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mardi 27 mai 2008

Les Planteurs Volontaires

Devenez un Planteur volontaire !

Pour signifier nos lus qu'ils se plantent, nous avons dcid de replanter des arbres sur les zones dfriches de l'A65.

Venez en famille, entre amis, seul, en amoureux, la

prochaine opration des Planteurs volontaires

Bazas (Sud Gironde) le samedi 24 mai 2008,

pour pique-nique en musique ( 12h30) et replantage (14h00)

(emmenez le casse-croute, un plant d'arbre et un peu d'eau)

A65: Nos lus se plantent, replantons !



Le point de rendez vous est prcis sur la carte ci-dessous.

Bibliographie indicative : Les aventures d'Asterix :  Le domaine des dieux , Uderzo et Goscinny

Hotdrop "No Barriers" Ep soulful dubbin reggae desde Madrid

Lafamille Music Presenta:

Hotdrop en directo presentando su nuevo trabajo.

Despus de la gran aceptacin que tuvo su primer disco "Ready", estos madrileos amantes de ritmos jamaicanos llamados Hotdrop vuelven a la carga para sacar su primer 10" en vinilo llamado "No Barriers", y saciar a quin se qued con ganas de ms.

Para el vinilo "No Barriers" Hotdrop ha querido contar con colaboraciones especiales como Ranking Forrest y Jah B evocando al estilo combinacin ms jamaicano, sobre el ritmo original de Hotdrop "Tell me". Por otro lado "Boat people", se ha grabado en colaboracin con el cantante senegals Ousmane Ndione, que nos brinda con su suave forma de cantar y composicin lrica, una personal mirada al tema de la migracin. Las mezclas de este Ep han corrido a cargo de Victor Rice, desde el Estudio El Rocha, Sao Paulo.

Para la presentacin de "No Barriers" Hotdrop contar con invitados especiales y sopresas... adems de presentar nuevos temas que conformarn el segundo lbum de la banda.

Te invitamos a que te acerques el da 25 de Mayo al Gruta 77, en una noche cargada de cadencias reggae, dub y soul.

Fiesta presentacin de "No barriers" Ep Domingo 25 de Mayo a las 21:30horas Sala Gruta 77 C/ Nicols Moreales con C/ Cuclillo 6 Metro Oporto Entrada: 6 / 10 con vinilo.

"No Barriers" estar muy pronto en tu distribuidor habitual. Si eres un medio y quieres material promocional, contctanos. Adquiriendo el disco ests colaborando con "El Ferrocarril Clandestino" una red que lucha diariamente contra las injustas leyes de extrajera.


Lafamille Music lafamillemusic@gmail.com www.myspace.com/lafamillemusica

Hotdrop tlf: 034 699 34 48 72 thehotdrop@gmail.com www.hotdrop.es www.myspace.com/hotdrop78

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Lafamille Music Presents:

Hotdrop "No Barriers" Ep release party

After the great reception and positive reviews of their first album "Ready", this spanish bunch of jamaican rhythm lovers called Hotdrop hits the road again with their first vinyl EP 10" called "No Barriers".

The EP "No Barriers" includes special colaborations with artists like Ranking Forrest and Jah B, evoking the jamaican combination style over the "Tell me" original rhythm. "Boat people", was recorded with Ousmane Ndione a great singer from Senegal, whose sweet voice and lyrics offer his personal view of the difficulties of migration. "No Barriers" were mixed at Estudio El Rocha, (Sao Paulo) by Victor Rice.

For the 'No Barriers' release party, Hotdrop will have special guests and surprises, and give an advance of the songs that will be released with their next album.

You are invited to join the 'No Barriers' release party the 25 of May at Gruta77, dont miss a night full of reggae riddms, dub and soul!

"No barriers" Ep Release party May 25th 21:30pm Sala Gruta 77 C/ Nicols Morales con C/ Cuclillo 6 Subway: Oporto 6 / 10 w vinyl.

"No Barriers" will be soon on your local reggae store. If you want press material, please drop us a line. Purchasing this record you are helping "El Ferrocarril clandestino" to fight the injustices derived from current inmigration policies.


Lafamille Music lafamillemusic@gmail.com www.myspace.com/lafamillemusica

Hotdrop tlf: 034 699 34 48 72 thehotdrop@gmail.com www.hotdrop.es www.myspace.com/hotdrop78

Asociacin Cultural Reggae

Publicidad ACR 696 77 51 79 publicidad@acreggae.com



Some Special New Treats from Stubborn Records !

Greetings, Stubborn Massive! Most of America will be grilling and enjoying the start to their summer this Memorial Day weekend, so we have some new music for you to listen to at your BBQ's. We've got even more imported Ska this week to add to the 850 items at http://www.stubbornrecords.com, including a CD that was produced and recorded by Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers and our own King Django at Version City. Check it out!


Skavesa' - Ten Years of Love and Hate CD (Italian Import) Italy's Skavesa' took Vic Ruggiero and King Django into the legendary Version City Studio to make a record with their heroes. The product is truly something to behold! It bounces from Traditional Ska and Rocksteady to Reggae, and then just as comfortably to a faster-paced modern-style Ska. You can even detect the influence and attitude of 50's-style American Rock and Roll and more modern punk in their sound and style. Skavesa' take many chances on this record, singing a lot of songs in English, and only a couple in Italian. Check out the fruits of their labors!

Jamasound - Superpanoramas CD (French Import) Jamasound were a fine French band that played solid Reggae and Rocksteady in the old school tradition. There's a lot of Roots and Dub on this CD, and it's done very tastefully, and with style. Most of the songs are in French, which adds to the authenticity of the band and their art. This is definitely a unique CD with some top-notch music on it!

Orange Street - Pirates and Treasures Double CD Limited Edition Box Set (French Import)

Alton Ellis live w/ Aspo - Workin' On a Groovy Thing CD (French Import)

ASPO - In the Web of Love (Love Potion No. 2) CD (French Import)


Byron Lee and The Dragonaires - Rock Steady Explosion LP (Jamaican Import) Byron Lee and The Dragonaires were an incredibly talented, skillfully-led band that were able to play a variety of styles flawlessly. This LP features 12 incredible songs in the Rocksteady style, including some of the biggest Jamaican hits of 1967 and 1968. Our favorite part of the record is the jacket, which has explosive artwork on the cover, and actual instructions and pictures from the 1960's that describe how to dance the "Rock-Steady." We even have a Rocksteady Explosion T-shirt with artwork inspired by this cover. This is a collector's item, in addition to being fun to listen to!

Roland Alphonso - A Shot in the Dark b/w Determination 5 7" single LIMITED EDITION GREEN VINYL (Jamaican Import) Roland Alphonso was one of the greatest Sax players in Jamaica throughout his career. This rare GREEN VINYL 7" single from Jamaica features Alphonso leading The Skatalites on two classics. A Shot in the Dark is a memorable Henry Mancini song that the Skatalites covered, creating one of their biggest hits! Determination 5 is another upbeat Ska tune with the Skatalites' blistering horns working over a killer beat. These songs are very hard to find, so grab them while you can!

Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine b/w Version 7" single (Jamaican Import) Horace Andy is a living legend, and one of the most unique Reggae singers of all time. His style has been imitated often, but never duplicated. This track finds him covering Bill Withers' haunting 70's Soul hit "Ain't No Sunshine." Andy puts his unique vocal stamp on it, and the instrumental track behind the vocal is fantastic, brooding deep Roots Reggae. The sadness of the lyrics come through in the performance, and the tune is infectious and very cool. This is a rare Jamaican pressing!

The Soul Bros. - Carib Soul LP (Jamaican Import)

Augustus Pablo - East of the River Nile b/w Version 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Slim Smith - Somebody to Love b/w Peter Tosh - The Crimson Pirate (Instrumental) 7" Single (Jamaican Import)


Bad Manners - Buster Bloodvessel Patch This circular patch measures two inches across. It features a classic Bad Manners logo with Buster Bloodvessel drawn as a cartoon. This is a crucial piece of Ska paraphernalia!

We just got these goodies back in stock!

The Slackers - NYC Blue and White Embroidered Patch

Prince Alla - We No Want No Bomb b/w Dread No Want No Bomb 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Trojan Helmet - Sterling Silver Pendant

You may have noticed that we've been on a French Ska kick lately. We happen to be very much into the music our friends at Patate Records have been putting out for years. We're proud to offer much of it to American audiences for the first time. Many of their releases have been hard to find here in the States, so take advantage of this new opportunity to sample some of the fine music our French friends have been releasing. Ska is a universal music, and it's wonderful to be able to listen to different interpretations of it from different countries around the world. We're committed to helping everyone sample some Ska and Reggae from all of the countries of the Ska world! Enjoy!


-Stubborn Crew

http://www.stubbornrecords.com http://www.myspace.com/stubbornrecords http://www.versioncity.com http://www.myspace.com/versioncity http://www.kingdjango.com http://www.myspace.com/kingdjango http://www.stubbornrecords.com/forums http://www.stubbornrecords.com/jukebox

Madness tribute album !



Le Label Big 8 Records en collaboration avec le French-Mis, fan-club francophone non-officiel du groupe Madness, souhaite raliser une compilation afin de fter les 30 ans de succs du groupe anglais Madness.

Cette compilation qui comportera des reprises du groupe Madness est ouverte  tout artistes, chanteuses, chanteurs, groupes souhaitant participer  ce projet. 
Dans un premier temps, les artistes intresss devront nous envoyer un email pour montrer leur intrt face au projet. Ensuite, ils nous enverrons leur titre en fichier MP3 avant mi-janvier 2009 ainsi que leurs coordonnes postales aux adresses suivantes :

big8records@wanadoo.fr et jp-boutellier@wanadoo.fr

Attention : la qualit sonore de chaque titre doit tre optimale. Un master des groupes retenus pour la compilation sera ensuite demand. Aucun sample de titres de Madness (ou d'autres artistes) ne doit figurer dans votre reprise. 
Les groupes slectionns par le label et le French-Mis afin de figurer sur la compilation seront contacts et un contrat de disque leur sera envoy. 
La sortie de cette compilation est prvue pour le printemps 2009.


