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mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Sin Sospechas (ska Venezuela) en concert sur la cte landaise !!!

GUAKISMOPROD vous invite a dcouvrir le groupe de SKA plus important de Venezuela en LIVE en France Depuis 1990 le groupe a commence a joue dans le quartier populaire de Caricuao Caracas, pres 2 albums et plusieurs tournes vnzueliennes et europennes ils sort leur dernier album "Pin Que Pan"... Riche en sonorits latino-amricaines et des paroles engages a niveau sociaux et culturelle. pres 40 dates par Swizerlan...d, Allemagne, Rpublique Check, Italie, Autriche,Slovnie, Croatie, Bosnie, Belgique, Hollande et Espagne... "SIN SOSPECHAS" se produira en France a partir du 17 Juillet, leur dates:

17/07 "Fuente de Soda El Chicho" (52, place des Capucins) - Bordeaux 18/07 "CHICO LOCO" (11, Rue d'Ausone, Place du Palais) - Bordeaux 19/07 "L'ANTIDOTE" (13 Bis Rue Elie Gintrac, place de la Victoire) - Bordeaux 20/07 "L'EMBUSCADE" (14, Rue Bourgneuf, petit Bayonne) - Bayonne (64) 22/07 "CREAM CAFE" (plage des Bourdaines, fte ETNIES) - Seignosse (40) 23/07 "LA JAMAIQUE" (9, Rue du Casino) - Mimizan Plage (40)





Booking & Management France GUAKISMOPROD Fr. Mauro Ceballos (Tour Manager) guakismoprod@hotmail.fr http://www.myspace.com/guakismoprod Facebook: Guakismoprod

Gladys Palmera Newsletter 12-07-2010

Radio Gladys Palmera, emisora oficial de Crulla BCN El festival Crulla BCN 2010 recibir los das 16 y 17 de julio la visita de 35 agrupaciones en un cartel heterogneo y excepcional. Por ello el programa The Insider realizar durante esta semana, de lunes a jueves, una serie de entrevistas en un cubrimiento informativo acorde con la importancia del evento. El viernes se har, por su parte, un especial con Jordi Herreruela, director del festival. Crulla BCN se lleva a cabo por tercer ao consecutivo en el Parc del Forum de Barcelona y Gladys Palmera es la emisora oficial del evento. Leer ms...

Cubrimiento especial de Pirineos Sur Gladys Palmera se desplaza a Lanuza-Sallent de Gllego, en Huesca, sede principal del festival Pirineos Sur, para ejercer como emisora oficial del gran evento. El festival, que naci en 1992, se llevar a cabo entre el 8 y el 25 de julio, y es el ms conocido del Pirineo Aragons. Una de sus principales virtudes es el carcter monogrfico de sus semanas de conciertos y en este caso tiene una importancia histrica porque conmemora el Bicentenario de las independencias latinoamericanas. De tal manera, habr representantes artsticos de Argentina. Mxico, Colombia, Chile, Per, Puerto Rico y Venezuela, adems de msicos espaoles, europeos y africanos. Leer ms..

Future Beats

Ozomatli - Fire Away Mercer Street/V2

DJ RKK - Elektropik Nave

Ilhan Ersahin - Ilhan Ersahins Istambul Sessions Discograph

Kako & his Orchestra - Live It Up WS/Fania

John Grant - Queen of Deenmark Bella Union


La vida de Raymond Scott en Future Beats El documental Deconstructing Dad: The Life of Raymond Scott, fue estrenado durante el Festival de Cine Judo de Barcelona. Su realizador es Stan Warnow, uno de los hijos de Raymond Scott, genio musical que fue compositor, director e inventor inigualable a mediados del siglo XX. Gladys Palmera convers con Warnow y el programa Future Beats 25 emitir esta entrevista imperdible el sbado 17 de julio, para saber ms acerca de ese hombre que DJ Spooky defini as: Es como si Mozart supiese fabricar violines!". Leer ms...

