here are the last two tracks in the CRAMMED CRASH COURSE free download compilation:

"Kafuulu Balu" by Kasai Allstars "Spoitoresa" by Mahala Rai Banda

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Kasai Allstars "Kafuulu Balu"

Hot in the footsteps of Konono n°1, Kasai Allstars' debut album has been amazingly well received by the media & public, and appears in many "best of 2008" lists (including in Mojo, Uncut, Metacritic etc). We're offering one of the best tracks from the album, as part of the Crammed Crash Course.

"A vital addition to the Congotronics series, Effortlessly funky and mesmerizing..." (Pitchfork, USA)

"Imagine if My Bloody Valentine had been produced by Lee Perry" (Mojo, UK)

“Endlessly inventive... a long, gleeful trip into the surreal” (Rolling Stone, USA)

“A startling blend of the primitive and avant-garde …music rarely gets as sensuous “ (The Independent, UK)

"Primeval rock... This music is invincible" (Les Inrockuptibles, France)

Mahala Rai Banda: "Spoitoresa"

A frantic excerpt from the debut album by the band who created "Mahalageasca", the most anthemic of all Balkan club track… yes, that one… which was remixed by Shantel, used in the Borat film, and sampled (legally and illegally) on scores of dance tracks… Mahala Rai Banda hail from the Gypsy ghetto of Bucharest, combine Romanian violins & accordions with a horn section consisting of army brass band veterans, powered by a funky rhythm section. They're currently working on their second album.

There's already 11 tracks waiting for you from the first two Crammed Crash Course installments and NOW you can access 2 more!

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