The British band Madness has been famous for 30 years by now. Big 8 Records and the unofficial Bands French fan club called French-Mis wish to create a compilation for celebrate their successful musical career. Any artists, singers or bands who wish to involve in this project are invited to send their work on the bands song. (MP3 file) Limit Date : January 2009 Please write to : big8records@wanadoo.fr and jp-boutellier@wanadoo.fr for show us your interest without forget to mention your address.

Warning ! High quality recordings are recommended. The sound quality of each title must be optimal. A master of the bands selected for the Cd will then asked. No sample songs by Madness or other artists should be included in your cover. 
The chosen bands will sign a contract and the best music pieces will be put into the compilation. 
The purchase of this Cd will be available in the stores as soon as Spring 09.   

Die Plattenfirma Big 8 Records mchte in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Franzsichen, nicht offiziellen Fanclub der Band Madness  French-Mis eine CD herstellen, um eine Zusammenstellung der Feier von 30 Jahren Erfolg der Gruppe Englich Madness.

Alle Knstler, Snger und Bands, die an der Herstellung dieser CD, die Neuaufnahmen der Band Madness beinhalten wird.

Zunchst mssen un dis Knstler teilnehmen mchten eine Email schreiben und dann ihre Songs im MP3 Format knnen dies tun bis Ende Januar 2009, so wie ihre Anschrift an die folgende Email Adresse : big8records@wanadoo.fr und jp-boutellier@wanadoo.fr

Vorsicht, die Tonqualitt jedes Titel muss optimal sein. Anschlissend wird ein Master von den Bands gefragt. Ihre Neuaufnahme darf kein Sample von Madness oder von einem anderen Knstler sein. 
Die ausgewhlten Gruppen durch das Label und das French-Mis, um auf die Zusammenstellung kontaktiert warden und einen Vertrag ber ihre Festplatte gesendt wird.. 
Dis Cd wird wahrscheinlich im Frhling 2009 erscheinen.


El label Big 8 Records en colaboracion con el French-Mis, fan club de habla francesa no oficial de la banda Madness, realiza una recopilacion para celebrar los 30 anos de xito de la banda inglesa Madness.

Dicha recopilacion qui incluira interpretaciones de temas de la banda de Madness esta abierta a todos los artistas, cantantes y bandas que desean participar en este proyecto. 
Primero, los artistas interesados tendran que enviarnos el titulo de su tema en un archivo MP3 antes de enero de 2009 asi como sus direcciones de correo a las direcciones de internet siguientes : big8records@wanadoo.fr y jp-boutellier@wanadoo.fr

Ojo ! la calidad del sonio de cada titulo ha de ser lo mejor posible. Se les pedira un master de las bands seleccionadas para la recopilacion. Nigun sampler de algun tema de Madness (o de otro artista) debe figurar en su tema.

Al final, se contractara a las bandas seleccionadas por el label y por el French-Mis y se les enviara un contrato discografico para figurar en la recopilacion. 
La salida de esta recopilacion esta prevista por la primavera de 2009.

Jean-Pierre, French-Mis. Jrme, Big 8 Records.

http://skanews.net http://french-mis.be (Madness fan site)

Voulez-vous que le prix de l'essence baisse ?


Bonjour tous, On entend dire que le prix de l'essence grimpera environ 1,70 le litre d'ici l't. Voulez-vous que le prix de l'essence baisse? C'EST POSSIBLE ! Nous devons agir MAINTENANT et intelligemment. L'an pass quelques propositions ont t lances :  N'achetez pas d'essence une certaine journe par exemple! Les compagnies ptrolires ont ri, car elles savaient que l'essence que nous n'achetions pas le lundi nous l'achterions le mardi. C'tait un inconvnient pour eux, mais pas un problme. Quelqu'un a pens un plan qui peut fonctionner

SI ON LE VEUT VRAIMENT Lisez ce qui suit et joignez-vous nous pour le mettre en action ! L'essence se vend prsentement 1,25 le litre pour le super sans plomb En France. Nous savons tous que nous nous faisons avoir par les compagnies ptrolieres. Rappelez-vous, lorsqu'elles ont fait grimper l'essence prs d'un Euro. Elles disaient qu'il y aurait un manque de ptrole. Eh bien, il n'y a plus de manque de ptrole maintenant et le ptrole est plus abondant en ce moment qu'il y a 35 ans lorsque le prix du litre tait 0,20. Nous devons agir agressivement et leur montrer que ce sont les acheteurs qui contrle la bourse et non les ptrolires. La seule faon de voir les prix de l'essence baisser, est de frapper l ou a fait mal : leur portefeuille ! NOUS POUVONS LE FAIRE! COMMENT ? Comme nous avons tous besoins de nos vhicules, nous ne pouvons videmment pas nous priver d'essence. Mais, nous pouvons avoir un impact important sur le prix de l'essence SI NOUS AGISSONS ENSEMBLE pour enclencher une GUERRE DES PRIX !!! Je propose cette ide: Pour le reste de l'anne N'ACHETONS PLUS D'ESSENCE des deux plus grosses compagnies TOTAL, SHELL ET ELF Pensez-y un instant! Si les deux ptrolires majeures ne vendent plus d'essence, elles devront invitablement baisser leur prix et cela dclanchera immediatement la guerre des prix souhaite. Mais, pour obtenir l'impact voulu, nous devons atteindre des millions d'acheteurs de TOTAL, SHELL ET ELF Voici comment nous devons procder! J'envoie ce courriel une trentaine de personnes. Si chacune de ces personnes l'envoie 10 autres, nous avons dj atteint 300 personnes. Ces 300 l'envoient 3 000 personnes... Le prochain envoi atteindra 3 MILLIONS de gens et l'envoi suivant Si chacun de vous fait suivre ce message 10 personnes, dans la journe qui suit, nous serons 300 MILLIONS de personnes faire la guerre aux ptrolires en environ 8 JOURS! Croyez-vous vraiment qu'elles auront le choix ? OUI, NOUS POUVONS GAGNER MAIS Il est absolument INDISPENSABLE de continuer acheter notre essence AILLEURS que chez TOTAL, SHELL ET ELF jusqu' ce que nous atteignons notre objectif et SURTOUT DE FAIRE SUIVRE CE MESSAGE... Pouvons-nous compter sur vous?

mardi 20 mai 2008

L'association OGM dangers

OGM : vote de la loi cette semaine Plus de 40 000 personnes ont sign la ptition de la revue L'Ecologiste et de l'association OGM dangers pour demander l'interdiction des OGM, contribuant ainsi au rejet du projet de loi sur les OGM en seconde lecture l'Assemble nationale le 13 mai.

Le mme projet de loi sera prsent mardi 20 mai devant les dputs et jeudi 22 mai devant les snateurs.

Rappelons que ce projet de loi autorise les plantes et les animaux transgniques, contrairement ce que souhaitent l'immense majorit des Franais selon les sondages unanimes depuis dix ans.

La revue L'Ecologiste et l'association OGM dangers font donc appel la conscience de tous les parlementaires afin qu'ils confirment le rejet de ce projet de loi.

Nous demandons au secrtaire gnral de l'UMP Patrick Devedjian de voter l'Assemble nationale l'interdiction des OGM dans les champs, en cohrence avec l'interdiction des OGM dans les assiettes des cantines qu'il vient de faire adopter en tant que prsident du Conseil gnral des Hauts de Seine.

Vous pouvez faire circuler ce mail pour faire signer la ptition en ligne www.ogm-jedisnon.org et crire et faire crire aux parlementaires trs simplement depuis ce site. C'est urgent et c'est efficace !

L'association OGM dangers


La revue L'Ecologiste



samedi 17 mai 2008

"Kasane!" le premier album d'INTI !!!!

Holaaaaaa! "Kasane!" le premier album d'INTI, la tribu du ska inka, est enfin disponible! Cette auto production raliser en licence libre arrive dans les bacs!!!! Hasta Prontooooooooo

New Stubborn Ska and Reggae: RARE French and Jamaican Imports !!

Salutations, Stubborn Massive! Life is good when your soundtrack is supplied by http://www.stubbornrecords.com. We've got fresh music to suit every mood, and in a wide variety of styles. This week we're featuring ALL IMPORTED MUSIC! None of the CD's or Vinyl we added this week were born on American soil. Listen to some Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dub the way it's done in Jamaica and France.


Orange Street - Pirates and Treasures Double CD Limited Edition Box Set (French Import) Orange Street have been rocking audiences in their native France and all over the world since 1997. Their focus has always been playing strictly authentic Jamaican-style music, and they're among the best at doing so. On this double CD set, the band delves into Jamaican music history and tackles every style of Jamaican music, from 1950's Mento through Dancehall. They hit every style in between, and do it with style. This is a truly epic Double CD!!

Alton Ellis live w/ Aspo - Workin' On a Groovy Thing CD (French Import) Jamaican legend Alton Ellis' soulful vocal delivery is inimitable, and an absolute pleasure to listen to. He is famous for interpreting many American Soul hits to Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae. His specialty is love songs, and his voice goes from sugary sweet to desperate and pleading from song to song. This live CD features Alton Ellis performing his biggest hits backed by Aspo, France's Traditional Ska all-stars. This CD is killer!

ASPO - In the Web of Love (Love Potion No. 2) CD (French Import) ASPO are one of the best Ska bands to ever come out of France. They do a great job playing energetic, authentic Ska and Rocksteady with a bit of Reggae for good measure. Their music is sexy, making the name of the album very fitting. We sold out of this record on Vinyl, and now we have the CD version. This CD is, as ASPO claims, "Sweet as a dream, cool as a breeze."

Jim Murple Memorial - Play the Roots CD (French Import)

Jim Murple Memorial - The Story of Jim Murple CD (French Import)


The Soul Bros. - Carib Soul LP (Jamaican Import) The Soul Brothers were essentially the post-Skatalites Studio 1until 1967, when personnel shifted a bit more and they became The Soul Vendors. Notable Skatalites that formed The Soul Brothers include Roland Alphonso, Jackie Mittoo, and Dizzy Moore. This LP contains some absolute classic Ska and Jamaican Soul tunes. Some are originals and some are covers of American R&B standards. This LP has Soul that rivals Booker T & The MG's, and Ska that is unrivaled!