De acuerdo con las leyes reguladoras de la informacin y comercio electrnico y las de proteccin de datos (LSSI y LOPD), has recibido este mensaje de correo porque tu direccin electrnica figura en nuestra base de datos. La informacin que enviamos peridicamente est relacionada con la msica, la cultura y comunicacin. Si no te interesa seguir recibiendo esta informacin, te pedimos el favor de responder a este e-mail con la indicacin BORRAR en el Asunto y procederemos a eliminar tu direccin electrnica de nuestra base de datos. Gladys Palmera - info@gladyspalmera.com - Barcelona (Spain).


elWatusi Music Downloads eNews July 14, 2010

Check out DJ Dave's new elWatusi Playlist!

Welcome to the elWatusi eNewsletter N 5 for July 14, 2010. become a fan on Facebook follow us on Twitter share us with friends bookmark our blog

For your consideration, this week we have a beautiful batch of downloads, starting with the superb new release from Lucas Van Merwijk & The Cubop City Big Band entitled Que Sensacin, a big band tribute to Afro Cuban Jazz. There is a flash of great titles in the reissue department as well, including classics by Javier Vazquez, Yomo Toro, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, as well as the gem Celia, Johnny & Pete. John Child had contributed additional Artist Mini Bios and, direct from Germany, DJ Dave joins the elWatusi family of Playlist creators. Read on...

Lucas Van Merwijk & The Cubop City Big Band | Que Sensacin!

A big band tribute to the pioneers of Afro Cuban Jazz. Grupo Afro Cuba, one of band leader and drummer Lucas Van Merwijk's primary and major inspirations in this genre, was a leading force in the 1980s. The Cubop City Big Band recorded three of their compositions: "Que Sensacin," "Ya Puede Empezar La Dicha De Los Dos" and "Si Preguntan Por Mi." The great Cuban sax player Paquito d'Rivera is honored on this record in an original composition entitled "Pa' Quito," written in Paquito's style by the band's pianist and arranger Marc Bischoff. "Para Yemaya" is an adaptation of an arrangement by Nueva Manteca's brilliant pianist and leader, Jan Laurens Hartong. The late Emiliano Salvador, legendary genius pianist and composer, is honored by the tracks "A Puerto Padre," a song dedicated to Salvador's place of birth in Cuba and "Para Luego Es Tarde."

Javier Vazquez | La Verdad

I like this record a lot. It is a really fine representation of the New York sound from the mid '70s. Perhaps it is the interweaving of the trombones and trumpets, or the arrangements that put the rhythm section right up front. The seasoned and strong vocals by Chito and the absolutely terrific coro section with Yayo El Indio, Carlos Diaz and Roberto Torres are reasons enough.

Rick Davies | Salsa Strut

Jazzismo is a Latin jazz group led by trombonist/composer Rick Davies and has existed in its current incarnation since March of 2002. Started by Davies in New York City in the late 1990s, the original group included such Latin music stalwarts as pianist Arturo O'Farrill and bassist Harvie Swartz. When Davies relocated to the Burlington/Plattsburgh area to assume a faculty position at Plattsburgh State University of New York, he reorganized the group using some of the finest musicians in Vermont, Montreal, and Northern New York State.

Cubanoson | Rumba Nueva

Terrific son-salsa release by New Yorks's own Cubanoson as led by singer and pianist Leonel "Papo" Ortega. With Junior Rivera on tres, percussionist Luisito Quintero, trumpeter Roberto Rodriguez Jr. and others. Very highly recommended.

