Hi ! Many bands send us mails to be involved in the Madness tribute Album like "Nouvelle Vague", "Desorden publico", "MOT", "JAG" and around 34 more from UK, France, USA, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Italia etc ... We have received somme very great covers versions, and we are happy, not in a Madness style !! but in the own style of the band who have covered it !! Great !! If your band want to be involved in this project, please send us a mail asap ! Dead line to send us your cover : 15th january 2009. PLEASE NOTE : TOO MUCH BANDS WANT TO COVER A TRACK FROM "ONE STEP BEYOND" ALBUM. SO PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER MADNESS ERA !!! WE TRY TO FIND BANDS WHO WANT TO COVER : -Embarrassment, -Baggy Trousers, -It Must Be Love, -"Keep Moving" tracks -"Mad Not Mad" tracks -b sides... We also try to find a "mighty band" from UK for a special "tribute" track !! The tribute album will be out on spring 2009. All the best more infos about this tribute album, deal etc... jp-boutellier@wanadoo.fr big8records@wanadoo.fr http://french-mis.be