The party has started... Shantel's border-breaking European pop fiesta of a second album Planet Paprika is out, and has been leading a merry dance down the stuffy corridors of the UK press ... most of which (with one amusing exception) have been unable to resist its cheeky, all-inclusive charm:

"Unique among musicians, Shantel has his own planet ... where music is a force for good and it's fun, fun, fun all the way ... it's high camp versus Romani cool, and there's never a dull moment" Word

"Behind both the comedic crowd-pleasers and the brilliant musicianship lies an original talent" Observer

"Outright dumbness, tedious beats and embarrassing rapping in a language that insults the tongue of Shakespeare, Dylan and Jay-Z" The Times (oops)

Well, now you can find out for yourself: Planet Paprika is available on Greedbag now on CD - and also, for those lucky DJs and collectors, on sweet and shiny limited edition 180 gram vinyl, complete with remixed and remastered tracks for extra dancefloor pleasure!

Get the album now, on CD, mp3 or high-quality FLAC downloads:

Meanwhile, the wheels of the Planet Paprika roadshow are grinding into action ... here are the details of where you can find the party atmosphere of the year in your neighbourhood:


30.09. Austria, Wien, Wuk

02.10. Switzerland, Bern, Dachstock

03.10. Austria, Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm

04.10. Austria, Freistadt, Salzhof

05.10. Germany, Augsburg, Kantine

06.10. Germany, Berlin, Admiralspalast

07.10. Czech Republik, Prag, Palc Akropolis

08.10. Germany, Darmstadt, Centralstation

09.10. Germany, Muenchen, Muffathalle

10.10. Germany, Stuttgart, Wagenhallen

11.10. Germany, Freiburg, Jazzhaus

13.10. Germany, Leipzig, Werk II

14.10. Germany, Bremen, Schlachthof

15.10. Denmark, Aarhus, Train

16.10. Sweden, Gothenburg, Consertlokal

17.10. Norway, Oslo, Parkteatren

18.10. Denmark, Copenhagen, Global CPH

19.10. Germany, Hamburg, Grünspan

20.10. Germany, Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen

21.10. Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli

22.10. Netherlands, Tilburg, O13

23.10. Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso

24.10. Netherlands, Oss, de groene Engel

25.10. Netherlands, Groningen, Osterport

26.10. France, Paris. La Maroquinerie option for additional show

27.10. France, Paris, La Maroquinerie

28.10. Belgium, Brussels, AB

29.10. France, Strasbourg, La Laiterie

30.10. France, Arles, Cargo de Nuit

31.10. France, Toulouse, Le Phare

02.11. France, Grenoble, Salle Eve

03.11. France, Rennes, Antipode

04.11. UK, London, Kokos

05.11. Netherlands, Den Haag, Paard van Troje

07.11. Germany, Loerrach, Burghof

12.11. Turkey, Istanbul, Babylon

13.11. Turkey, Istanbul, Babylon

14.11. Turkey, Istanbul, Babylon

07.12. Austria, Graz, Dom im Berg

08.12. Germany, Konstanz, Kulturladen

09.12. Switzerland, Winterthur, Salzhaus

10.12. Switzerland. Solothurn, Kofmehl

11.12. Switzerland, Aarau, Kiff

12.12. Switzerland, Basel, Volkshaus

13.12. Switzerland, Fribourg, Fri-Son

16.12. Austria, Wien, WUK