Augustus Pablo - East of the River Nile b/w Version 7" single (Jamaican Import) Augustus Pablo's name is pretty much synonymous with Dub Reggae. This particular tune is one of the coolest tracks Pablo ever played Melodica on. It's about the funkiest Dub your ears will ever encounter! It's truly more of a funk track than reggae, but it's some sort of cross-breeding of the two styles that works unbelievably well. The dub elements of the tune really highlight the drum and bass, as well as some really cool guitar work. It has to be heard to be believed!

Slim Smith - Somebody to Love b/w Peter Tosh - The Crimson Pirate (Instrumental) 7" Single (Jamaican Import) Slim Smith was a legendary Reggae singer with a sweet, lilting falsetto and soulful voice. Smith modeled his singing style very much on Curtis Mayfield of The Impressions. He sang in The Techniques for a while before cutting a string of incredible Early Reggae sides for famous producer Bunny Lee. This is one of those cuts. This is super upbeat, soulful Early Reggae at its finest. The song itself was originally a big American Soul hit for both Solomon Burke and Wilson Pickett.


The Slackers - Minha Menina b/w No More Cryin' (Ska Version) 7" Single (Dutch Import)

Derrick Morgan - Don't Play That Song b/w - Come What May 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Derrick Morgan - Rough Rider b/w - Augustus Pablo - Rough Rider Version 7" single (Jamaican Import)

Horace Andy - Better Collie b/w Gorgon Version 7" single (Jamaican Import)


The Skatalites - Jamaica (4 Colors on Olive) T-shirt

SKA - NBA Skanker T-shirt

Version City - Skyline (Black on White) T-Shirt

Version City Rockers - Baseball Shirt Raglan 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

And we recently re-stocked these bad boys:

The Slackers - The Boss Harmony Sessions CD

The Slackers - Better Late Than Never Double LP

2-Tone - Walt Jabsco T-Shirt

Well, folks, Stubborn Records has a busy summer ahead of us. We've got a whole bunch of original Stubborn releases that will be coming your way in the not-so-distant-future. Version City Studio has been as busy as ever, with a ton of projects moving into the final stages, almost ready to reach your ears! We've got amazing Version City parties going on every month. Check out our Forum and Jukebox for more info and more good tunes! We'll be back with awesome news and more music for your listening pleasure soon.


-Stubborn Crew

http://www.stubbornrecords.com http://www.myspace.com/stubbornrecords http://www.versioncity.com http://www.myspace.com/versioncity http://www.kingdjango.com http://www.myspace.com/kingdjango http://www.stubbornrecords.com/forums http://www.stubbornrecords.com/jukebox

DEAL'S GONE BAD 3xCD BOX SET! SOULSTEPPERS! Eastern Standard Time midwest shows !

Visit WWW.JUMPUPRECORDS.COM today! Let's see, what new distributed items did we get recently? Oh yea - we have the Japanese only CD from DAVE HILLYARD of THE SLACKERS. And don't forget THE IMAPLERS. JUDY BUENDIA from Venezuela, HOODSKA EXPLOSIVE from ISRAEL, MOBSTER from SWEDEN, CAROLOREGIANS from Belgium - and much more!! As always, for every 5 CDs you buy you get to choose a 6th JUMP UP label CD for FREE! It's easiest and fastest to paypal to chuckw@jumpuprecords.com and put your CD list in the notes section! We also take checks / money orders the fashioned way - visit jumpuprecords.com for the mail order form!


JUMP UP Records invades ST LOUIS this weekend for the first time in YEARS! EST from Wash DC, THE DRASTICS from Chicago and the GREEN ROOM ROCKERS all make the trek! Don't miss EST in Chicago at THE BEAT KITCHEN Friday May 16th !

Radio Show & Club DJ sets at PODOMATIC!!

DEAL'S GONE BAD Welcome To The Vault Ltd Edition 3xCD BOX SET!

DEAL'S GONE BAD are currently on the road with THE SLACKERS, and to celebrate the success of DGB over the past 14 years - we have released WELCOME TO THE VAULT, a limited edition 3xCD box set featuring all 3 of their old albums - LARGE AND IN CHARGE, OVERBOARD, and GUIDE TO BOAT DRINKS & CRUISE COCKTAILS - housed in a vintage reel to reel tape box with new artwork and liner notes. Hand assembled!! Limited edition of 1000 copies!! Get yours now! Foreign orders please add $2 postage.

Pay w/ PAYPAL $15 USD Buy the DGB 3xCD set at AMAZON

DJ Chuck Wren Spins Wednesday's at the JA' GRILL! Chicago Newest Jamaican Restaurant!

Chicago has a brand new Jamaican Restaurant in the heart of Lincoln Park! And guess what - we're spinning vintage reggae, ska, calypso 45s live every Wednesday Night starting at 8 PM! Come for the city's best JA food, or come drink in the bachelor pad style subterranian lounge until the late hours of night! Spread the word - this IS the new ska/reggae hot spot!

Check out the JA' GRILL MENU!

LADY ANN Bad Gyrl Inna Dance CD - Vintage Dancehall Sounds!

DJ MUSH ONE (ex-SLACKERS and current leader of THE SCORCHERS) has resurrected the career of legendary 80's early dancehall queen LADY ANN for her first album in 23 years!! Sessions were so crucial that VIC RUGGIERO got in on the action to play guitar! Ruffneck early rockers dancehall - LADY ANN still sounds fresh and tuff!!! Released on JUMP UP! Performing regularly in New York, look for an exclusive Chicago engagement in June! LP vinyl in stock very soon!



The JUMP UP RECORDS SKA REGGAE PRO SHOP Ebay store has really cranked into high gear, and has become a hot spot for vinyl junkies!!! We have been double checking our archives and have found PLENTY of doubles we are letting go of at great prices!!! All this PLUS we list up all our new release vinyl as well! Rockers, dub, rock steady, ska - hard to find US 80's ska - it's all there! New titles go up every week! Over 150 unique items available at all times! LPs, 7", and more! CHECK IT OUT TODAY!

Click here for EBAY STORE!!


The wait is over! California's SOULSTEPPERS are back with "The Return of...". their brand new studio album! Featuring all their European vinyl only singles PLUS many new selections, The SOULSTEPPERS deliver haunting, diabolical instrumentals in that late 60's UPSETTERS style, all with a flair of vintage soul. This is not some Hollywood slicked up version of skinhead reggae - this is gritty old world production at it's finest.


Visit JUMPUP RECORDS site today! Don't forget, I DJ the last Thursday of the month at Delilah's in Chicago - 10 years straight! Also - I will be spinning a Sunday Brunch (starting at 10 am) at Reggies Muisc Joint on a regular basis! Coming Soon: New CDs: DON SEGUNDO from Puerto Rico, WARRIEKA HILL's debut, SKAPONE's "Black/White Album", new ISRAELITES. New LPs: LADY ANN Bad Gyrl Inna Dance, TOASTERS One More Bullet. Coming Fall 2008 - JUMP UP's 15th Anniversary Caribbean Shakedown Festival! Chuck Wren


CONTACT / PAYPAL ACCT: chuckw@jumpuprecords.com Promo Requests: mediapromo@jumpuprecords.com http://www.myspace.com/jumpuprecords http://www.jumpuprecords.com

Caribop: biguine et quadrille cherche label...

CARIBOP CHERCHE SON LABEL et SES PARTENAIRES pour son album autour des musiques des Antilles franaises (biguine, quadrille, mazurka...) profil du CD - musique instrumentale et accoustique - 20 titres (dure totale 60mn) - 100% compositions originales (biguines, quadrille, vid, valse...) - instrumentation : saxs, accordeon diatonique, tuba , tambour ka, percs, fltes, clarinette, trompette, trombone, piano, guitare, banjo, contrebasse, batterie... Caribop est un groupe de scne rsident en rgion parisinne. Cet album marque le premier pas d'une aventure.

A l'origine de sa cration (2007) il y a la volont de faire connaitre le versant de la culture antillaise que sont les danses collectives auprs du public en rendant leurs pratiques accessibles tous. Nous cherchons un contrat de licence ou de distribution et tout autres partenaires intrrsss. Des extraits mp3 sont en ligne ii : http://www.myspace.com/caribopmusicMerci de nous contacter si vous desirez recevoir un CD complet ou les titres en mp3 par mail. Si vous dsirez en voir, savoir ou recevoir plus...

contact : Marc Vorchin - 06 63 07 45 24 - caribop@free.fr

jeudi 15 mai 2008

DUB INC - Afrikya


Le 3me opus du combo stphanois vient de sortir (distrib. Nave) et vous devrez le recevoir dans les jours qui viennent.

Vous trouverez ci-joint un dossier de presse dans lequel il y a un maximum d'infos les concernant (membres, bio, disco, rfrences concerts...).

Pour information, lors de leur "pr-tourne" de 17 dates courant avril, toutes les salles ont affich complet, et les prventes des dates venir ne laissent prsager que du bon.

Comme vous vous en doutez, un groupe comme Dub Inc a besoin de relais tels que vous dans une priode de crise du disque et o les majors occupent tous les relais nationaux (TV, Radios nationales).

Nous serions ravis que vous puissiez susciter l'intrt travers des interviews ou des papiers consquents, l'heure o le groupe atteint sa maturit, navigue parfaitement dans son style et fait salle comble partout o il se produit.

Enfin, vous trouverez ci-joint galement la liste des (nombreux) concerts venir, autant d'occasions pour vous de (re)dcouvrir DUB INC sur scne, et ventuellement de les rencontrer.

Je reste votre entire disposition ce concernant, n'hsitez pas me solliciter, vraiment !

A bientt, et bon gros week-end pour ceux qui auront la chance d'en profiter.

