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Dear Dancer,

Is me Ronnie Raul

Here the news! It has been quite some time since we have sent Newsletters and Updates with the lates news. We have been extremely busy behind the scenes over the past five months. So this News Bulletin is just a quick note to say that we are still alive, and that our progress is well worth celebrating. So you are invited to stay well aware of us. ************************************************************************************************************** In this Bulletin: * 2nd World Open Salsa Championship UK 2009, Friday 3 and Saturday 4 July New location Wonderful City "Liverpool Cultural European City 2008" http://www.quepasamagazine.com/welcome.html * THE 'PALLADIUM' HISTORY OF A MOST PROMINENT DANCE HALL ( NY CITY )The Palladium was a springboard for many dancer and dance act. As often introduced on the bill before an evenings performance as the Big Three, Augie and Margo, Michael Terrace & Elita...more http://www.quepasamagazine.com/Palladium-House-of-Mambo_2.html

  • Review of the 2008 UK WORLD SALSA CHAMPIONSHIPJuly saw the first UK World Salsa Championship to be held in the UK, ever. Our aims with the competition were to do what has never been done and bring everyone together through dance.http://www.quepasamagazine.com/Review%20UK%20WORLD%20SALSA%20CHAMPIONSHIP%202008.htm * CIHAT CAN & GIZEM winner of the 2008 UK WSCH Interview

We care about putting popular and risky figures in the choreography while preparing the choreography. But, we always use figures which we discovered and identified with us. One of them are: The snake figure by Gizem, mans landing to the ground by opening legs from double spin, womens getting her head back by 90 degree while turning...more http://www.quepasamagazine.com/INTERVIEW.htm * Cabaret Ensamble TROPICANA Stockholm You will experience a spectacular Variety Show with 12 dancers and live-music presented by Cuban Cabaret Ensamble TROPICANA Stockholm...more http://www.quepasamagazine.com/QUE%20PASA%20IN%20SWEDEN.htm The Brazilian citizens used to riot the Carnival until it was accepted by the government as an expression of culture. The modern Brazilian Carnival finds its roots in Rio de Janeiro in the 1830s, when the citys bourgeoisie imported the practice of holding balls and masquerade parties from Paris...morehttp://www.quepasamagazine.com/Brazil.html Stay tuned for further information... See you On the Dance floor,

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