Cubanoson | Recordando a Cuba

Nice! An all embracing, son-salsa release in the style of the best classic SAR recordings. In fact, most of the arrangements here are done by Manolo Albo, one of the originators (along with Roberto Torres and Sergio Bofil) of the SAR dynasty. The brainchild of pianist-singer Leonel "Papo" Ortega, Cubanoson sports deep, rich tres driven grooves (Junior Rivera) fronted by seasoned singers who know what they're doing: Ernest "Chico" Alvarez, another SAR star, and the legendary Ronnie Baro (Africando, SonSublime, Broadway, Barretto etc.) who here revives the classic "Monsieur Jose" -- remember that from the recently reissued classic Sonido Solido? "Papo" Ortega can spin a fine, inviting montuno, and sports a just-right vocal timbre to fit right in with his other first-line singers. Cubanoson has all the elements of the best old school dance material, and is earmarked to become a classic. With percussionist Luisito Quintero. bassist Willie Cintron, trumpeter and musical director Roberto Rodrguez and others who help to make this one a very special acquisition. Very Highly Recommended.

Os Ipanemas | Os Ipanemas

This is Os Ipanemas - Os Ipanemas (1964), for Columbia, a unique and killer set of Bossa Jazz with Afro Influences, featuring the traditional bass and drums with the addition of Astor Silva trombone, Neco's guitar and Ruben Bassini percussion. Astor Silva is probably the leader of Os Ipanemas, which is a constellation of Brazilian musicians that recorded this first and only album for Columbia. Os Ipanemas were assembled 40 years later for another recording and different formation, but never could reach what was done in this first 1964 release. Loronix Brazil Music Blog

Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco & Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez | Celia, Johnny & Pete

CONTRIBUTOR COMMENTS: "One of the most important records in Latin music! The individual masterpieces 'Me Voy Contigo' and 'La Madre Rumba' are included here." (Phil Riggio, 1998) "A near-flawless collaboration among three giants of salsa, this 1980 recording includes the original 'La Dicha Mia,' La Reina's tribute to her musical compadres. If you're familiar only with the English-language travesty of that tune from the 'Mambo Kings' soundtrack, you better get this essential album. " (George De Stefano, 1994)

Perfume de Salsa | Solo Ella

This all-woman Salsa/Latin Jazz ensemble from the Netherlands have devoted themselves to this music and they have succeeded in producing a well paced dance-oriented album. Includes the famous Puerto Rican plena Elena Elena.

Issa Juma and Super Wanyika Stars | World Defeats the Grandfathers - Swinging Swahili Rumba 1982 - 1986

For nearly thirty years, the "Wanyika" bands dominated Nairobi's nightclubs and recording industry. Their music was propelled by light percussion and made sweet with a delicate interplay between rhythm and solo guitars. The sound was sparse, but a rich bass filled the gaps and on top were catchy melodies sung in a Swahili that could be understood across East Africa. This was the defining sound of Kenyan Swahili rumba in the late 70s and early 80s, and Issa Juma was a pivotal figure in both its creation and development. His powerful baritone voice was indisputably the best of the Wanyika clan and, constantly experimenting, his style would change with each producer and session. Carefully re-mastered, full-length recordings that include bona fide hits alongside rare, never-before-released tracks, this album is a long-overdue homage to a brilliant vocalist and band-leader, an innovative and accomplished musician who today is sadly missed.

Combinacion De La Habana | Que Combinason

A terrific son-guaracha release - with a couple of fine boleros thrown in for good measure - from some very special Cuban musicians. Guest vocalist Raul Planas transforms the atmosphere into something ethereal and timeless.

SambaD | Gente

With their third studio release, Gente, SambaD embodies the Afro Brazilian traditions of the Candomble religion, the martial art/dance Capoeira and innovative percussion, while also being firmly rooted in Samba Reggae, surf rock and California funk. From a bed of searing surf rock guitar licks, blazing percussion grooves, slamming drum beats, funk bass lines, and tight horn arrangements, SambaD's vocalists bring tradition and innovation together in a cohesive sound that could only be forged in the sands of California. This CD was produced by Greg Landau and features percussionists Marcio Peeter and Wagner Profeta from the legendary Bloco Afro, Il Aiy

