Lukas Sherfey is an upcoming artist from Denmark, Scandinavia, and is a representative of quality song-writing combined with a classy and stylish appearance. Lukas Sherfey is the front-man of the energetic Mod-Power trio The Movement, with whom he performed all over Europe and Japan. Now Lukas Sherfey is releasing his debut album Soul Vacation on The Movement Records -a label Lukas is the cofounder of. Soul Vacation proves that Lukas Sherfey is a true talented musician keeping his integrity and his honest way to approach the genre of rock and soul. Lukas Sherfey shows us his ability of combining rock and soul, and references like Paul Weller, Amy Winehouse and Elvis Costello. The album has an optimistic and positive feeling and sometimes even a romantic touch. With the backing band of James Morrison and some of Denmark's finest musicians this record outstands and defines itselves as an excellent and big production.

The album contains 11 strong tracks; Soul-stompers like "I Won't Be Crying", "Your Love Is Making Me Stronger", "I Will Give My Heart to You" and "The Loving". Classic rock songs like "Soul Vacation", "Broken Hearts", "Spend My Days", "Your Healing" and soft ballads like "Was It Love?", "Will You Love Me When It Rains?" and "Summer Has Left Too Soon". Soul Vacation is an unique and personal album that grows and reveals new dimensions each time you listen to it.

If you dig the Mod thing and the new soul wave then this album is definitely a must! Free real (Link: ) mp3 (Link: ) Promotionvideo (Link: )


Endlich ! Es ist soweit ! Darauf hat die ...äh...nun ja...nicht die Welt, aber doch immerhin die Verwandschaft der Bandmitglieder gewartet! Was als Spaß bei Borussias Karnevalssitzung anfing, geht vollkommen ohne Ernst weiter. KNIPPI & de JÜNTERS präsentieren ihre erste CD ! Drei Borussia Mönchengladbach - Karnevalssongs, die ins Ohr kriechen und auch vom wattigsten Wattestäbchen dort nicht mehr wegzulocken sind. Kaufen, einlegen, anstellen, mitsingen ! Oder auch einfach nur kaufen und der verhassten Schwiegermutter zum Namenstag schenken! Oder kaufen, auf laut drehen und den Nachbarn ärgern ! Oder einfach nur kaufen!

01.Mit der Raute im Herz 02.Schwarz weiss Grün 03.Oh VFL 04.SWG Instrumental Free real mp3 (Link: ) MBR 110 LOS FASTIDIOS UN CALCIO AD UN PALLONE 7inch (available again)

7inch back in stock with free patch A new "football" single cd including the title track "Un calcio ad un pallone" taken from the album Rebels'n'Revels (the song is dedicated to Cristiano Lucarelli, Livorno football player, a champion in and out the football field), a new "You'll never walk alone" version, the acoustic version of the song "Buscando el sol" (song written by the Atarassia Grop guitar player Filippo Andreani for Los Fastidios)

01.UN CALCIO AD UN PALLONE 02.You'll never walk alone 03.Buscando el sol (acoustic) COMING SOON MBC 013 PRODUZENTEN DER FROIDE READY TO RUMBLE CD

(Link: ) "Antifascist Skinhead Rock’n'Roll Stuttgart, since 1992. The band was originally formed in 1992. Their powerful songs immediately made an impact and were catchy tunes. A series of gigs across the country followed that first success. Loved by many, execrated by others the Produzenten were always polarising. They are said to be pretty insane cos their lyrics often deal with alcohol and violence as well as they are said to be too strange cos the bands basic consensus is to deny fascism strictly and support the Antifascist Action. Sometimes they start fighting during their shows because of that. Unlike the upcoming fashion to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, like many German Oi! bands do, the Produzenten always cut one’s own path and don’t give a shit about what others do. The band members never miss their chance to get a rumble with the scum whenever there is a possibility to. After a break-up in 1996 a reunion followed five years later. Since that reunion the P roduzenten rock the boat again and by now you can listen their sound all over the world…"

01. Intro 02. Die unheiligen 4 03. Lazy Boy 04. Die Zahnfee 05. Paradies 06. Saufentag 07. Freitagabendsuperheld 08. Golden Shower White Power 09. Produzenten Assi Rock 10. Auf den Untergang 11. Mittelfinger 12. Kein Schritt zurück 13. Here I am 14. Ready for love 15. Kellnerin 16. Rock n Roll Schwindel 17. AFA-SFC 18. Ein Schlag voll Hass 19. Bis zum jüngsten Tag 20. Mir san mir 21. La Vida Loca 22. Skinhead Times Free real (Link: ) mp3 (Link: ) STILL HOT MBR 117 STAGE BOTTLES POWER FOR REVENGE CD

1. Power for revenge 2. I've been right 3. Russia 4. Golden Handshake 5. A friend killed a friend 6. Fairplay 'n' Foul 7. Bring back the red bricks 8. Madness on my mind


About this album: This album was recorded in summer 2009 at LFT-Studio. A short time after we finished recording these eight songs, Simon left and a few weeks later EasyDan did aswell. So to continue playing gigs we’ve had to practice with our new drummer (Olaf No.2) and our new guitarist (Slavko). That’s the reason for releasing only eight songs on this album. But while you’re listing to this album, we already started to write new songs.

