Brand New 2012 Releases MR T BONE & THE YOUNG LIONS "Nothing To Lose" LP Vinyl Get The New Album & Pick Up MR T BONE "Heroes" CD / LP or MR T BONE "Instrumental Sessions Vol 1" CD / LP for only $5 more! MR T BONE "Sings The Beatles" 7" Fantastic ska & reggae versions of "HELP" and "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT"! Japanese only vinyl single - limited to 300 copies! NORTHERN SOUL! The Return of... THE INCITERS Soul Clap CD/LP We are very proud to welcome back to JUMP UP America's finest Northern Soul band - THE INCITERS from San Francisco! They'be brought the house down from LA to Chicago and all across Europe, taking the Motown/Stax ethic and adding a stronger back-beat with more adventurous production. With 11 members wielding drums, bass, guitars, a full horn section, and three strong female vocalists, THE INCITERS have no problem filling a room with the powerful sound of soul. The three vocalists - Emily Pegoda, Betsy Kniffin and Dani Wood - each take turns singing lead while the other two sing backup. Their choreography has an improvisational character to it as each of the singers cues off the moves of the others. THE INCITERS first formed back in 1995 and had a successful 10-year run before breaking up in 2005 - leaving behind a massive following in Europe that demanded their return year after year. In 2011, they got their wish as original member / bandleader Rick Kendrick went to work putting the band back together. The Inciters re-formed with some new, younger faces and picked up right where they left off. Right after the group reformed in the spring of 2011, they embarked on another successful European tour, and then got to work to record their comeback album for 2012 - SOUL CLAP! CLICK THE COVER TO PURCHASE / PRE-ORDER THE CD/LP NOW! Roots Reggae & Ska Delights TOMMY TORNADO Cool Down CD/LP Thomas 'Tommy Tornado' Streutgers is a gifted Dutch saxophone player who joined the famous Rude Rich & The High Notes at the tender age of 18. Since then he has toured all over the world, making records with and backing famous Jamaican vocalists such as Alton Ellis, Dave Barker, U Brown, and The Heptones. His debut solo album "Sunrise" was released in 2010 (CD/LP from Jump Up!), comprised mostly of instrumentals, on which he is assisted by legendary Jamaican players including Rico Rodriguez, Ernest Ranglin, Winston Francis, and Dennis Alcapone. His band (aka The High Notes) plays to the point and tight, the mix sounds like the early Studio One albums where the vocal is mixed 'behind' the instruments as if the voice is one of those instruments. Soulful roots music, with retro styled organ riffs and sax arrangements that bring back memories of the late great Tommy McCook. "COOL DOWN" continues this roots tradition in fine style, 10 tracks backed once again with THE HIGHNOTES, featuring MR T BONE. It's already been described as a jam session between a bunch of hornsmen from the Kingston ghetto. That's high praise indeed! The Limited Edition Jump Up LP vinyl features the best 8 tracks from the CD! Click the cover to buy! Did you miss the first album? Buy "COOL DOWN" & Pick Up "SUNRISE" CD / LP for only $5 more! "THE BEST OF 2011" LIMITED EDITION VINYL 2011 was quite a busy year! Hop on over to and pick up something you missed! Whether it's skabillly from THE SPECIALS' guitarist RODDY RADIATION, scorching 60's jazz ska from he VOID UNION, skinhead reggae sounds from Minneapolis' THE PRIZEFIGHERS, KING HAMMOND from the UK, THE REVIVERS from California or the PUM PUM HOTEL STUDIOS in Belgium (home of MOON INVADERS and CAROLOREGIANS) - JUMP UP released it in 2011. We also reissued two classic TOASTERS albums on WAX for the first time EVER this year - 2 TONE ARMY and DUB 56, plus some 7" singles from THE CROMBIES, Green Room Rockers and Deal's Gone Bad. Click on the picture to get transported to the ska one stop shop - JUMP UP RECORDS! BRAND NEW IMPORTS! We've got new shipments arriving every week! MAGIC TOUCH "Shocks of Lightning" CD/LP shows us why they're they back all the Jamaican legends in Germany! The BANKROBBERS deliver killer 2 TONE sounds from ITALY, jazz-ska from Venezuela = EL ARCA, French early reggae sounds from BOBBY SIXKILLER, dancehall-influenced roots reggae and ska - UK soundsystem style from DUB CITY ROCKERS, and the legendary 2 TONE band from Venezuela celebrate 25+ years - DESORDEN PUBLICO! VINYL FANS! NEW 4 TRACK PAT KELLY 7" BACKED BY THE MOON INVADERS! JUMP UP proudly distributes IMPORT CD/LPs from like minded labels from across the globe, and we offer them up to you each month for domestic prices! Labels like GROVER, LIQUIDATOR, MAD BUTCHER, SKA IN THE WORLD, JEWELS, DO THE DOG, ROCKING RECORDS. REDSTAR 73, JIMMY JAZZ, GOLDEN SINGLES, MOON SKA EUROPE, AMTY and more! 2012 will be a great year! JUMP UP USA Exclusives Crucial New Albums from Europe's Finest! The UPSESSIONS "Below The Belt" CD/LP sees these self confessed, track suit wearing, rude boys from Holland return for