African Child & the Prophet Unification

in the studio Grand Recordings February 1-2010

The new album to be recorded

Very Hot Stuff!

African Child returns to Gothenburg, Sweden after his wonderful two months travel to Ivory Coast, Africa

Ivorian media welcomes African child & the album “Muslim Rastas”

Listen & read to the interviews in Radio, TV Newspapers & Magazines at:,%20Ivory%20Coast.htm

African Child & the Prophet Unification’s Fan club in Ivory Coast. For more information contact Jah Mission Production

Sanala football association arrange an football match to honour African Child & welcome him back home to whereby his parents live, and he lived his earlier days of his life

And the public come massive to welcome African Child!

Check the video at the website

Support Ivory Coast and Sanala village & donate some money, all amount welcome. Go to: for more information.

Local traditional musicians from Sanala welcome & celebrates African Child coming back home

Check the video at the website

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