BeN -- BNK Promotion

Benjamin Ancel

06 82 34 12 92



Guia Mensual de la Fania 2008 / Fania Newsletter

Ray Barretto

Acid lanzado originalmente en 1968

Ciertos lbumes son especiales, y se convierten en tesoros queridos, el disco Acid, del legendario conguero Ray Barretto es uno de esos discos. Lanzado en 1968, Acid es uno de los discos de mayores ventas en la historia de La Fania.

Inspirado por la msica y la cultura del famoso verano de 1967, Ray Barretto se dedico a componer canciones con influencias de la msica popular norte americana, y, por supuesto, combinando el rock & roll con los ritmos latinos de su afamada banda. El resultado final, es una grabacin que une dos mundos y sobrepasa los limites musicales de la dcada.

Marcando los 40 aos de la grabacin de Acid, La Fania se une a la celebracin de este gran clsico, del conguero de las "Manos Duras."

Un original, Ray Barretto cambio e innovo la msica latina, y su leyenda vive por siempre en esta grabacin clsica de 1968 - Que Viva Barretto!


La gran e inolvidable Celia Cruz es la reina irrefutable de la cancin latina. Su voz, estilo y gusto de vivir, representan lo mejor de la msica popular. Por ms de 10 aos, Joe Cardona ha laborado para producir el documental Celia The Queen, (Celia La Reina) que finalmente estrenara este ao.

El documental cuenta con entrevistas exclusivas con la reina de la salsa. Un articulo reciente del Miami Herald da muestra ha Celia Cruz recordando sus logros.

"Me gustara ser recordada como alguien feliz, como una mujer que se gozo todo lo que la vida le dio", recalco Cruz en el documental. "Me gustara ser acordada como una gran amiga, una buena hermana, una buena esposa y buena en todo, con mucha azcar!"

El documental, dirigido por Cardona, contiene msica y cintas de los aos de Celia Cruz con La Fania. La banda sonora de la pelcula ofrecer momentos clsicos de la reina de la salsa. El esperado documental aun no tiene fecha oficial pautada para su estreno, as que mantnganse al tanto para ms noticias sobre acerca de este gran evento cinematogrfico.


Willie Coln, el incomparable maleante de la salsa, tiene el gran honor de cerrar con broche de oro el festival de Msica Latina en Tampa, Florida. El concierto anual cuenta con muchos de los nombres ms grandes de la msica latina, super-estrellas como Andy Montaez y Oscar D Len.

Nuestro Willie brindara sus clsicos ritmos candentes en la ultima noche del festival, el once de Mayo. Como sorpresa adicional, la Fania distribuir 1000 tarjetas de msica digital durante el concierto de Coln. Miami 17 de Mayo

El original "maleante de la salsa clsica" continua cosechando triunfos alrededor del mundo. Despus de su conciertos en Espaa, Venezuela y Puerto Rico, el gran Willie Coln lleva su sabor y control a la capital del sol Miami. El concierto ser en el conocido James L Knight Center, y marca el retorno de Willie Coln a los escenarios de Miami.

Para ms informacin, favor de visitar: www.williecolon.com The New Swing Sextet Mayo 3, Miami Beach

Despus de ms de 30-aos, el legendario conjunto The New Swingtext retorna a los escenarios con un nuevo disco y espectculos de msica en vivo. Conocidos mundialmente por sus lbumes como A Taste of Spanish Harlem, Swinging Alone, Revolucionando y The Explosive, el New Swing Sextet representan lo mejor de los ritmos latinos.

Su nueva grabacin, Back on The Streets, marca su retorno al estudio y la banda se presentara en vivo en varios escenarios a travs del mundo. Su prxima presentacin ser el 3 Mayo en el Internacional Hustle and Salsa Competition y el nuevo disco, Back on The Streets sale al mercado el primero de Julio.

Para ms informacin, favor de visitar: www.myspace.com/newswingsextet

Qudese pendiente a esta seccin para ms noticias de la Fania en gira.

FANIA EN LA RED CIBERNETICA FANIA RECORDS 2008 Pagina de internet de La Fania

La pagina de Internet de la Fania esta siendo renovada, muy pronto se darn ms noticias sobre la nueva pagina. Mientras tanto, aun nos pueden visitar en www.fania.com donde se podr enterar de todo acerca de La Fania. Por favor escrbannos con sugerencias, preguntas y comentarios. Queremos escuchar de ti! info@fania.com

Tambin estamos Myspace y Facebook, bscanos en!




Eddie Palmieri - Mozambique

On One Vol. 1 - (Dance Compilation)

On Two Vol 1 - (Dance Compilation)

Cha Cha Cha Vol 1 - (Dance Compilation)

Ray Barretto - On the Road

Celia Cruz - Greatest Hits


La Leyenda - 15 Danzones Clasicos*

I Like It Like That - (Dance Compilation)

newsletter: MAY 18th visit us at www.fania.com


Acid originally released in 1968

There are certain albums that become loved, and indispensable. Ray Barrettos 1968 masterpiece Acid remains one of the best selling and influential records in the history of Latin music.

Inspired by the Summer of Love and the nascent hippie movement, Ray Barretto made an album that transcended the limits of traditional Latin music. Acid is that rare record where Latin beats perfectly sits alongside with the energetic rock and roll.

Marking the 40th anniversary of Acid this year, Fania is proud to celebrate Barrettos most beloved classic, completely re-mastered with exclusive liner noted and rare photographs.

A true original, Ray Barretto change Latin music with his illustrious Hard Hands, and his legend lives on in this immortal 1968 recording.


At long last, the definitive Celia Cruz biography premiered at the prestigious Tribeca film festival. The filmmakers behind the documentary spoke with the Miami Herald about the making of this soon to be fan favorite.

An excerpt from the documentary shows a lively Cruz pondering her status as a music legend.

"I want to be remembered as someone joyful, happy, a woman who enjoyed very much what she did in her life", says Cruz in a recorded interview for the film offered to the Miami Herald. "A good friend, a good sister, a good wife and a good everything with lots of azucar! It's OK to laugh."

The documentary directed by Joe Cardona will feature exclusive Fania recordings and clips from Cruz, as well as a soundtrack of her music. After the films premier the filmmakers will set a wide release date.

Stay Tuned for more information about the new, hard-hitting Celia Cuz documentary.


Willie Coln, the incomparable bad boy of salsa will close the Viva La Msica Latin music festival in Tampa, Florida. The yearly event, features all the big names in Latin musis, such as superstars like Andy Montaez and Oscar D Len.

Coln brings his classic Fania material to his fans on Sunday, May 11th. As an added bonus, 1000 free Fania music download cards will be offered at event. Miami, May 17th

The Original Gangster of salsa continues trailblazing through the world with his 2008 tour. After sold-out gigs in Spain, and Puerto Rico, Coln now takes his classics to Miamis prestigious James L Knight Center. The concert will take place on May 17th, and it marks Colns triumphal return to the Miami stage after a one-year absence. For more details, please visit: www.williecolon.com The New Swing Sextet Miami Beach May 3rd

After more than 30-years, the incomparable New Swing Sextet is getting back together. Fania connoisseurs will remember New Swing Sextet from their recordings Swinging Alone, Revolucionando, The Explosive and A Taste of Spanish Harlem. The new album will be hitting stores July 1st, its titled Back on The Streets, and marks a welcome return to form by a legendary group. The band plays on May 3rd at the el Internacional Hustle and Salsa Competition in Miami Beach. For more information please vist: www.myspace.com/newswingsextet

Stay tuned for More Fania on Tour!


The Fania website is currently ongoing a complete renovation, and will soon have new and exciting look! You can still visit us at www.fania.com for all the lasted news and happenings. Please wirte to us and let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions, we love to hear from you! info@fania.com

Fania is also on Myspace and Facebook, be sure to look us up!




Eddie Palmieri - Mozambique

On One Vol. 1 - (Dance Compilation)

On Two Vol 1 - (Dance Compilation)

Cha Cha Cha Vol 1 - (Dance Compilation)

Ray Barretto - On the Road

Celia Cruz - Greatest Hits


La Leyenda - 15 Danzones Clasicos*

I Like It Like That - (Dance Compilation)

Coming Soon:

Eddie Palmieri - A Man and His Music

Joe Bataan - Singin Some Soul


EMUSICA ENTERTAINMENT licensing & publishing licensing@emusicarecords.com inquiries: info@emusicarecords.com

sos : les tractopelles arrivent !

bonjourNous recherchons des artistes pour amplifier la manifestation du 28 juin bostens (40). Dossier emblmatique du "post grennelle" , l'autoroute A65 est en contraction totale avec les enjeux climatique mondiaux. Elle est en plus un "abus du capitalisme " (l'tat s'engage donner 1 milliard d' au leader du btp franais (eiffage ); et l'autoroute sera malgr cela une des plus chre de france).

8 zones natura 2000, 2000 hectares de fort, et des espces protges seront dtruites.les tractopelles arrivent : il y a urgence.

nous avons besoin de vous!

SOS appel d'urgence

                                               Recherche dartistes ( musique/ spectacle)
                                                 lieu de l'appel : 9 fontaines, bostens (40)

Urgence: les tractopelles arrivent! 9 fontaines, 9 sources deau pure alimentent une srie dtangs ou vivent en libert quelques espces animales et vgtales raresC'est proximit de ce site exceptionnel et quelques jours avant larrive des tractopelles que se droule la manifestation. Ayant dj le soutien des grandes orga (Greenpeace /WWF / fondation Nicolas Hulot) Nous recherchons des artistes pour amplifier la manifestation du 28 juin bostens (40). En plus des concerts et spectacles, la manifestation permettra la coordination du collectif national stop autoroutes.

Contexte Dossier emblmatique du  post grenelle , l'autoroute A65 est en contraction totale avec les enjeux climatique mondiaux. Elle est en plus un "abus du capitalisme " (l'tat s'engage donner 1 milliard d' au leader du btp franais (Eiffage ); et l'autoroute sera malgr cela une des plus chre de France). 8 zones natura 2000, 2000 hectares de foret, et des espces protges seront dtruites. les tractopelles arrivent : il y a urgence.

