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Near of four hundred of gigs later, the reggae band has launched its first album in 2006, called « Microclimat » . Coming directly from France, the members of the Danakil Band are known for their heavy roots rhythms with groovy bass lines and soft brass.

The « French part » of their set list in pure Jamaican reggae style, deals with serious subjects and showcases deep lyrics, whether the English part features exotic dancehall rhythms, ideal to wrap up the show and to make the audience go wild!

Thanks to several Tours, between 2001 and 2008, the band's popularity has grown and Danakil now enjoys good press on the French reggae scene. The second album of Danakil, "Dialogue de sourds", with the participation of many singers as the "Mighty Diamonds, Jah Mason, or General Levy" give a lot of strength to this album.



Booking :

Benoit Ferdy


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