Hi everyone! It’s been a very hot summer in Madrid and we’re following one of the great Spanish traditions by taking some time off this month, so there are no Vampisoul releases in August. We haven’t been slacking, though, and have great records planned for the next few months: volume 3 of our Peruvian series ˇGózalo! The debut album by Chicago ’s JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, and a new series featuring Czech artists; the first two compilations are by Marta Kubišová and Emil Viklický.

For a bit of summer fun, we have a competition! The first five persons to answer the question below correctly will get a Vampisoul t-shirt. If you send us the right answer and don't hear from us it just means five people were faster, sorry.

Which artist from our catalogue shot her husband in a strange gun accident?

You can contact us at: www.vampisoul.com www.myspace.com/vampisoul