Conditions et infos Plus d'informations sur le site http://www.asso-arlp.org/ ; de nombreuses vidos (canal+ / france 2 /etc) rsument correctement le sujet. Dcouvrez y aussi nos actions: char dj borloo , planteurs volontaires, finale rgionale de tracto brouet

L'association prend en charge l'hbergement, le transport et la nourriture. En fonction des disponibilits un accueil en rsidence (logement /salle de rpet) de quelques jours est propos ici:http://www.myspace.com/latelier De nombreuses balades (fort/ grottes/ cano) sont accessibles proximit.

N'hsitez pas aller voir le site et nous contacter si vous souhaitez participer cette journe. Soyez curieux! Contact : romainlouvet@yahoo.fr /romain louvet/ tel 06 77 16 89 33.


17TH NORTH PARADE presents

CUTTY RANKS " Limb by Limb "


36 Tracks of CUTTY RANKS - IN STORES MAY 20th

More infos on www.17northparade.com

VP Records / Greensleeves Adress: Unit 14, metro center, St John road, isleworth, middlesex, TW7 6NJ, UK Tel: +44 7814322477 www.vprecords.com www.greensleeves.net www.planetreggae.com www.myspace.com/vpeurope




L'CHRIBIBI III est d'sortie...

 Jamais d'203 comme disaient les grvistes de chez Peugeot dans les annes 50. Le CHERIBIBI III est arriv sans s'presser pour apporter joie et bonheur dans les foyers. Il tait temps, nombre d'entre vous n'ayant plus rien lire aux chiottes (ou ailleurs) et la sinistrose guettait au dtour d'une file d'attente l'ANPE (ou ailleurs). Alors ne crevez plus d'ennui, procurez-vous votre dose de CHERIBIBI en vente chez tous les bons dealers (et ailleurs) !

Au sommaire, des causeries avec THE ADICTS (clockwork punk), RICO RODRIGUEZ (trombone ska), LA COMPAGNIE JOLIE MME (thtre engageant), SARAH SAVOY & LES FRANCADIENS (cajun excitant), EDDIE  TANT TAN THORNTON (trompette tout va), TIAN AN MEN 89 RECORDS (label punk internationaliste), des dossiers trs complets voquant les liens cinphiliques entre KUNG-FU & PRAXIS RVOLUTIONNAIRE, entre REGGAE & KARAT, entre LES GASPARDS de Pierre Tchernia et THEMROC de Claude Faraldo, sans oublier de la BD avec la suite des tristes exploits de VERMINAX, les aventures d'ALBAN L'LPHANT, de BBERT L'AS DU HOLD-UP et de SADIA'N'MASOCH, deux nouvelles de l'innarrable THIERRY COCHRAN PELLETIER, pis aussi EUGNE SUE, LA JAVA DES BONS ENFANTS, des chroniques l'appel et c'est tout ? Bref, 92 pages de culture populaire dans les dents !

Si vous n'tes toujours pas abonn, vous pourrez tout de mme frimer la rcr en vous le procurant avant tout le monde samedi 10 mai au BARON SAMEDI, 12 rue des Goncourt MGoncourt o le CHRIBIBEAT SOUND SYSTEM ira faire des siennes partir de 21h. Qu'on se le dise !!!

-- Association ON Y VA, BP17 94201 Ivry sur Seine cedex http://www.cheribibi.net/

N'hsitez pas vous abonner Chribibi, la revue qui cause d'la culture populaire!!! Le numro 3 va bientt sortir!!

France Mtropolitaine: Abonnement Normal: 4 n pour 20 Euros Abonnement de Soutien: 4 n & un cadeau surprise pour 30 Euros ou plus Abonnement Vie: partir de 100 Euros (un cadeau surprise)

Europe: Abonnement Normal: 4 n pour 30 Euros Abonnement de Soutien: 4 n & un cadeau surprise pour 40 Euros ou plus

(chque l'ordre de ON Y VA )

REGGAE GOLD 2008 # TARRUS RILEY " Easy off "


DOWNLOAD : TARRUS RILEY " Easy off " # Exclusif # http://download.yousendit.com/9EC21B464AD47F88

More infos & Music on www.vprecords-promo.com

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Nuevo video de BUTUMBABA !

Un mensaje a todos los miembros de butumbaba

ya podes ver el video de TO THE DRUMS! en la red social!!


Visit butumbaba en: http://butumbaba.ning.com

Inscription JIMI 08

Bonjour, Nous vous annonons la reconduite de La Journe des Initiatives Musicales Indpendantes (La JIMI).Cette deuxime dition aura lieu le samedi 18 octobre 2008 de 14h00 23h30 Choisy-le-Roi. Nous esprons que cet vnement vous sduise et vous donne envie d'y participer en tant label, collectif, media, rseau, distributeur...ou d'inciter des structures indpendantes s'y inscrire. Vous trouverez ci-joint : - un flyer de prsentation - A FAIRE TOURNER - - La Fiche d'inscription avec quelques rappels- Le dossier du projet La fiche d'inscription est aussi disponible sur notre site : http://www.festivaldemarne.org/ Nous esprons que vos partenaires soient sduits par notre projet.Merci d'avanceCordialementJos Tavares

Brand new: K SALAAM Feat SIZZLA " Sail on "

VP RECORDS presents

K SALAAM & BEATNICK - " Whose world is this ? "


On their latest musical opus, Whose World Is This?, Minnesotan producers and songwriters K-Salaam and Beatnick pose this thought-provoking question to an A-list selection of some of the worlds most prominent hip hop, reggae and spoken word artists. Using K-Salaam & Beatnicks music as the vehicle, Trey Songz, Young Buck, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Dead Prez and Talib Kweli among others, rose to the challenge and used their music and message to formulate their answer. The album forms a cohesive musical dialog across cultures, genres and life experiences. As told by K-Salaam: This is an album created to inspire change for the global community. Its message is one of revolution.

Addressing politics, poetics and peace, the musical forum explores a variety of solutions and topics to Whose World Is This?. On To the Rescue, Papoose and Busy Signal propose to take militant action immediately as Papoose fervently delivers in the first verse: Protect our own world and we can be ok, cause every time one of our leaders gets blown away, we lose faith and all our people go astray. We got to take it! On the other hand, reggae luminary Sizzla offers a very poetic reply searching for religious truth and escape on Sail On, while Trey Songz and Buju Banton call for peace on "Street Life" insisting Gangster, you dont have to bust your guns tonight. Those days are over. You dont have to run into the street life.

Finding his voice at an early age through the language of cuts and blends, Iranian born K-Salaam describes the birth of this project: I went into this thinking that I wanted to make a great album with some of my favorite artists, so I wrote down the names of 15 artists I wanted to work with and 13 ended up on the album! The producer embarked on a quest- literally going door-to-door, studio-to-studio-to convince each artist to record for him. He even traveled to Jamaica to find some his favorite reggae stars Capleton, Sizzla and Luciano. Recalling their first encounter, reggae legend Buju Banton jokes, K-Salaam came as close as a mustard seed to getting killed. K-Salaam boldly cold-called Buju Banton while he was in New York and despite the possible imposition Buju invited him to record the same day. K-Salaams search for Sizzla was just as colorful. K recalls, I went to Jamaica to just seek him out. When I landed, it turned out he wasnt even on the island but luckily I had my boombox with me, so I played a few tracks for his people and left a beat CD. Eventually he heard my tracks, reached out to me and that was that!

Like Buju Banton and Sizzla, nearly all of the artists he approached agreed to participate immediately after listening to the music. Stic Man from Dead Prez states: It was a no brainer for meIt is good music, good vibe, for a good reason. K-Salaam and Beatnick are very talented and they stand for something substantive. We believe in the solidarity of oppressed people, black, brown, all the way around. Despite no industry connections prior to starting, the music and concept swayed the whos-who of artists. As Scratch Magazine notes, for a no-name producer to have won over so many high-profile artists, his skills must have really stood out. K adds, revolution is started by individuals but can only be won by armies, thats why I felt the need to ally myself with like-minded artists.

There is also a more intimate reason behind the genesis of this album and K-Salaams desire to record in Jamaica with reggae artists. As he explains, My family is from the slums of a third-world country. My father would tell me stories of not eating for 5 days straight or having shoes until he was 17 years old. Going to Jamaica and seeing the ghetto over there was like living some of my fathers past, just in another country. It was a mind-blowing experience that saturated my soul and spirit.

Rooted with tradition that spans from King Tubby to Funkmaster Flex, K-Salaam and Beatnicks work also draws on the songwriting legacy of Tamla Motowns soul and The Beatles. As Beatnick states, our sound is very vibrant, polished, and lush. We compose songs, not just make beats. Thats why we attract such a diverse range of artists and projects.

The two producers continue to work on a wide spectrum of projects. They are currently in the studio preparing their next album entitled Its Like a Jungle Sometimes, which is less political and more of a therapy album for me and everyday working people, K-Salaam notes. The duo is also producing tracks for NAS, The Outlawz and Young Jeezy and scoring soundtracks for HBO and Danny Glovers latest movie.

Our new album just like our work, is incredibly varied, adds K-Salaam, but our music is the glue that keeps it all together. Whether reggae, hip-hop or spoken word, everyone sounds like they belong on it. Hip-hop and reggae are like distant cousins. They all speak the same language, they just have different accents.


K SALAAM Feat SIZZLA " Sail on " : Download here: http://download.yousendit.com/A74B8B4346E3D729

K SALAAM Feat. TREY SONGZ & BUJU BANTON " Street life ": Download here: http://download.yousendit.com/0A232EFD27499054

Short clips:

Watch K SALAAM & TREY SONGZ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olc7RdQxK6E

Watch K SALAAM & BUJU BANTON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pKdLmsM_iI

Thanks for the support

Pierre VP Records / Greensleeves / 17th North Parade Adress: Unit 14, metro center, St John road, isleworth, middlesex, TW7 6NJ, UK Tel: +44 7814322477 www.vprecords.com www.greensleeves.net www.17thnorthparade.com www.planetreggae.com www.myspace.com/vpeurope






Neiva, mayo 2 de 2008

Como una muestra ms de la persecucin a la que vienen siendo sometidos los dirigentes estudiantiles en las universidades colombianas a travs del accionar de fuerzas oscuras y paraestatales, el da de hoy 2 de mayo de 2008 en horas de la maana, lleg a la residencia de Edison Javier Henao Palacios, dirigente estudiantil de la Universidad Surcolombiana (USCO) e integrante de la Asociacin Colombiana de Estudiantes Universitarios, una amenaza escrita que lo seala como objetivo militar.

