To whom it may concern, The reason I'm contacting you is because I am representing/speaking in behalf of an artist ooking to book a performance(s) in your area during the dates of Oct 28 to Nov 4th, and Nov 18 to Nov 31, 2011. The artist goes by Ephniko. He is a Colombian artist well known in the Latin American underground Rap and urban fusion movements. He has a live band, (drums, bass, keys, guitars, turntablist). They play an seamlessly blended cocktail of Afro-Latin Rhythms and 90's New York Rap with a splash of Reggae. They have been labeled as the latino equivalent of The Roots and their sound can be described as KRS-ONE meets Manu Chau in Colombia. Here's the link to his presskit: Here's the link to his latest video made in Puerto Rico: I am also attaching the link to the video for "Escribo Lo Que Vivo" which he co-directed and produced during his appearance at the 5th Revolution Hiphop Festival in Guatemala city last December: