Hi mates !

In the Dublin Castle in July 2009, I met Cédric,aka El Cedrico, a French Madness fan, we had a chat and we lived Madstock in Victoria Park together.As a lot of Madness fans, music is one of his passions. It's time for you know,  to discover him a bit more and it's really interesting !
He's a member of Sabor, an association born in 2004 who wants to share  culture between Europe and Latin America.A part of this association is called Sabor Discos, it's a music label.

To this day, twelve cds are produced and released by Sabor Discos : LPs from artists like the old school ska Satélite Kingston from Argentina, the great Desorden Publico (on the Madness Tribute LP too) or Adji. But compilations are here to give a sum up of what Sabor Discos : they are called Resto Pollo Rico and they are three volumes of it , the last in 2009 with the Slackers or friends of Manu Chao on it. By the way, Sabor Discos has some projects, one of them is to work with the French Flor Del Fango (ex Mano Negra)

At last, Sabor Discos is busy to make the distribution of other artists CDs like the New-Yorker King Django, the Spanish ska-soul Peeping Toms or the Italian rock steady lovers Cookoomackastick

Who tells that music is dead ? Certainly not Sabor Discos ! Who tells ska is only jamaican or english ? Certainly not Sabor Discos ! Ska is Worldwide ! Go to their site, it's full of sounds, photos, infos about bands you maybe don't know now but who are very good !!! Go to find the info !


Pages from some Sabor Discos bands where you can listen to extracts:

1. DESORDEN PUBLICO (I love El Clon) 2. SATELITE KINGSTON (with ...)

Hope you'll enjoy them Judge Fredd