Voici un nouvel article sur Hosny paru dans Reggae-Vibes aux USA http://www.reggae-vibes.com/ 30.01.2015 To spearhead a Roots movement in a musically rich country and keep it going for close to two decades is no easy feat. That's exactly what Good Morning Babylones has done in France. A Roots unit led by Hosny, the musically intact ensemble has released four albums of Marleyesque proportions with a fifth set ready to drop this year. In advance of the new release, the new single, "Every People" is mashing up the charts. Their 1997 debut, "Radical Fighters", topped European charts and drew instant acclaim. The album was recorded with the expertise of Wailers keyboardist Tyrone Downie(a champion of the French Roots scene) and was just the start of Hosny's link with The Wailers and other legendary musicians. There's significant importance in focusing on their sophomore effort, "Unite Universelle" (2003) because of it's true power and the utilization of premier musicians to full potential. Further albums "Rasta Rebel" (2007) and "In My Dreams" (2012) cement Hosny's credentials as a true artiste. From their beginnings in Paris in 1994, Good Morning Babylones are indeed a Roots force to be reckoned with... "Unite Universelle" is important on many levels. The first of three albums that have a firm JA connection (Wailers 1997 tour backup singers Kali/Kate/Levy/Akiba attributed on the debut). This album features Aston "Familyman" Barrett on bass, guitars and keys. Drummies include the legend Benbow Creary and Balengola Anongy. Keys are bubbled by Keysi Sutherland (Gladiators) and Ras Tea (Jimmy Cliff). Guitars are licked by "Gibby" Morrison (Hi-Times Players, Inna De Yard), Alexandre Le Grande and Mickael Sene. The Wailers horn section of Vin Gordon and Glen Da Costa add incredible depth. Great backing vox from Kali and Luce Marie Dominique. Sessions took place in Kingston and Paris with engineering from Vincent Henry/Sean Teen and Peter Black with great mixing from wiz Timour Cardenas. Rock solid core of musicians and engineers that share Hosny's true passion and vision. Bad Reel Situation is real! With a scorching sax from Glen Da Costa and intricate bass from Aston, Hosny truly carries himself as a messenger of JAH music. Versed in French, he prows across the muscular riddim with Marley quality power. He's not trying to imitate, just initiate Roots and Culture. Outstanding cut. Panthers continues the magic with manners and raspect. Vin Gordon's trombone adorns the great riddims alongside Ras Tea's deep keys and kicks from Mr. Abongy. Hosny's delivery is unique and the Marley mannerisms are quite remarkable. An example of how King's Music is universal; whether delivered in English, French or any tongue. Top notch production. Execute People features the mastery of Aston/Benbow/Gibby/Keysi. Masters of music indeed! Hosny humbly depicts the killing of people because of their beliefs with vivid observation. Flows like a river with streams of niceness! Cherche L'Amour shows the diversity of Hosny. Featuring the aforementioned riddim section, this is a sweet Lover's leap with angelic backing from Kali and Luce Marie. Hosny and crew have really embraced the essence of Real Authentic Sound in a graceful manner! Rockers is tight. Aston's resounding bass with Vin/Glen's horn work peppers the riddim with experience that makes this a Roots anthem. Hosny is a superior singer, writer and arranger - it really shows here. This is a man who was captured by the vibes from an early stage and it continues to grow. Heart and Soul! Courir is elevation. Hosny's powerful scatting is sweetened by an ample dose of Ras Tea, vibrant horns and Mr. Le Grande's outstanding chops. L'Amour Rastafari shows a Soulful side of Hosny with immaculate riddim section of Aston/Gibby/Benbow/Keysi/Vin and Glen. It's like the Royal honor roll of Foundation musicians! No fashion here; strictly passion! The final vocal cut, Soleil De Jah shines like a blazing fyah! Immaculate delivery and riddimwise. Lyrics to riddim intertwine just nice. We are treated to four necessary Dubs. Bad Reel Dub is expertly dissected by Vincent Henry. Tracks are tastefully showcased with experience and vision. Aston's basswork, Ras Tea's bubbling and Mr. Abongy's taut drums are fully realized. Cherche L'Amour Dub continues the excellence with Timour Cardenas at the helm. He strips down the riddim to essentials with classic theory. Nice! Panthers Dub is tuff. Reminiscent of late '70's Wailers sessions, we are taken back to late night vibrations at Tuff Gong. Standout selection. L'Amour Rastafari is an early Dancehall excursion that Mr. Cardenas minimalizes to maximum effect. The backbone is left intact with tasteful Dub strokes brushed across with masterclass. Good Morning Babylones' "Unite Universelle" is an ites experience to the max. One of those Roots albums that will command your attention from the first note. Hosny's unwavering passion for King's Music is undeniable and one can feel the unity of working alongside some of Reggae's foremost musicians. This album is a good picture of the capabilities of Hosny and Good Morning Babylones. Any of their albums are highly recommended; this one is a great start to explore their continual greatness. GO DEH Check out their site: www.hosnygoodmorningbabylones.com Robert "Higherman" Heilman