Ray Barretto | Todo Se Va A Poder

**Classics Revisited** This album and the 1987 follow-up, Aqu Se Puede, were a major part of the soundtrack of my life in the mid-1980s because my wife, Helen, would constantly play them in the house. With the benefit of hindsight the band on the album should have been called "Ray Barretto and the Stars of Tomorrow", because the lineup contains Jimmy Bosch, Ricky Gonzlez, Jimmy Delgado and Cali Aleman, who became names in their own right, along with prominent sidemen like Angel Fernndez and Chris Anderson. Angel and Ricky shared the task of arranging the seven tracks, which include the standout numbers "Perstame Tu Mujer" and "Todo Se V Poder", composed by Johnny Ortiz. Todo Se V Poder is also a favourite of Ray Rosado (Wayne Gorbea's longtime collaborator, arranger, composer, percussionist and coro singer), who points out that timbalero Jimmy Delgado and bongosero Carlito Soto tightly lock the swing. Co-lead vocalist Ray Saba does a fine job. Also known as Del Rey Xaba, Saba was born in Isabela, Puerto Rico, and previously worked with Orchestra Yare and Los Kimy, among others... Highly recommended. (John Child)

Andy Harlow | La Musica Brava

CONTRIBUTOR COMMENTS: "Andy is a multi-instrumentalist who put together some excellent jazz-influenced salsa sessions in the seventies. The lesser known of the two Harlow brothers, Andy never received the attention lavished on Larry, but his style was unique and highly listenable. Yomo Toro, Eddie Martinez and Jose Madrid are some of the excellent musicians on this mid-seventies date, which features a soulful version of 'Tin Tin Deo' and the irresistible dance groove of 'La Mujer Cocinera.'" (Mark Holston)

Eddie Palmieri | The Truth/La Verdad

Palmieri recorded the album La Verdad (The Truth) with salsa singer Tony Vega in 1987. It included such monsters as "Congo Yambumba" and, of course, "La Verdad." It featured Charlie Sepulveda, Angie Machado, Giovanni Hidalgo, Anthony Carillo and others.

Louie Ramirez | A Different Shade Of Black

Yes Virginia, even Louie Ramirez went through a disco phase. Here it is, in all its 1976 gold-chained, blow-dryed spendor. There's even a disco version of the jazz standard "Laura," the signature tune from the Otto Preminger movie. With arrangements by Louie, Marty Sheller, Sonny Bravo, Dick Mesa and Randy Ortiz. Recommended, if just as a snapshot of a place and time. Ventures into Latin soul, as in the pretty darn cool "Barrio Nuevo." LR on vibes and timbales.

Tommy Olivencia | Fiesta De Soneros

Original Release date: 1978. Produced by Luis Ortiz & Ray Barretto Arranged by Luis Ortiz, Maximo Torres & Cabrerita. Compiled by Al Santiago

Yomo Toro | Musica Para El Mundo Entero

Mark Richardson, Trompeta & horns | Tony Barrero, Trompeta Peter Perez, Trombon | Yomo Toro, Guitarra & cuatro | Rafael Rosado, Piano | Nelson Rivera, Bajo | Louie Carrasquillo, Conga | Walberto R. Malines, Timbal & piano | Peter Perez, Bongo & Horns | Ozzie Muiz, Fundador de la evolucion | Milton Cardona, Coro | Jose Mangual, Jr., Coro | Louie Carrasquillo, Ri | Edwin Rivera, Maracas | Adrian Perez, coros | Edwin Olivieri, coros

Bobby Valentin | Se La Comio

Very early Bobby Valentin. Nice grooves, especially "Guarambembere."

Fania All Stars | Social Change

This 1981 crossover album featured: Idris Muhammad, Eric Gale, David Spinozza, Juancito Torres, Hector Zarzuela, Renaldo Jorge, Lewis Kahn, Leopoldo Pineda, Tony Barrera, Johnny Pacheco, Adalberto Santiago, Nestor Sanchez, Guest: Gato Barbieri.

