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mardi 11 juin 2013

Garance Reggae Festival 2013

MAILING ACREGGAE | Si no lo visualizas correctamente Haz Clic Aquí Garance Reggae Festival 2013 unveils daily line-up ! Once again the town of Bagnols-sur Cèze will be rocking the Reggae vibe for four days solid. The line-up of the 22nd Garance Reggae Festival is, as always, jam-packed with the very best in Reggae music; pure niceness and unity is the order of the day. MAIN STAGE : STEEL PULSE DUB INC SIZZLA KY-MANI MARLEY INI KAMOZE BUSY SIGNAL MICHAEL ROSE feat. SLY & ROBBIE LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY & OMAR PERRY ANTHONY B KONSHENS SPECIAL JACOB MILLER TRIBUTE SHOW : INNER CIRCLE feat. ADDIS PABLO CORNELL CAMPBELL JOHN HOLT DON CARLOS LLOYD PARKS THE TAMLINS EVERTON BLENDER STRANGER COLE NAÂMAN MO KALAMITY TIWONY DUB STATION CORNER : CHINESE MAN SOUND SYSTEM KING JAMMY'S LIVE SET feat. JOHNNY OSBOURNE & LONE RANGER JAH SHAKA CHANNEL ONE KILLAMANJARO vs. SOUL STEREO KING EARTHQUAKE meets IRATION STEPPAS SALOMON HERITAGE feat. RAS TWEED BLACKBOARD JUNGLE feat. REALITY SOULJAHS, AFRIKAN SIMBA, CHRISTINE MILLER & DIXIE PEACH BROTHER CULTURE UNITONE T.i.T Brand new for 2013 : Garance Reggae Festival's opening night will pay tribute to the sound system culture with Chinese Man, inna Sound System stylee, for one night only, at the crucial Dub Station Corner. A Clash of the Titans will face off the legendary jamaican giants Killamanjaro against our own homegrown veterans Soul Stereo. The same evening infront of the main stage, the "Lions Arena" will become the scene of an unforgettable confrontation between 2 heavy-weight UK sound systems, King Earthquake and Iration Steppas ! Festival-goers will be treated to numerous unique and exclusive events and features: A tribute to the late great Jacob Miller by his erstwhile group Inner Circle, accompanied by Addis Pablo - son of the legendary Augustus Pablo; Michael Rose and Sly & Robbie, back together again just like the Black Uhuru days, and the return of his royal highness champion sound-man King Jammy accompanied by the Lone Ranger and the man called Johnny Osbourne ! The Garance Reggae Festival once again putting the heat back in the summer - don't sleep on this - book today !

Rumba latina en concert 11 juin Paris

"RUMBA LATINA" en concert Inès Noor: Violon Michel Sanchez: Basse Pedro Gonzalez: Chant, guitare Le trio revisite les grands "classiques" de la musique latino-américaine (Cuba, Mexique, Venezuela etc...) Mardi 11 juin 2013 à 20h30 "LE PETIT CUBA" (Bar - restaurant) 1, rue du Docteur Heulin 75017 Paris métro: La Fourche / Brochant Entrée libre!

playlist de Sabor de la Calle Guadeloupe ‏ 3juin 2013

SABOR DE LA CALLE l’autre émission de radio de l’assocation Sabor Discos en Guadeloupe / Sabor Discos’ radio show in Guadeloupe / programa de radio de Sabor Discos in Guadalupe/ tous les mardis sur Radio interscool (99 et 106 FM), 16h/17h,les jeudis (17h/18h) et les samedis suivants 11h/12h,cada martes, jueves y sabados / each uesday,thursday and saturdayon http://radiointerscool.net/ Emission n°60 (03 juin 2013): spéciale Venezuela 1) “Don’t mind”, Samsara, album “Play with me” (2012, Altamira artists) 2) “Some somebody”, Samsara, album “Play with me” (2012, Altamira artists) 3) “La primavera”, Trujillo, album “Daltonic now” (2013, Altamira artists) 4) “Distance”, Trujillo, album “Daltonic now” (2013, Altamira artists) 5) “Prisionero”, Telegrama, album “Country club” (2008 ?, Altamira artists) 6) “Chicas plásticas”, Telegrama, album “Country club” (2008 ?, Altamira artists) 7) “Bailar hasta el fin”, Guayana Dub Project, EP “Surfeando en el cachamay” (5 titres, 2012) 8) “La vida”, Guayana Dub Project, EP “Surfeando en el cachamay” (5 titres, 2012) 9) "Ziondunga", Zion the Promised Land, album “Gracias Jah (Radio Pirata Records, 2008) 10) "Vitamina", Zion the Promised Land, album “Gracias Jah (Radio Pirata Records, 2008) 11) “Jota carupanera”, Gualberto Ibarreto y 4 C trio, album “Gualberto y C” (2013, C4 Trio) 12) “Las dos luisas”, Gualberto Ibarreto y 4 C trio, album “Gualberto y C” (2013, C4 Trio) 13) “Valle de balas”, Desorden Publico con Fermin Muguruza, album "Organico” (2012, Radio Pirata Records)