La amenaza se presenta tres das despus de que Edison Javier fuera vctima de detencin arbitraria e injustificada por parte de integrantes del Comando de Polica Huila, horas despus de los disturbios presentados en las instalaciones de la Universidad Surcolombiana el pasado 29 de abril. Terminados los hechos de protesta en la USCO, en los cuales Edison Javier no haba participado, y cuando se diriga hacia el barrio las granjas, fue requisado y detenido a la altura de las instalaciones de la Cruz Roja Colombiana Seccional Huila y trasladado a las instalaciones de la SIJIN por orden del coronel que diriga el escuadrn antidisturbios, segn expresaron sus captores. En las instalaciones de la SIJIN fue fotografiado, reseado, interrogado y victima de chantaje por parte de los organismos de inteligencia quienes solicitaron informacin sobre la organizacin de la protesta y le solicitaron que ayudara a recuperar algunos elementos que perdieron los policas durante los disturbios (en particular un radio de comunicaciones). Edison Javier fue puesto en libertad gracias a la inmediata reaccin de las organizaciones de derechos humanos, el presidente de la asamblea departamental y la personera Municipal Lina Mara Guarnizo, no sin antes advertirle que su liberacin obedeca a las buenas relaciones que usted tiene, no porque lo queramos dejar ir. Edison Javier present la denuncia de su detencin arbitraria ante la personera municipal de Neiva, el da 30 de abril y esta oficina remiti la denuncia a los organismos de inteligencia solicitando las garantas para Edison Javier y sus familiares. Dos das despus llega la amenaza escrita titulada:


y cuyo contenido reza:

en el llamado constitucional de velar por la soberana nacional y viendo que por parte de los organismos del estado estn impedido para realizarlos, le hacemos una llamado guerrillerito de mierda, que con sus actuaciones en los ltimos aos no ha hecho estancar difenrente procesos que el presidente de nuestro pas viene haciendo y engaando diferentes personas con el sofisma de dirigente estudiantil, estamos en contra de todos los procesos de iniciativa de la organizacin a la que pertenece LA JUVENTUD COMUNISTA cuna de guerrilleros; personas como usted deben ser eliminados de nuestra sociedad, es mejor que se cuide, porque al primer papayaso que nos d ser borrado del mapa, qudese quieto y cambie su forma de proceder porque eso lo va a llevar a la tumba rapidito


Los integrantes de la Asociacin Colombiana de Estudiantes Universitarios de la Universidad Surcolombiana rechazamos enrgicamente esta amenaza contra el compaero, y hacemos un llamado a toda la comunidad universitaria y a las organizaciones de DDHH del pas, para que se solidaricen, desestimen y se movilicenfrente a este hecho.

Adems les exigimos a las autoridades y organismos de seguridad de la ciudad que se investiguen los hechos ac denunciados por parte de las autoridades competentes y se arrojen resultados que garanticen los derechos constitucionales a la vida, integridad fsica, libertad personal, derecho a la protesta, libertad de expresin, libre desarrollo de la personalidad y dems derechos fundamentales.

Estamos convencidos que los dos hechos ocurridos esta semana en contra del compaero Edison Javier Henao Palacios no son aislados, por lo tanto hacemos responsables de lo que le suceda a los organismos de inteligencia del estado y en especial al Coronel de la Polica que orden su detencin arbitraria.


[FICIB] "Amenanzas contra estudiantes de la USCO"


Vous trouverez en pice jointe l'appel en espagnol et traduit en franais que nous a retransmis Yuri Tatiana, la fille de Gustavo Moncayo pre d'un membre de l'arme colombienne otage des FARC depuis dix ans reu en Europe par la FICIB l'automne dernier - http://www.gustavo-moncayo.fr/.

L'arbitraire et la violence sont toujours de mise en Colombie... comme ailleurs... Voici le texte copier/coller dans vos emails (il se trouve dans les traduc): Exigimos que se pongan rapidamente : 1. Garantas en el ejercicio del derecho a la organizacin y a la actividad poltica al interior de las universidades, sin que esto sea causante de persecucin. Solicitamos se exija al presidente de la Repblica se retracte de los sealamientos del alto gobierno contra las organizaciones no gubernamentales, contra los defensores de derechos humanos y particularmente contra las comunidades universitarias del pas. 2. Garantas a la integridad psicolgica y fsica de los estudiantes Dimas Orejuela, Germn Perdomo, Arnulfo Cedeo, Jaime Caycedo, y del trabajador de la Universidad del Valle y miembro del Comit Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos Jos Milciades Snchez, as como de los integrantes de los grupos estudiantiles ?arquitectos sociales? y el ? comit de educacin.? 3. Liberar a los estudiantes Andrs Palomino Tobar, Danny Andrs Lenis, Hoover Azcrate y Nilson Ruales, encarcelados injustamente y sin pruebas. 4. Garantizar una investigacin independiente, imparcial y eficaz de los hechos denunciados, que permita el enjuiciamiento y sancin de los responsables. A envoyer  : Favor enviar sus comunicados a las siguientes direcciones: Sr. lvaro Uribe Vlez, Presidencia de la Repblica, carrera 8 # 7-26, palacio de Nario, Bogot D.C, Fax (+57) (1) 5662071. Correo: auribe@presidencia.gov.co

Sr. Francisco Santos, Vice-presidencia de la Repblica,correo: fsantos@presidencia.gov.co  Sr. Carlos Franco, Programa presidencial de Derechos Humanos y Derecho Internacional Humanitario, calle 7 # 5-54 Bogot D.C. tel.: (+57) (1) 3360311. Correo: cefranco@presidencia.gov.co  Sr. Volmar Antonio Prez, Defensora del Pueblo. Calle 55 # 10 -32 pbx: (+57) (1) 3147300. Correo: secretaria_privada@hotmail.com  Sr. Mario Germn Iguarn Arana, Fiscala General de la Nacin, diagonal 22 b # 52-01. Bogot D.C. Fax: (+57) (1) 5702000. Correo: denuncie@fiscalia.gov.co

Merci Maria pour les traducs. Nous vous proposons de mettre en copie de vos emails :yurymoncayo@hotmail.comcomunicaciones@aceucolombia.org Cordialement, Christian Marquay. Fdration Internationale - http://www.betancourt.info/indexFr.htm Association Libertad-IDF - http://www.educweb.org/Ficib/comites/idf/ Comit de Seine-Saint-Denis - Tl: +33 698 340 716

Agir pour Ingrid et les autres au quotidien: - UN SMS POUR INGRID: http://www.betancourt.info/Docs/annonceSMS-Ingrid.jpg - PETITION GUSTAVO MONCAYO: http://www.lapetition.com/sign1.cfm?numero=1576

lundi 5 mai 2008

fiesta l'Aficion samedi 10 mai !

SAMEDI 10 mai 2008

19h - 20h Slecteur TOSHIBA (mix carabes)

21h - 2h DJ MIG (jazz, funk, afro beat) DJ MANDI (reggae, ragga, rap, soul) DTC CLUB (3 DJs rock, lectro, ska, latino)

Entre libre et gratuite, gros mixes, fiesta et clectisme !

LAFICION bar-restaurant 4 rue Molire 40000 Mont de Marsan tl : 05 58 75 12 81

AFTER au CLUB 73 rue Gambetta de 2h 5h avec le DTC CLUB !!!! electro rock

Tous les mardis 21h-22h et samedis 19h-20h, lmission BLACK SUPER MARKET est sur Radio MDM 101.1 fm ! ! !

http://sabordiscos.free.fr www.onvibes.com/sabordiscos www.myspace.com/sabordiscos sabordiscos@yahoo.fr Association Sabor 6 rue Gaston Phoebus 40000 Mont de Marsan tel/fax: 05 58 06 15 53 (rpondeur)

Festival Latinorock de Cauterets (65)

Festival Latinorock de Cauterets (65)

11, 12 et 13 juillet 2008

Cesaria Evora Jarabe De Palo Panteon Rococo Roy Paci & Aretuska Pupy y Los Que Son Son Mala Vita Okplode Guaka Superamazoo Boulevard des Airs DJ Nico.R DJ Gio


vendredi 2 mai 2008

Album Boa Fonte / Iris Music

>>>> BOA FONTE >>>> >>>> Lenregistrement musical Caminho Para o Amazonas est un fabuleux >>>> hommage ddi aux atmosphres et paysages sonores sud-amricains >>>> faonns par le fleuve Amazone. >>>> Une suite de pistes sonores clectiques menant aux confins du


>>>> grand fleuve du monde mais avant tout un indispensable tmoignage

>>>> aux peuples Indiens dAmrique du Sud, toutes les mlodies des >>>> hauts plateaux des Andes, et leffervescence de la musique >>>> brsilienne, pays qui possde sur son territoire la majeure


>>>> de la grande fort tropicale. >>>> Une remarquable perspective musicale en vingt-et-un tableaux


>>>> locan Pacifique et locan Atlantique. >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> The musical recording Caminho Para O Amazonas is a fabulous


>>>> dedicated to the atmospheres and south american sound landscapes >>>> worked by the Amazon river . >>>> A succession of eclectic sounds tracks around of the largest


>>>> of the world but before all an essential testimony to the Indian >>>> people of South America, to the Andean melodies, and finally to >>>> the creativity of the brazilian music, to a country that is home >>>> to the largest part of the great rain forest s. >>>> An album conceived as a fifty-minute suite. A n evocation in 21 >>>> pictures between the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean. >>>> >>>> >>>> 1- Jivaros ou  Shuars noms donns au peuple habitant sous la >>>> protection de la grande fort Amazonienne. >>>> 2 - Vientos Coyas thme musical des Andes. >>>> 3 Selva pice de percussion. >>>> 4- Maxixe danse traditionnelle brsilienne. >>>> 5- Cachorro Piranha clin dil au monde  animal . >>>> 6 - A dana del Uirapuru oiseau considr par les Indiens comme

>>>> une rincarnation divine. >>>> 7/8- Introduction de la danza / Danza del maiz maduro mlodie >>>> traditionnelle des Andes. >>>> 9- Festejando fte incontournable de lAmrique de Sud. >>>> 10- Chovendo Na Roseira Tom Jobim et la valse deux temps. >>>> 11- Berimbau ou le plus clbre thme  bossa nova de Baden >>>> Powell. >>>> 12- Chuva na praia de Juqui pluie musicale. >>>> 13- Passo do Passaro danse imaginaire transcendante. >>>> 14- Guitarra Arada Riffs de guitare ensorceleurs. >>>> 15 - A Noite Tropical musique pluviale et atmosphre nocturne. >>>> 16 Pescadores chant ddi aux pcheurs dAmazonie. >>>> 17- Alcanto das nonas berceuse brsilienne. >>>> 18- Tachinho illustration des rythmes du Nordeste brsilien. >>>> 19- Recuerdo del Apurimac souvenir de la naissance de lAmazone. >>>> 20/21- Marajo vocation terrestre et voyage maritime.