Artist Mini Bio: Charlie Palmieri

Nine years senior to his famous brother Eddie Palmieri, Charlie was born of Puerto Rican parentage in New York on November 12th 1927. A child musical prodigy who could faultlessly copy a piece on the piano by ear, he began piano lessons at the age of six and later studied at the Juilliard School of Music. During the 1940s and '50s he worked as a sideman with Rafael Muoz, Xavier Cugat, Tito Puente, Pupi Campo, Johnny Segu, Tito Rodrguez, Vicentico Valds and Pete Terrace, among others. In 1948 he made eight Latin jazz-oriented recordings for the Alba label with his first band Conjunto Pin Pin featuring Sab Martnez on conga, which were collected in the album El Fantastico Charlie Palmieri on Tropical Records. Also in the Latin jazz vein...more

Artist Mini Bio: Joe Bataan

Dubbed the undisputed King of Latin Soul, Joe Bataan was not only a pioneer of this R&B/Latin fusion style and its ally boogaloo, but he also played a part in the early development of the '70s disco and '80s rap movements. Born Bataan Nitollando on May 14, 1942 to a African-American mother and Filipino father, in Joe's words, he "grew-up in poverty and trouble" in East Harlem absorbing a mixture of pop, Latin, doo-wop and R&B influences. During his teens he ran with gangs and was sentenced to five years in Coxsackie State Prison for driving a stolen car. Music proved to be his salvation when he rounded-up a group of young...more

DJ Dave The Subway to Salsa!

Los Angeles, Warsaw, Milano, Marrakech, Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover and Dsseldorf: This is just a quick listing of DJ Dave's intense work as a world renowned and frequently traveling Salsa DJ playing a big bunch of Festivals and club gigs all around the globe. Beside the influence of contemporary Salsa from New York & Puerto Rico, DJ Dave's trademark is the "Salsa Mambo", also called "Salsa Dura" or "Salsa Classica" or "Fania Salsa." This music is characterized through hard beats, elements of Jazz and a lot of breaks and improvisations, but always stays danceable.

Spotlight - Aceituna Sin Hueso

One of my favorite bands is Aceituna Sin Hueso. Led by Miriela Moreno, a Cuban singer-songwriter. It's exceedingly smart pop with lyrics about consumerism and identity, and she can really sing, too. The band can rock, often adding violin to the mix, allowing Moreno's poignant thoughts and poetry to slip in the back door, seemingly unnoticed, while you groove. The band's videos often have subtitles just so do don't miss what's being said. I recommend that you get both titles Marginales.com (see below video) and Consumir Preferiblemente Antes De: (For Immediate Consumption). - elW...more


Special Inna de Yard All Stars

"CD+DVD live in France" sortie lundi 12 juillet

Toutes les vibrations de la mythique premire tourne d'Inna De Yard en 2009

captures sur un double CD / DVD + Killer Bonus ! Disponible ds lundi.

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus et voir les extraits

Retrouvez Inna De Yard All Stars pour un concert exceptionnel Paris

Le 20 juillet sur la plage du Glazart !

15 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette 75019 Paris

Cliquez pour rserver vos tickets sur Fnac.com

Cliquez pour rserver vos tickets sur Makasound.com (tarif prfrentiel)

Ne manquez pas le concert du 27/07 Seignosse avec Winston McAnuff

Le 27 Juillet : HOSSEGOR - SEIGNOSSE (40) Les Bourdaines

Cliquez ici pour rserver vos places

Cliquez pour regarder les extraits du Live sur la page mySpace

INNA DE YARD ALL STARS TOUR 2010 : Earl Smith, Kiddus I, Matthew McAnuff, Derajah, Cedric Myton, Alphonso Craig, Clinton Fearon

12/07 : MULHOUSE (68) Festival Bte de Scne 17/07 : DOUR (Belgique) Festival de DOUR 18/07 : LONDRES (UK) Barbican Center

