tito puente: the king of latin music For most producers, the task of compiling Tito Puente's 78 RPM recordings would pose a daunting challenge. Originally recorded for the Tico label between 1949 and 1955, many of the analog masters don't exist and the few copies of the rare shellac pressings remain on collectors' shelves.

But for historian, producer and Puente-phile Joe Conzo, the project was as easy as flipping through a family photo album. With the meticulous care of a librarian, Conzo collected and catalogued every record in Puente's career, beginning with the master percussionist's very first 1940 recording. He had already gone

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masterworks - la voz by hector lavoe

Some 34 years after its original release, Héctor Lavoe’s groundbreaking La Voz album is getting the Masterworks treatment, complete with several bonus tracks that will be of major interest to any salsa fan. Back when Lavoe originally recorded La Voz, he was facing a daunting challenge...

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DJ Spotlight Playlist by snowboy Snowboy is a Latin Percussionist, DJ, recording artist, band leader of his Afro-Cuban Jazz group - Snowboy and The Latin Section, a member of the UK Funk group, The Sound Stylisics, and also records as M.F.O.S. Additionally, he co-founded the funk Jazz band The Perceptions, who releases their debut album on Oct 27, 09.


 Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader


Tito Puente

"110th Street and 5th Avenue"

Bobby Valentín

"Zip Zap"

Louie Ramírez

"Rush Hour In Hong Kong"


"Por Las Nubes"


"Take More Candi"

Johnny Colon

"Ya Yi Ki"

Eddie Palmieri

"Bomboncito De Pozo"

Tico-Alegre All-Stars

"Tito's Odyssey"

Free Download "me tienes loco" from ismael rivera's Greatest Hits "Me Tienes Loco" is off The Greatest Hits collection of Ismael Rivera, better known as "El Sonero Mayor." The album features many of Rivera's hits during his solo career of the 1970's with his band, Los Cachimbos, which is known for its distinctive sound mixed with tres (guitar), sax, and trumpet. The digitally re-mastered Greatest Hits showcase Ismael’s vocal skills with a focus on Afro-Cuban genres and with modern arrangement. In stores now.

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Trivia Contest Who was the first person to play the vibraphone in Latin music?

By answering this trivia nugget, you are entered to win The Complete Studio Albums of Hector Lavoe Vol. I, a four-disk box set that includes the first four solo albums by Lavoe and original vinyl artwork.

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