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lundi 28 juillet 2008

More free downloads: Balkan Beat Box + DJ Dolores

[The only requirement to receive these tracks is to become part of our mailing list. If you haven't subscribed yet, click this link: http://crammed.greedbag.com/freedownload/ and you'll get your own personal Crammed download area to grab the freebies from] This week's CRAMMED CRASH COURSE free downloads are: 1. BALKAN BEAT BOX: "Delancey (Stefano Miele Remix)" Taken from "Nu-Made", the double-pack CD/DVD released in conjunction with the band's Summer 2008 tour, and containing mostly fresh remixes derived from BBB's acclaimed album "Nu Med" (for "New Mediterranean", a title which is both a musical and a cultural/political statement). A global peacekeeping mission that you can dance to (Spin, USA) A dizzying array of musical hybrids (The New Yorker, USA) Festive, powerful, volcanic (Trax, France) Incendiary live shows... fascinating album... (The Independent, UK) Nu Med mixes giant hip hop beats and electronica with klezmer, Romanian folk and reggae (Time Out London, UK) 2. DJ DOLORES: "Wakaru" A rabeca (Brazilian folk violin), dancefloor-friendly electronics, Caboclinho flutes, a guy speaking broken Japanese The eccentric producer from the Recife strikes again in this instrumental taken from his latest album "1 Real" . Not since the Clash has there been so successful an integration of Jamaican ska and dub into another musical form, to create something fresh and exciting (The Independent on Sunday, UK) Another fiercely contemporary exercise in globalista beat construction distinguishes himself from the rent-a-fusion hordes while using a cache of secret weapons (Pop Matters, USA) Remember, this is the third installment of "CRAMMED CRASH COURSE", the 13-track free download compilation which inaugurates our brand-new online shop. Every week we'll add new tracks and we'll even mail you to tell you so you don't miss out! We'd advise you to check in regularly though, as they'll be fresh news & offers Everyone's invited, so please tell your friends : they too should get this free album! You can gift them the album here. Just put their name and email address in and we'll send them an email asking them to confirm they want the free album, it's that simple. There's already 5 tracks waiting for you from the first two Crammed Crash Course installments and NOW you can access 2 more! With more to come in around 10 days, and plenty more special items and exclusives and pre-orders in our store too...

Ciudavitecos en concierto

Fiesta de la floR Sabado 26 de julio En vivo: Ciudavitecos Operacin andu Reggae + Ska + Rock nacional + Reggaeton + Hip hop + Dancehall + Kumbia rika y demases Residente Dj BrujitO de la flor Invitado Kuto Selektor Killa Bajones premium Cuenca 1750 Villa del parque Entrada $8 $5 Por lista a fiestasdelaflor@gmail.com bondis: 24-25-34-47-53-63-84-106-109-110-113-124-133-134-135-166-181 osea llegas Agitan: -Kali Producciones -www.fotolog.com/reggaecultura Visita: www.poesiaurbana.com.ar

YOCHANO N 45 - Newsletter semanal de actualidad rumbera

CONCIERTOS DE ESTA SEMANA: 30/07/2008 Vilanova i la Geltr, Barcelona, Espaa Dijous Paella - Vilanova i la Geltr http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=683 31/07/2008 Barcelona, Barcelona, Espaa Busker's Festival Barcelona - La Pegatina http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=456 01/08/2008 Oliana, Lleida, Espaa Costo Rico - Oliana http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=793 01/08/2008 Alfs, Lleida, Espaa Dijous Paella - Alfs http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=684 01/08/2008 Constant, Tarragona, Espaa Gertrudis - Festa Major Constant http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=467 01/08/2008 Barcelona , Barcelona, Espaa Busker's Festival Barcelona - La Pegatina http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=457 01/08/2008 Villores (Castell),, Espaa Naraina - XXX Aplec dels Ports http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=561 01/08/2008 Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Espaa Gitanitos de la calle La Cera - Expo de Zaragoza http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=780 01/08/2008 Constant, Tarragona, Espaa Rauxa - Constant http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=710 01/08/2008 Camp de Futbol de Alhama de Granada , Granada, Espaa Festival de muscia joven de Andalucia - Los Impagaos http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=819 01/08/2008 St Pere Riudebitlles, Barcelona, Espaa Ai Ai Ai - Festa Major St Pere Riudebitlles http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=735 02/08/2008 Poboleda, Barcelona, Espaa La Troba Kung-F - Papawa http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=871 02/08/2008 Portugal Festival OLLIN KAN Portugal - Costo Rico http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=794 02/08/2008 Guitiriz (Galicia), Espaa festival folk de Pardias - Sherpah - Guitiriz http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=823 02/08/2008 Fulleda (les Garrigues), Lleida, Espaa Naraina - Festa Major Fulleda http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=828 02/08/2008 Caldes de Malavella, Girona, Espaa Gertrudis - Festa Major Caldes de Malavella http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=468 02/08/2008 Alella, Barcelona, Espaa Dijous Paella - Alella http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=685 02/08/2008 (La Llacuna, Anoia), Barcelona, Espaa La Pegatina + Strombers - (La Llacuna, Anoia) - Festa Major 08 http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=354 02/08/2008 - Ciutadella. ROSES (GIRONA) , Girona, Espaa Muchachito Bombo Infierno - Ciutadella. ROSES http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=844 03/08/2008 Torell, Barcelona, Espaa Dijous Paella - Torell http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=686 04/08/2008 La Llacuna,, Barcelona, Espaa Sota Zero - La Llacuna, http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=206 04/08/2008 Garrinada, Argentona, Barcelona, Espaa Ai Ai Ai - Garrinada, Argentona http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=734 04/08/2008 Aparcamiento Parc Central. ANDORRA LA VELLA Muchachito Bombo Infierno - Aparcamiento Parc Central. ANDORRA LA VELLA http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=845 04/08/2008 Formentera, Baleares, Espaa La Rumb - Formentera http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=831 04/08/2008 SALA APOLO [2] C/ Nou de la Rambla 111, Barcelona, Barcelona, Espaa Irakunda - FlamencObsesions sala Apolo(2) http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=838 04/08/2008 Formentera, Baleares, Espaa Rauxa - Formentera http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=711 ************************************************** YOCHANO NewsLetter semanal de actualidad rumbera Para darte de baja de este boletn, haz click aqu POR FAVOR, NO CONTESTES A ESTE EMAIL DIRECTAMENTE Esta cuenta (mailing@calarumba.com) es una direccin SOLO PARA ENVIOS, y no es consultada habitualmente. Si quieres dirigirte a: - Txarly Brown (YOCHANO) >> txarly@uptight65.com - Ramn Grau (CALARUMBA.com) >> info@calarumba.com ************************************************** //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ENLACES http://www.calarumba.com http://rumbaclub.blogspot.com http://santgaudenci.blogspot.com http://www.radiochango.com ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////