their third album of manic upbeat skinhead reggae infused grooves with crazy lyrics. Spaghetti Western themes pop up through the album, opening up with a shoot out on "Mocca Cowboy Rides Again" and ends with a "Gunfight On The Westbank Of The Mississippi" . sandwiched in between are some traditional ska tunes like "Oh Cinnamon" and "Lucile", the rocksteady breeze of "Ease Up", "Adina" and "Cool & Deadly" plus the funky reggae of "Prince Naseem" and the album title track. THE MOON INVADERS celebrate their ten year anniversary with "THE FINE LINE" CD/LP, a fantastic new 14 track album showcasing their soul-drenched blend of New Orleans R&B styled Jamaican ska and funky reggae. These cats can really sing harmonies, a must for fans of the original Jamaican vocal trios (ala THE MAYTALS or THE WAILERS) as well as for fans of modern bands like THE SLACKERS and DEAL'S GONE BAD! With track titles like "Baby I Know", "Just A Po' Boy", and "Bet Your Bottom Dollar", "It's Alright" and "Atchafalaya Basin" - you immediately get that good ol' timey Southern charm that can only come from the Bayou! THE SERIES CONTINUES! POPCORN SKA VOLUME 3 7" VINYL The fun series is back! Earlier volumes unearthed never before released ska soundtrack music from Neil Sedaka, a classic from Annette, doo-wop ska from THE FLEETWOODS, rare Northern Soul ska from BABY EARL and THE TRINIDADS, and off-chart ska numbers from Top-40 acts THE ANGELS, STEVE ALAIMO, and virtual crooner obscurities from Hamilton King, and Tracey Dey. VOLUME 3 digs deeper into the American teenage ska dance-craze that never was: JEFF BOWEN "Suzie Ska" THE PUSSYCATS "Come One And Ska" THE MARKETTES "Come See Come Ska" ROCKIN' REBELS "Bongo Blue Beat" COLORED VINYL and cool RETRO ART! CLICK COVER TO BUY FROM OUR SECRET "BORING" PAGE! A JUMP UP MAIL ORDER EXCLUSIVE FOR THE USA THE OFFICIAL BOOK DOCUMENTING THE ORIGINAL 2 TONE REVOLUTION! THE BEST FAN CLUB VINYL EDITIONS What can we say? We dig up some interesting stuff! Be it the super famous SKA BOOTS series started by the AMY WINEHOUSE "SKA" 7" to the JOHN PEEL SESSIONS of THE SPECIALS and THE BEAT, to the new POPCORN SKA 7" series or the ever fun reggae hip-hop mash ups from JAY Z, MOS DEF, TALIB KWELI, WU TANG CLAN you name it! If it's unique you'll know we will track it down! To find these ditties on the JUMP UP site, just type BORING in the search field. I'm serious. EXCLUSIVE TURNTABLE SLIP MATS We are extremely proud of our slip mats, and from the reaction we had this year from YOU - the true ska/reggae fan - you dig these things too! We'll have some brand new designs in 2012! Find us on Facebook TODAY'S SERIOUS SKA & REGGAE FANS FREQUENT THE PRO SHOP! Want more music? Looking for unique rare records? Those darn SKA BOOTS 7" singles? Our lovely caddy will take you directly to the JUMP UP SKA REGGAE PRO SHOP at eBay! Also check out JUMP UP on DISCOGS! Follow us on Twitter COMING SOON ON JUMP UP! ALL STAR SKINHEAD REGGAE FROM SPAIN THE HYPOCONDRIACS 60'S ROCKSTEADY & REGGAE Limited Edition LP Vinyl IMPORT CDs on the way! Like us on Facebook SOON COME: DUB IS A WEAPON From The Vaults LP, new EASTERN STANDARD TIME CD/LP, THE CROMBIES s/t CD/LP/CS, THE FUNDAMENTALS "Get Alright" CD/LP. New Sound Files Posted on JUMP UP website! New 21 Track Label Sampler CD Out Now! FREE WITH ALL ORDERS! Includes Exclusive New Tracks from Future Releases! Available as a free download at PODOMATIC - Click Image! WE RECORDED OUR ENTIRE DJ NIGHT AT DELILAH'S LAST MONTH! 5 HOURS OF JAMAICAN OLDIES MIXED EXCLUSIVELY FROM ORIGINAL 45s FREE DOWNLOAD in 3 parts at PODOMATIC! Click the SPEAKERS! SKA NIGHT AT DELILAH'S WITH DJ CHUCK WREN - LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH CHICAGO'S LONGEST RUNNING SKA NIGHT - 15 YEARS AND COUNTING! At JUMP UP, our motto is "JAMAICAN MUSIC MADE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY". Not only do you get vintage ska reggae calypso sounds that feel like they came from independence era Jamaica, but we make them the original way: LP vinyl...and some we toss on Compact Discs for fun. We feel strongly about releasing music in physical form, which is why we do not to deal with the digital side. What makes JUMP UP different than many other labels is the fact that we are passionate collectors of vinyl records ourselves, so we know what the true music fans want! It is our goal to support our music through it's heart - the real fans who collect the music. We don't own iPODs nor have MP3's hidden on gadgets. We are keeping an art form alive here at JUMP UP - we'll let the others try to cash in on digital sales - the "easy" and soul less "format" of music. Everything is digital these days, how is that special? By keeping vinyl alive, we feel that only the best bands and records will get released this way. We also distribute like-minded labels from all across the globe. In our opinion, it is best to be OLD FASHIONED. DJ Chuck Wren "THE BEST OF 2010" STILL AVAILABLE! THAT WAS A GREAT YEAR TOO!