20/07 : PARIS (75) Glazart La Plage 23/07 : NYON (Suisse) PALEO Festival 24/07 : ST CROIX VOLVESTRE (09) Festival Terre de Couleurs 27/07 : HOSSEGOR - SEIGNOSSE (40) Les Bourdaines - avec Winston McAnuff 29/07 : BAGNOLS SUR CEZE (30) - GARANCE Reggae Festival 31/07 : BERSENBRUCK (Allemagne) Festival REGGAE JAM 06/08 : ST NAZAIRE (44) Festival LES ESCALE DE ST NAZAIRE 07/08 : GEEL (Hollande) Festival REGGAE GEEL

Remix Nuevo Bacardi Descarga Free !!!

Espaol :

Es como andar por monterrey en un super carro, fumando marihuana,

brazo fuera de la ventana, lentes negros y mucho volumen

Ingles :

Its like rollin through Monterrey in a bashy car, smoking marijuana,

arm out the window, dark glasses and speakers pumpin

Cumbia Groove 100 % Barrio Style!!!

Remix-EL Hijo de la Cumbia- Bacardi Cola Style Monterrey/Jamaica/New York Cumbia Groove -Tucomentario es importante -Your comment is important El Hijo de la Cumbia

www.elhijodelacumbia.com.ar info@elhijodelacumbia.com.ar

            DESCARGA FREE


Boletn de Prensa Skaparate . Unchi Style . Cali

Boletn de Prensa Skaparate

Despus de dos aos de mucho sacrificio y trabajo, la agrupacin Calea Skaparate se hace presente con su 2da produccin musical independiente llamada "Unchi Syle". Un lbum cargado de Ska + Rock, y ritmos propios de nuestra cultura colombiana que dejan entre ver a un Skaparate ms maduro y profesional.

La banda ha sido nominada como Banda Revelacin y Mejor Banda del Ao (2006/2008 - Premios Tiempo Real de la UAO en Cali), Mejor Banda Vuelta a Rockombia Cali (2008 - Revista Shock), entre otros reconocimientos.

El 27 de Noviembre de 2009 tuvieron la oportunidad de abrir el concierto de la gira "Vives con xito" de Carlos Vives y la Provincia, realizado en la plaza de toros Caaveralejo de Cali, y en anteriores presentaciones Skaparate tambin ha compartido escenario con agrupaciones como Dr. Krpula, Superlitio, Kronos, Kraken; bandas colombianas que estn dentro de las ms representativas del rock nacional.

En un llamado a la comunidad rockera de Cali el prximo viernes 9 de julio del ao en curso, Skaparate estar haciendo el prelanzamiento de su nueva produccin en el auditorio Uriel Estrada de Coomeva, sede principal (Calle 13 con Cra 57) en el marco de RockArte con Coomeva, un evento msico-cultural que enriquece mucho ms nuestra ciudad.

No te pierdas este gran concierto y parate que ya lleg Skaparate.


Visite a Skaparate en la red: Hi5 | MySpace | YouTube | Facebook

#1 le nouveau LP de Princess K-shu / deezer, itunes, amazon, fnac, virgin.... go!

#1:The new LP by Princess K-shu / deezer, itunes, amazon, fnac, virgin.... go!



PRINCESS K-SHU www.myspace.com/princesskshu

YOCHANO N 133 - Newsletter semanal de actualidad rumbera

www.alegriafestival.com www.rumbaclub.blogspot.com www.santgaudenci.com www.calarumba.com www.myspace.com/latrobakungfu


30/06/2010 PAPAWA, LA RUMBA DE LA BONA FORTUNA http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/noticias.asp?ID=200


Jaleo Real el gritero videoclip http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/medias.asp?id=462


07/07/2010 Sala 2 Apolo - Nou de la Rambla 111 - Barcelona RumbaClub - MIRCOLES 7 JULIO 2010 9 SON + DJ BONGO (Berln) http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2155