>>>> >>>> 1- Jivaros or  Shuars , names of the people who lived in the >>>> shelter of the great amazonian forest >>>> 2 - Vientos Coyas Andean melodies. >>>> 3 Selva percussions piece >>>> 4- Maxixe Brazilian traditional dance. >>>> 5- Cachorro Piranha a wink to the animal world. >>>> 6 - A danca del Uirapuru bird considered by the indians as the >>>> reincarnation of a god. >>>> 7/8- Introduction de la danza / Danza del maiz maduro


>>>> Andean music >>>> 9- Festejando famous party of south America. >>>> 10- Chovendo Na Roseira or to waltz round the room. >>>> 11- Berimbau or the most famous  bossa nova rhythm. >>>> 12- Chuva na praia de Juqui a musical rainning. >>>> 13- Passo do Passero transcendent imaginary dance. >>>> 14- Guitarra Arada sorcerers guitar riffs . >>>> 15 - A Noite Tropical a pluvial music in a nocturnal atmosphere. >>>> 16 Pescadores song dedicated to the Amazonian fishermen. >>>> 17- Alcanto das nonas a brazilian lullaby. >>>> 18- Tachinho rhythms of brazilian North-East. >>>> 19- Recuerdo del Apurimac to remember the birth of the Amazone >>>> river. >>>> 20/21- Marajo evocations and maritimes travels. >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> Fabrizio Di Leta >>>> Responsable communication >>>> >>>> Iris Music >>>> 15, rue Camille Desmoulins >>>> 75011 Paris >>>> www.iris-music.com >>>> >>>> Tl: 33 (0)1 46 59 04 04 >>>> Fax: 33 (0)1 46 59 04 02

European Reggae Contest 2008

EUROPEAN REGGAE CONTEST 2008 Una nueva oportunidad para las bandas reggae europeas De nuevo este ao el concurso abierto a todas las bandas emergentes europeas:

Este ao las finales, a las que accedern 9 bandas, se desarrollarn directamente en el Main Stage del Festival Rototom Sunsplash, durante las tardes del 10 y el 11 de julio.

El premio: una gira por 7 festivales Reggae Europeos. Una oportunidad para el vencedor de realizar una importante gira en Europa, participando en los siete festivales que participan en la iniciativa.

El concurso de este ao se organiza por pases. Los ganadores de cada concurso nacional podrn acceder a actuaciones promocionales en sus pases de origen.

DATE PRISA!! La fecha lmite para la inscripcin de bandas para toda Europa es el 5 de mayo.

Para incribirte debers compilar un formulario, envindonos dos mp3s y una foto. Puedes inscribirte directamente a travs de nuestro sitio web: www.rototomsunsplash.com

nouveauts chez Mad Butcher Records !


OUT NOW! visit: http://commerce.madbutcher.de/



The Combat Circus is back: in fact Mazel Tov represents the direct pursuance of the previous album. 13 tracks of combat punk-chanka, with the addition of a bonus track dedicated to the pirates of St. Pauli, the antifascist football fans. Lots of things link the two albums: thanks to Combat Circus we grew up, we became well known and we started to reflect our experiences and our thoughts in our music. Combat Circus was the beginning of a trip, Mazel Tov represents a coming back home, carrying experiences that enriched us and let us grow. So we started talking again about positive and negative stories we are living and we have already lived

Free Mp3 file here

Realaudio here



RedSka were born 2001 in Romagna (Italy).RedSka propose in a strong way a ska-punk style together with reggae, reggaemuffin,swing, blues, hard-core, rocksteady influences. Their music meet with the Italiancustomers approval. Antifascism, antiracism and the great variety of musical influences make sure both the lovers of reggae style, such as rude boys, skinnheads and mods, and people who listen to these sounds for the first time love this kind of music.Publics involvement is very important for Redska. Sometimes, during the concerts, there are true "invasions" of fans on the stage! 2004, after a long live promotion, the first album "Mi son sbagliato nel confondermi" waspublished (Sana Records/Audioglobe). 2007 there was a new edition of this album forOne Step Records. Many artists, such as The Hormonauts and Enri (ex VIP200),collaborated at it. Until now Redska have held lots of concerts both in Italy and abroad."Le mie prigioni" (2008) is the new album of Redska. You can listen to rough soundswhich are at the same time very particular and make this album interesting; it is characterized by a perfect mix of ska, punk and reggae. This album is rich in collaborations, such as Banda Bassotti, Matrioska, Los Fastidios, The Good Fellas and Enri. "Le mie prigioni" contains 12 songs which refer to some aspects of our life: the Italian and international politics, the Church ("Laghi di sangue", "Ora dopo ora"), the hard life conditions of the workers, the difficulty with being consistent with our own principles ("Il castello", "Non cambiare mai"), the struggle for freedom and the full disapproval for the death penalty ("Il Partigiano", "Le mie prigioni") and the battle against prejudices("Rabbia e libert"). The songs deal with other "lighter" subjects too. The official presentation of the album took place on the 15th March 2008 at Vidia Rock Club in Cesena.

Free Mp3 file here

Realaudio here



The soldiers of ska, rocksteady runaways and rebels of reggae bring you music for dancers and lovers.

Babylove and the van Dangos is a tight group of bonafide musicians and nomatter if its live acoustic performances on japanese television, cramped bars, bass booming festivals, this band always deliver. So keep your eyes peeled, because any stage, anywhere, at anytime BvD might be bringing their Rocksteady Ska and reggae to your town. After more than 200 shows played throughout the 4 year life of Babylove & the Van Dangos, their soulful sound has earned them a place up with the top live acts on the ska scene. Doing it the old fashion way BvD has toured Scandinavia, all over Europe and Japan to build a solid fan base and show that this is a band that always gets the peoples feet, moving to the sweet ska beat.

In the spring of 2004, this seven piece outfit was formed in Copenhagen Denmark by lead singer Daniel Babylove Broman to express the soulfulness of ska music. Less than 3 months later this baby was already up and running wild on the Danish ska scene. After a year of song writing, beer drinking and dancefloor shaking, Babylove & the Van Dangos recorded, produced and mixed their debut album Run run rudie, which was released on the bands own label Lovers Choice Records. The self released album has so far sold a solid 1500 copies whithout any promotional support except the music itself and the bands impressing live performances. Run run rudie was January 2007 re-released by the international ska label Megalith records and is distributed in Europe, U.S.A and Japan.

In February 2007 Babylove & the Van Dangos released a 7 vinyl recorded the classic way. One take, no cuts and lots of oldschool feeling. The single called Big Big Baboon was released by Mad Butcher Records and features the amazingly talented Coolie Ranx (ex-Toasters, ex-Pilfers) from New York who brings his personal rudeboy style to the track. The release was followed by heavy touring all over Europe in April 2007.

Later that year the 2nd album called Lovers choice was recording and it will be released by Megalith Records (CD/downloads) and Mad Butcher Records (Vinyls) April 2008 and feature 14 brand new songs and feature Doreen Shaffer from The Skatalites and will be mixed by the legendary Victor Rice from New York.

Free Mp3 file here

Realaudio here



III IST ECHT DERBE ROCKSCHEISSE!!! Wir bringen den Dreck, der berall so abgeht, voll auf den Punkt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keine Kompromisse, keine Gefangenen aber immer das fette Brett!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir sind tierisch wtend und kmpfen deshalb gegen die ganzen Verrterschweine und Politiker und so, die alle blo abzocken und immer nur lgen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir reden Klartext und lassen uns von Niemandem den Mund verbieten!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bisher war Rock nur Pipikram - jetzt kommen wir!!!!!!!! Und zwar knallhart... Das ist Punk!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wie er sein muss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

III HAT GELOGEN. III ist nichts von alledem. Nicht mal ein Ausrufezeichen. Denn III erklrt nichts, III erzhlt lediglich: ber sich. ber dich. ber jetzt. Schn, dass es wieder eine deutsche Band gibt, die keine ausgedienten Phrasen und Bilder bemht. Und nichts komponiert, was kurzlebigen Trends untergeordnet werden muss. Ein universeller Bandname, den man ohne bersetzung versteht. III Charaktere. III Einflsse, III Instrumente. Und das war es dann auch schon mit der konstruierten Realitt von Rockmythen. Man spielt alternative Gitarrenmusik mit einer noch immer sprbaren Punkrock-Vergangenheit. Trotzdem hat III intelligente deutsche Texte zu bieten und vergibt genussvoll musikalische Ohrfeigen voller Sarkasmus und Humor. Am Ende bleibt die Hoffnung. Somit sind III eine Chance. Ein Vergngen. Und sie wnschen alles Gute.

III HAT EINE VORGESCHICHTE. Hier ist sie: Swoons, Psycho Gambola, Faked ID, Popzillas. Hunderte von Konzerten, Dutzende von Tontrgern. III ist etwas anderes. Gegrndet im Frhjahr 2007 in Stuttgart und ab sofort unterwegs.

