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mercredi 9 juin 2010

Update, Europe 2010 Victoir Rice

Greetings, All! It's been almost two months since I made my way to the Continent. It started with a bit of luck, as I arrived only hours before all Continental flights were grounded due to volcanic ash! I safely found my way to Leipzig, DE in time to celebrate my 43rd birthday with great friends, old and new! APRIL: The Yellow Umbrella CD is now mixed and on it's way to mastering. I've been a fan of the group for years now, so it was an honor and a pleasure to work with them in one of the nicest mix rooms I've ever seen, in Leipzig, DE. The Strikkly Vikkly Dubsystem went back on the road - that is, I got to Charleroi, BE and was reunited with my good friend Nicolas Leonard. Aside from keeping my equipment while I'm not around, he and Audray give me a place to stay when I AM around! Once there, a car was hired and everything thrown inside, back I went to east DE to play shows in Dresden, Berlin and Cottbus. MAY: Next, It was time for Strikkly Vikkly's UK Debut. I drove with some trepidation, up to The Land Where Dub Was Never Forgotten... Much to my relief, my shows were under the protective wing of Thee Very Dreadzone, whom I had the honor to support for four shows. Their audience both understood what I was doing and enjoyed it! There's not enough space for me to say all I want about these artists and crew. Their live show outstrips their records, which I already love. If you like their records, you owe it to yourself to see them live. If you Don't like their records - then you Definitely need to see them live because something's been lost in translation. Returning to Charleroi, I got involved in one of Nico's productions. Be on the lookout for a record from the Pum-Pum Allstars, featuring Dave Hillyard, Mr T-Bone, Rolf Langsjoen and members of Belgium's Moon Invaders... June and Forward: Well, here we are. Susan Miller says Aries are about to get into some serious action, the likes of which we haven't seen since 1999, a pivotal year for me... ok then: Heads Up Aries! 11.06 Very happy to report the SV will come to Ernesto's in Sittard, NL next Friday, 11 June! I'll share the bill with DJ HAR. Ernesto's is an important place in the history of the Early Reggae scene on the Continent, in particular The Slackers. Psyched. 19-20.06 SV Returns to the Groovestation in Dresden, DE. This time a two-day, open air soundsystem that promises to deliver the bass. I recommend to anyone who may suffer from kidney- or gallstones to stand next to the subwoofers for 1 hour of free therapeutic treatment! 24.06 SV will play this year's FUSION Festival in Germany. Fascinated to see what this is all about, all tickets regularly sell out without anyone knowing who will perform... 15-18.07 SV will play throughout the Mighty Sounds Festival in Czech Republic. Extremely psyched to be getting back to the Cross in Prague! After that, it looks like I point the car to Italy... more soon on that!

YOCHANO N 129 - Newsletter semanal de actualidad rumbera?

Si no ves correctamente este mensaje, haz click aqu www.myspace.com/chinachana www.rumbaclub.blogspot.com www.santgaudenci.com www.calarumba.com www.tradicionarius.com www.gladyspalmera.com/blogachilifunk www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6hM1fHsS1U vimeo.com/12244878 www.pepllado.com LTIMAS NOTICIAS: 31/05/2010 Los Finos vuelven al ataque ! Celebrando nuevo CD -POR CHULERAS- http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/noticias.asp?ID=192 03/06/2010 Carpeta Blava + Micu al VENTILADORS AL CAT - Cicle de Rumba Catalana - aquest divendres http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/noticias.asp?ID=193 06/06/2010 Jose Pantanito presenta:- Nuev@ Rumb@- al VENTILADORS AL CAT - Cicle de Rumba Catalana - Divendres 11 de juny. C.A.T. 22 h http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/noticias.asp?ID=194 07/06/2010 Pep Llad publica "Canciones para Loli" un gran disco de rumba lleno de ternura. http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/noticias.asp?ID=186 VDEO DESTACADO 06/06/2010 RAUXA - Conta Contes http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/medias.asp?id=456 CONCIERTOS DE ESTA SEMANA: 09/06/2010 Barcelona - Sala Apolo , Barcelona, Espaa RUMBA CLUB - CHINA CHANA + TXARLY BROWN DJ http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2057 09/06/2010 Barcelona - Parc de la Sedeta, Barcelona, Espaa CHINA CHANA - Barcelona - Acstico en FNAC http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2056 11/06/2010 CAT Centre Artes Tradicionarius - Barcelona, Barcelona, Espaa Jos Pantanito + Latino y los llobregantes y Los Impagaos - Cicle de Rumba Catalana al CAT Centre Artes Tradicionarius http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2105 12/06/2010 Pub Epap - C/Panera n 2 - Lleida, Lleida, Espaa Los Nimai - Lleida - Pub Epap http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2107 12/06/2010 Mas Fonollars, Plaa Major, Parada Metro Santa Coloma, Barcelona, Espaa Sobrtaula Kandela a Sta Coloma (FArtS) http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2103 12/06/2010 Festes Majors de Font d,en Fargues (Horta), Barcelona, Espaa 9 Son Festes Majors de Font d,en Fargues (Horta) http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2087 12/06/2010 La Faktoria - Carrer de la Rasa, 64, Terrassa, Barcelona , Barcelona, Espaa La Familia Rstika + Jaleo Real - La Faktoria - Terrassa http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2036 12/06/2010 Festival Very Folies, Francia La Pegatina - La Verrie http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=1885