07/07/2010 Rumba Club. Barcelona, Barcelona, Espaa 9Son Rumba Club Barcelona http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2072

09/07/2010 Pub Martin's - C/ Navarra - Mollerusa - Lleida, Lleida, Espaa Los Nimai - Mollerusa - Pub Martin's http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2109

09/07/2010 Cornell - Festa Major 201, Barcelona, Espaa La Pegatina - Cornell - Festa Major 2010 http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2080

10/07/2010 V Festival Abierto-Alternativo - Susinos del Pramo (Burgos), Burgos, Espaa Races y Puntas - V Festival Abierto-Alternativo - Susinos del Pramo (Burgos) http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2168

10/07/2010 Pallej - Festa Major, Barcelona, Espaa SobreTaulaKandela - Pallej - Festa Major http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2162

11/07/2010 Gens de Badalona - c/ Santa Teresa,22 08911 - Badalona, Barcelona, Espaa Latino y los Llobregantes - Genas de Badalona - Badalona http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2151

11/07/2010 Quebec (Canad) , Canad La Pegatina - Quebec (Canad) - Festival d'Ete Quebec http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2008

12/07/2010 Quebec (Canad) - Festival d'Ete Quebec , Canad La Pegatina - Quebec (Canad) - Festival d'Ete Quebec http://www.calarumba.com/castellano/conciertos.asp?ID=2009

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Bimbo & Elson "Propiedad Urbana"

Esta caliente, gorda y es msica urbana tropical con un buche de reggaetn. Una banda dinmica vestida de distintos gneros musicales como la salsa y guaracha con un toque de bomba con bachata, plena con le, lo, lei, en un sancocho de ritmos bailables de pop, hip-hop, r&b con un chin de rock encabezado por las rimas ametralladoras de Bimbo alternando con los versos meldicos de Elsn. Arropando todo lo que es la msica de hoy, se presenta: Propiedad Urbana.

Un nuevo torsin en canciones que vibran con el pulso de las calles arenosas desde San Juan hasta Nueva York, Propiedad Urbana reconstruye versos musicales entre una armazn diversa e instrumental que cuando se unen con sus dos cantantes se enciende en llamas. Propiedad Urbana: Bimbo & Elsn.

Jesus Bimbo Otero no es un principiante en el mundo de la farndula. Bimbo ya sabe lo que es tener un hit pegado en el lugar #8 cuando era un chamaquito que formaba parte del grupo 3-2 Get Funky donde con su sonido y estilos nicos hicieron historia siendo parte de el sello de RMM, (Ralph Mercado). Su remezcla del tema Karma de la artista Alicia Keys lo hizo todo una figura de nombre en su isla nativa de Puerto Rico. Con mas de 100 canciones en su nombre, este oso maoso ha trabajado con los mas grandes de el genero de reggaetn y salsa. Bimbo ha colaborado con numerosos artistas como, Daddy Yankee, Jowell y Randy, Alicia Keys, Frankie J, Sonora Carruseles y muchos mas dndose a querer con su msica en el mundo entero. En el 1996 Bimbo fue destacado por su talento en el tema Eternamente Mi Amor junto al gran cantante salsero Michael Stuart en el disco Cuentos de la Vecindad.

En el 2003 Bimbo lanza su primer disco como solista en el cual incluye el tema "Amor Bandido" Ft Cheka, colocndose as en los top charts.

Ahora se une junto a Nelson Negrn, conocido artsticamente como Elsn para traerles una pieza maestra donde se fusiona todo lo que es la msica urbana. Presentando as Propiedad Urbana. Desde el condado de la salsa en la ciudad de rascacielos, Elson Negron trae un plato diferente a esta mesa musical. Un msico y cantante, su diversidad en estilos musicales se mezcla adentro del molde alco iris que es Propiedad Urbana. Su alter ego, Elsn nace de su propio estilo urbano del son. Un multi-instrumentalista, Elsn toca piano, batera y bajo adems de el cuatro Puertorriqueo. Despus de viajar el mundo con artistas como Frankie Negrn, Brenda K. Starr, Rey Ruiz, Rubn Blades, Conjunto Imagen, Tito Nieves, George Lamond, D.L.G., Huey Dunbar y Jerry Rivera, Elsn ahora se mueve adelante a unirse a Bimbo y tambin estrenar este abrigo de distintos colores que es Propiedad Urbana.