III IST GUT GEBAUT. Stefan Becker - Gesang, Gitarre Dirk Kittelberger - Bass Dirk Hundt - Schlagzeug

Free Mp3 file here

Realaudio here



Limited edition of 500 copies with free Fetter Skinhead Pin.7 contains the 2007 skaversion of Fetter Skinhead and a skaversion of Cock Sparrers Were coming back.Thx to the Talco brasssection.




26.04.2008 anne-frank-haus/karlsruhe Germany

27.04.2008 Zakk/dsseldorf Germany

09.05.2008 druckluft/oberhausen Germany

30.05.2008 Rote Flora/hamburg Germany

20.06.2008 Eurocamp/Weissenbach/Attersee Austria

01.08.2008 reiterhalle/bern Switzerland

02.08.2008 u&d festival/vlotho Germany

08.08.2008 Rock Im Grass festival/Barsinghausen Germany


17.05.2008 sbrorocken (Cancelled)/SBRO(Cancelled) Sweden

18.06.2008 BODINI/Malm Sweden

19.06.2008 Schaubude/Kiel Germany

20.06.2008 TBA/TBA Germany

21.06.2008 JUZ Klecks/Sarstedt Germany

Los Fastidios

27.04.2008 Rebellion Festival - Arena/Wien Austria

01.05.2008 Skylab/Terni Italy

02.05.2008 Puerto Baracoa/Grosseto Italy

03.05.2008 C.S. Pedro/Padova Italy

16.05.2008 Circolo Aggabachela /Sassari Italy

17.05.2008 C.S. Magazzino 47/Brescia Italy

22.05.2008 Sala Vietnam/Girona (PPCC) Spain

23.05.2008 Sala KGB/Barcelona (PPCC) Spain

24.05.2008 Festival Herri Northe Taldea /Bilbao (Euskadi) Spain

30.05.2008 Le Local/Marseille France

31.05.2008 Festa Universitaria/Trento Italy

13.07.2008 Taverna da Boe/Castel dell'Aquila (Terni) Italy

18.07.2008 Vaudeville/Lindau Germany

19.07.2008 Esperanza Festival/Schwabish Gmuend Germany

20.07.2008 Holzrock Festival/Schopfheim Germany

25.07.2008 Live'n'Loud Festival/Zadar CROATIA

27.07.2008 Force Attack Festival/Behenkenhagen Germany

31.07.2008 Desi/Nrnberg Germany

01.08.2008 Bike'n'Roll Festival/Grossrohrsdorf Germany

02.08.2008 Subculture Festival/Kralupy Czech Republic

03.08.2008 Ottinger Villa/Darmstadt Germany

05.08.2008 Sonic Ballroom/Koln Germany

06.08.2008 Druckluft/Oberhausen Germany

09.08.2008 Rebellion Festival/Blackpool Great Britain

03.09.2008 Caserta Rock Festival/Caserta Italy

02.10.2008 Ocktoberrevolution Tour - Rockstation club/Halle Germany

03.10.2008 Ocktoberrevolution Tour - Haus der Offiziere/Brandenburg Germany

04.10.2008 Alte Kafeersterei /Plauen Germany

31.10.2008 Dynamo/Zurich Switzerland

01.11.2008 Rockin Chair/Vevey Switzerland


08.05.2008 Festival Microderrame Rock 2008/Oviedo Spain

09.05.2008 Sala Arco/Alcazar de San Juan Spain

16.05.2008 Sala Nave 8/San Vicente de Raspeig Spain

30.05.2008 Polideportivo municipal/Viana (Navarra) Spain

20.06.2008 /Toledo Spain

19.07.2008 Derrame Rock Festival/Oviedo Spain

16.08.2008 Fetes di Village/ASKAIN (Iparralde) France

06.09.2008 Fetes du village/Urrugne ( Iparralde) France


25.04.2008 Festa di Liberazione/Perugia Italy

26.04.2008 Arteria/Bologna Italy

03.05.2008 Orcia Rock Festival/Siena Italy

09.05.2008 Alta Marea/Cagliari Italy

10.05.2008 Nottedi/Cagliari Italy

22.05.2008 Tommy Weisbecker Haus/Berlin Germany

23.05.2008 Hafenklang/Hamburg Germany

24.05.2008 Supamolly/Berlin Germany

21.06.2008 WoodRock Festival/Bagno di Romagna Italy

27.06.2008 Bombay Summer Sound/Terni Italy

04.07.2008 Ciao Estate/Bologna Italy

05.07.2008 Festa Allegrona/Terni Italy

11.07.2008 Rototom Sunsplash/Udine Italy

26.07.2008 Skaville Festival/Krk CROATIA

24.10.2008 PMK Club/Innsbruck Austria


25.04.2008 Treibhaus/Innsbruck Austria

21.05.2008 Stustaculum/Mnchen Bavaria

07.06.2008 Westpark/Mnchen Bavaria

01.07.2008 Tunix-Festival/Mnchen Bavaria

02.08.2008 Sinnflut-Festival/Erding Bavaria

01.11.2008 Linkes Zentrum/Dsseldorf Germany

12.12.2008 Kulturfabrik Moabit/Berlin Germany


25.04.2008 Festa del Roser/La Cellera de Ter Catalonia

26.04.2008 Euskal Herria/Leitza Euskadi

08.05.2008 Bogaloo/pfarrkirchen Germany

09.05.2008 So36/Berlin Germany

10.05.2008 Open Air Berg/Eichsttt Germany

11.05.2008 IrReal/Aulendorf Germany

12.05.2008 Piarate Satellite Festival/Stuttgart Germany

15.05.2008 Kamp w/ Ma Valise /Bielefeld Germany

16.05.2008 Lagendreer/Bochum Germany

17.05.2008 Barracuda Bar/Kassel Germany

17.05.2008 /Gottingen Germany

23.05.2008 Cs Il Molino/Lugano Switzerland

24.05.2008 Box Club/Davos Switzerland

26.07.2008 Der Krater Bebt Festival/Hainsfahrt bei Nrdlingen Germany

27.07.2008 Force Attack Festival/Benkenhagen Germany

15.08.2008 Tells Bells Festival/Villmar Germany

The Baboonz

30.08.2008 tba/Marienbad Czech Republic

02.10.2008 JUZI/Gttingen Germany

04.10.2008 AJZ/Bielefeld Germany

06.10.2008 Alte Mlzerei/Regensburg Bavaria

09.10.2008 Lucerna Music Bar/Prag Czech Republic

10.10.2008 Marty's/Budweis Czech Republic

11.10.2008 Pod Lampou/Pilsen Czech Republic

Umbrella Bed

02.05.2008 tba/Chicago USA

03.05.2008 University/Appleton, WI USA

04.05.2008 Triple Rock Social Club/Minneapolis USA

02.10.2008 JUZ/Gttingen Germany

04.10.2008 AJZ Bielefeld/Bielefeld Germany

06.10.2008 Alte Mlzerei/Regensburg Germany

09.10.2008 Lucerna Music Bar/Praha/Prague Czech Republic

10.10.2008 Marty's/Ceske Budejovice Czech Republic

11.10.2008 Pod Lampou/Pilsen Czech Republic

07.11.2008 Varsity Theatre/Minneapolis USA

08.11.2008 Triple Rock Social Club/Minneapolis USA

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jeudi 1 mai 2008

Encore un viol tarbes

Une jeune fille qui tait la bote de nuit L'Oxygne Tarbes, pendant La nuit du samedi 27 janvier 2008, a t enleve par 5 jeunes hommes ags entre 19 et 28 ans qui courent toujours dans la nature!

> La victime dit ne plus se souvenir de leurs visages. > Selon les rapports d'hpital et de police, la bande l'a viole avant de la laisser incapable de se rappeler les vnements du soir, sur un parking abandonn o la police l'a trouve endormie. > > Les tests ont confirm plus tard les viols rpts et des traces de ROHYPNOL (une pillule pour endormir) dans son sang et de PROGESTERONE, qui est une petite pilule utilise essentiellement pour la strilisation. Cette drogue est maintenant utilise par les auteurs de viol dans des soires pour VIOLER ET STERILISER leurs victimes. Le Progesterone est disponible chez les vtrinaires pour striliser de grands animaux. > > Le Progesterone serait utilis jointement avec le Rohypnol, la drogue du viol. Comme avec Rohypnol, tout ce qu'ils doivent faire est de le laisser tomber dans la boisson de la fille. La fille ne se rappelle rien le lendemain matin de ce qui a eu lieu la nuit prcdente. Le Progesterone, qui se dissout dans les boissons facilement, empche que la victime soit enceinte la suite du viol. Ainsi, l'auteur du viol n'a pas besoin de s'inquiter d'avoir un test de paternit l'identifiant quelques mois plus tard. LES EFFETS DE LA DROGUE NE SONT PAS TEMPORAIRES, ils sont PERMANENTS. Le Progesterone a t conu au dpart pour striliser des chevaux. N'importe quelle femme qui le prend NE POURRA JAMAIS PLUS CONCEVOIR! De plus ces pillules ont des effets cancrignes chez les annimaux et le seraient donc autant pour les hommes. > Les violeurs peuvent obtenir cette drogue auprs de personnes qui tudient dans une cole de vtrinaire ou n'importe quelle universit. > C'est aussi facile que a et le Progesterone est sur le point d'tre prsent de plus en plus partout. Croyez-le ou non, il y a mme des sites sur Internet donnant des explications aux personnes pour leur dire comment l'utiliser! > > Ce genre de situation c'est dja produit en France et ailleurs comme aux tats unis. > > Les filles, faites super-attention ce que vous buvez et avec qui vous sortez. Restez en groupes. > > S'il vous plat faites l'effort de PASSER ceci tous ceux que vous connaissez... > Le but n'est pas de faire une chaine mais de tenir un maximum de personnes au courant! Ceci est trs grave, ce pourrait etre votre petite soeur, votre fille, votre meilleure amie ou votre copines les mecs!