About the songs on this album: 1. Power for revenge: Why are most of the people not taking revenge on the people who are responsible for the financial crisis that destroyed their jobs and existence? It would be great if people would build power for revenge in a constructive way. 2. I've been right We told people capitalism always causes bad crises. There’s no control if profit is the main element in a system. We’ve been right. 3. Russia A very special song. Many active anti-fascists we know especially from Russia were killed by nazis. Not in a fight, but by leaving their houses and getting stabbed or shot to death. But there are still lots of anti-fascists continuing. That’s amazing! 4. Golden Handshake After managers have been sacked by the public ‘cause they fucked up companies existences and workers lives they still received lots of money. Why? They deserve something else… 5. A friend killed a friend Unfortunately a very good friend of ours killed another good friend of ours. At a football match afterwards - Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich - they played our song “Too young to die” in rememberance of our friend who died. This happened in front of 54.000 people in the arena and everyone was quiet for 3 minutes. But that’s just a point in the history of Stage Bottles. The personal feelings of their families and friends afterwards are the main thing. But how to describe? Listen to the music and read the lyrics. Then you may be close to a sad and chaotic feeling. 6. Fairplay 'n' Foul We love football! 7. Bring back the red bricks Never forget the feeling you’ve had when you were a little kid and when you had very strong and fascinating feelings. In the first years of being a Skinhead, Punk or Hooligan you think the world completely changed. And it did. 8. Madness on my mind Try to stay cool. No matter what problems you’ve got! And enjoy the music of the Stage Bottles!

Stage Bottles would like to say thanks and hello to all the people and bands who helped us, played or organised gigs with us or just had a great time with us. And of course to all our friends who followed and supported us since lots of years. Thanks to all the labels that released our songs in the past (yes!). Special regards to our friends from Russia. Listening to our music and loving it is like making a stand. Keep on keeping on!

Special thanks to the backing vocalists, Mike Mad Butcher, Jan from Barcelona, Enrico from Los Fastidios, and all the others who may release this album somewhere on this planet. Thanks Vinyl from the Blaggers for his help aswell.

Not to forget: Marc Bugnard from LFT-Studio who did great work with us again.

FREE MP3 (Link: ) REAL (Link: )


Till I die it’s the single that marks the change of sound more punk rock oriented without forgetting the 2tone ! The single includes 5 punk rock anthems from Rancid-Cock Sparrer-Misfits-Undertones-Clash,played in Offenders Style,plus an offbeat version of “Allright”,the first smash hit from the British pop band Supergrass. 1) Till I die 2) Oi! Skins

3) Teenage Kicks* 4) Roots Radicals* 5) Last Caress* 6) Because you’re young* 7) White Riot* 8) Allright*

  • bonus tracks


The new sensation of the 2tone ska revival! Formed back in 2005 in Cosenza – Italy – by vocalist/songwriter Valerio , Offenders started to play in their local scene where became popular after the relase of their first single “ Rudeboys on the dancefloor” february 2006. After many months , their second single “ Hooligan Reggae “ relased in october 2006 was burning all the clubs’s dancefloors of their city , and gave them the chance to sign for the German label Conehead Records, that relased the first full length during november 2007 ; in the same year the band started to tour across Germany and Hooligan Reggae was becoming an hit single in the European ska scene! In may 2008 Conehead Records relased the first Offenders’s 7” “ Wake up Rebels “ , in this way they called also the successful European tour that started in the same month , playing in many countries like : Italy , Germany , France , Czech Republic , Croatia , Austria , Switzerland , Ireland … and many festivals like : This is Ska Festival ( Rosslau – Germany ) , Mantua Festival ( Roscommon – Ireland ) , Skaville Festival ( Krk – Croatia ) , Ultrash Festival ( Potsdam – Germany ). In April 2009 the band signed with Grover Record and put out “Action Reaction” their second full leght,in the same month they took part at “Easter Ska Jam Tour” across Germany and Danemark,as support and baking band of the reggae legend Susan Cadogan. In july they appeared in one of the most important Alternative Fest in East Europe – Mighty Sound Festival in Tabor,along with artists like : Aggrolites,Buzzcocks,New York Ska Jazz Ensamble,Mr. Reviews; in the same month they were on stage at Force Attack Festival,the biggest punk festival in Germany, along with bands as UkSubs,Menace,Anti Nowhere League,Mad Sin and more..Offenders spent the rest of this year touring in Germany,France (Ska Punk Fest Les Graillouteurs at St, Aubine de Baubigne’ along with 86Crew and Burning Heads and more..) Switzerland,Hungary,Slovenia,Slovakia,Sweden with an increasing number of fans all over Europe! In January 2010 Offenders set their first successful tour around Uk who brings them the call as support band for the mod legend The Lambrettas in December 2010,for their reunion tour after the last one in 1982, Offenders will support Lambrettas for 11 days around Uk, last gig will be at famous Underworld Club in Camden Town-London. In May 2010 the band signed with Mad Butcher Records,to put out the re-issue of their last 2 albums plus the new single called “Anthems from the gutter” who will contains 2 brand new songs plus 6 cover versions from bands like : Clash, Misfits,Rancid….all played in “Offenders style”! The band is already confirmed for This is Ska Festival 2010 in Rosslau and Aposkalypse festival 2010 in Berlin and they’re working for their brand new album who’ll be out in March 2011 on Mad Butcher Records….To be continued!


