Greetings All! As I see here, I haven't sent news in 1 year exactly. So it's definitely time for some catching up - sorry for the size of this thing! Hope this email finds you well and in great spirit! in this issue 2008 in Review Sgt Pepper Gets the Treatment Ska Blah Blog 2009 in Preview 2008 in Review Last year saw a lot of travel, some new challenges and of course many fresh biscuits from the oven. Upon my return to Brasil in January, my first assignment was to find a 'cello and start practicing for a tour in South America with Wayne Hussey(Mission UK, Sisters of Mercy) in April. A fellow ex-partriot living here in So Paulo, Wayne is a great musician and person to be around. Thus comences my story with a new instrument and new friend! ClashComWayne Then came Daniel Broman from Denmark. Babylove and the Van Dangos had recorded back home in '07 and we mixed "Lovers Choice". Next was the arrival of Chris Murray. We had recorded his Combo in Los Angeles late in '07 and it was time to mix the record. Between trotting around BR with Firebug, Chris and I mixed "Why So Rude". February saw remixes for Cherry Boop and Yellow Umbrella In March, I brought the Strikkly Vikkly DubSystem to the EU. Highlights were Brussels, Hamburg, Bern and Itlia in general... I guess I'm trying to say I had an awesome time everywhere I went, thanks to a world full of awesome people. Avigliana I then returned to SP to pick up the 'cello and see Brasil with Wayne in April. I also had the great fortune to share the dub stage in So Paulo with a personal hero, Mad Professor. Colin Giles had been in town and we got to hang a bit over the month. That resulted in a collaboration entitled "Lady" - a 7" single available in the States soon. In May, I was in NYC to rehearse and record bass for Easy Star Records. More on that below. June saw another quick run with Wayne to Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires. July saw the completion of a 4-years-long project, "The Sound of '69" by Crazy Baldhead August saw the return of the Slackers to Brasil, which brought out myself and Firebug for an inspiring string of all-night shows upon zealous crowds. Firebug_08 later that month, I worked for the first time for gifted Brasilian producer Fabio Pinczowski mixing his own group, Mamma Cadela. In September, the Easy Star Project was ready for mix, a 3-week process with producer Michael Goldwasser at a fantastic studio in Brooklyn, Studio G. Due to a tardy vocal contribution on behalf of one Mikal Rose I was in NYC for all of October. Yes, I do think it was worth the wait, especially since it gave me time to be with family. I was in So Paulo for the first week of November and was able to remix three new songs for Contra Coup After that it was a hasty return to NY. Later in November Lucy Rice, the family matriarch and my mom, passed away peacefully at 79. All enterprise came to a halt as I stayed in Huntington for the rest of the year. I am extremely fortunate to do what I do and work with whom I do! It was because of this that I was able stop the clock at such an important time for me and my family and do some healing. Thanks again to all of you who were there. Sgt Pepper Gets the Treatment! Yes Yes, I'm finally able to talk about this thing that happened in 2008 and will be fully available in April. Easy Star Records, bringers of Dub Side of the Moon and Radiodread, have announced the next foray: the Lonely Hearts Dub Band. This project is very near and dear to me - some time in the '90s I had transcribed the bass lines from every song - and it was exciting in particular to arrange the strings for two songs. Hair-raising, actually! Ska Blah Blog Aside from trying to keep up with BookFace and SpacedIn, I've started blogging for my friend JJ Loy. His site also has interviews, vids and more - and I'm proud to say that a lot of my close colleagues are there! But I also want to let people know of my YouTube channel - As of late, I'm making videos here at Estdio Copan of my mixes and other things. Most of these have found their way to SpaceBook but not all. 2009 in Preview It appears that I'll be staying in So Paulo this year, with perhaps a short visit or two to NY. I continue to work with the masterminds of design at Ultrabland from my studio here as a sound designer, composer and mix engineer. I think it's going to be a busy year here at Estdio Copan. My dub CD, Version City Dubwise, has been mastered and looks to be released later this year on Stubborn Records. Also at Stubborn is a new pressing of the LP, Version City Dub Clash, which I strongly recommend! Just in the can is the new CD from Two and a Half White Guys, mixed and mastered here at Estdio El Rocha last month. Lots to do this year already! I do hope to make this a semi-annual email, for all our sakes, and that we're in touch soon. V Avigliana