bar/Praha/Prague Czech Republic

10.10.2008 Marty's/Ceske Budejovice Czech Republic

11.10.2008 Pod Lampou/Pilsen Czech Republic

07.11.2008 Varsity Theatre/Minneapolis USA

08.11.2008 Triple Rock Social Club/Minneapolis USA

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