Das ZK hats beschlossen, und so werden wirs machen! Die Grauzone heult! ..und wir sind am Lachen! Am 7.1. in Berlin - da lassen wirs krachen!

Nun ist es endlich offiziell! Das “Commi Bastard Fanzine”, in Zusammenarbeit mit “Mad Butcher Records” und “Rock against Condemned 84” präsentiert: Das erste Commi Bastard Festival, am 7.1.2011 im Clash Berlin (Gneisenaustr. 2, Berlin Kreuzberg).

Mit dabei: the NEWTON NEUROTICS! (eine englische Punklegende, aus Zeiten, als Punk Bands noch Arsch in der Hose und eine politische Meinung hatten) Dazu: Bobby Sixkiller (Ska/Rocksteady/Early Reggae aus Frankreich), Kapelle Vorwärts (Ex-Commandantes) und der irische Folk Sänger Pol Mac Adaim! Wir fett. Abendkasse/Vorverkauf 10 Euro!

Cheers & Smash the Greyzone! TOURDATES DOWN & AWAY 11.11.2010 SCHAUBUDE/KIEL Germany 13.11.2010 KREATIVFABRIK/WIESBADEN Germany 16.11.2010 EMIL/ZITTAU Germany 17.11.2010 WILD AT HEART/BERLIN Germany 18.11.2010 SUBWAY TO PETER/CHEMNITZ Germany 19.11.2010 BEI CHEZ HEINZ/HANNOVER Germany Los Fastidios 20.11.2010 Festaal Kreuzberg - Siempre Antifascista/Berlin Germany 11.12.2010 Palasharp/Milano Italy 18.12.2010 C.S.A. Sisma/Macerata Italy 22.01.2011 Palabastia/Livorno Italy 18.02.2011 Juz Pelmke/Hagen Germany 19.02.2011 Café Centrale/Weinheim Germany 20.02.2011 Walfisch/Freiburg Germany 11.03.2011 To be announced/Brugg Switzerland

PRODUZENTEN DER FROIDE 19.11.2010 Cortina Bob/Berlin Germany 10.12.2010 Komma/Esslingen a.N. Germany 17.12.2010 Soap Box Club/Nancy France 18.12.2010 tba/Paris France 05.01.2011 tba/Madrid Spain 06.01.2011 tba/Madrid Spain 07.01.2011 tba/tba Spain 08.01.2011 tba/Barcelona Spain 09.01.2011 tba/Barcelona Spain 25.03.2011 AK 47/Düsseldorf Germany 26.03.2011 tba/Stuttgart Germany 04.06.2011 Dalmstock Open Air/Leutenbach Germany 10.06.2011 tba/Turin Italy 11.06.2011 10 Years Anfibio Records Summer Festival/tba Italy 31.07.2011 Force Attack Festival/Klingendorf, Rostock Germany

STAGE BOTTLES 12.11.2010 AU/Frankfurt Germany 13.11.2010 Zakk/Düsseldorf Germany 10.12.2010 Ötinger Villa/Darmstadt Germany 22.01.2011 /Pilzen Czech Republic 26.03.2011 Conne Island/Leipzig Germany

THE OFFENDERS 19.11.2010 TheaterKeller/Gottingen Germany 20.11.2010 KreativeFabrik/Wiesbaden Germany 17.12.2010 JugendHaus/Erlenbach Germany 18.12.2010 Kafe Marat/Munich Germany 25.12.2010 T.B.A./T.B.A. - Contact or Muttis Booking Germany 26.12.2010 Kassablanca/Jena Germany 06.01.2011 Club Velbloud/Bud?jovice Czech Republic 07.01.2011 Club 007/Prague Czech Republic 08.01.2011 Club Divadlo pod Lampou /Pilsen Czech Republic 30.07.2011 Force Attack Festival/Rostock Germany

UNITED STRUGGLE 19.11.2010 Siempre Antifascista Festival @Cortina Bob/Berlin Germany 04.12.2010 Linkes Zentrum Hinterhof/Düsseldorf Rheinische Republik 18.03.2011 Juzi/Göttingen Germany 19.03.2011 tba/Frankfurt Germany 25.03.2011 AK 47/Düsseldorf Rheinische Republik

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