Una vitrina de fusin tropical urbana que casi cruza las lneas musicales con atrevimiento y manejado con innovativa, esto es Propiedad Urbana. Chequalos!

Descrga la msica de Bimbo & Elson gratis aqu:


info@digital-street-team.com 1-888-726-3864 ext.3

Digital-Street-Team.com - Internet Marketing Experts Since 2000

Digital Street Team / 1-888-726-3864 ext.3 / info@digital-street-team.com


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This week we have some terrific material, beginning with a batch of classic reissues from Cotique, Tico, West Side and Mardi Gras ...with a much appreciated release of the Bobby Paunetto vibes project, El Sonido Moderno. Look out, also, for that first Ocho release and, of course, as our lead photo suggests, some primo Joe Cuba titles. We also welcome more Richport catalog including totally satisfying titles by Judy Deleon and Henry Brun. Also, trombonist Rick Davies offer's up his Siempre Salsa release with guest Wayne Gorbea. Good stuff all around. Be sure to scroll down and see a new batch of Artist Mini Bios of Papaito, Lebron Brothers, Ismael Rivera and La Sonora Poncea.

Joe Cuba | Diggin' The Most

CONTRIBUTOR COMMENTS: "It was hard to choose this album over 'Steppin Out' (I did a helluva lot of 'grinding' to 'To Be With You'), but this is my favorite Joe Cuba record. Cheo Feliciano's vocals on 'Picando De Vicio,' 'La Lapa,' 'Arianara,' and the beautiful bolero 'Aunque Tu,' never cease to amaze me--not to mention the very hip, 'Remember Me.' This band's rhythm section was one of the tightest around at the time... Nick Jimnez, the pianist, always seemed to be very underrated in my view ...his solo on 'Llegue,' an instrumental, is one of my all-time favorite piano solos." (Henry Fiol, 1998)

Bobby Paunetto | El Sonido Moderno - The Seeco Sessions

What a way-cool 60s Latin soul release by Mr. Paunetto, the great vibes and marimba player. The session featured timbalero Ray Cruz, bongocero John (Dandy) Rodriguez, bassists Fernando Oquendo and Henry Zapata, and others. Great to hear again. If you like Cal Tjader, you'll love this. Terrific stuff. - elW

Ocho | Ocho

One of my favorite 70s New York bands, vibe-based Ocho produced a sound that was full of great Afro Latin soul grooves reflecting the era, yet sounds just as fresh today. With singers Jimmy Sabater, Alberto Santiago, Willie Torres and Manny Roman. No signs of wear here. Get it.

Joe Cuba | Wanted Dead or Alive aka Bang! Bang! Push, Push, Push

Along with Pete "Boogaloo" Rodrguez' I Like It Like That, Joe Cuba Sextet's Bang! Bang! Push, Push, Push is one of the principal albums of the '66-9 boogaloo craze. It contains the million selling single "Bang, Bang", penned by Jimmy Sabater and Cuba, which reached number 63 in the national US pop chart in 1966. Jimmy's composition "Oh Yeah" also charted in 1967. Highly recommended. (John Child)

Tito Ramos | Where My Head Is At

Very cool 1972 Latin soul session featuring Spanish Harlem's Tito Ramos who sang for Joe Bataan's band. If Bataan, Johnny Coln, Joey Pastrana and Ralphy Pagan ring your bell, this one is a must-have.

Joe Bataan | Singin' Some Soul

Pure Latin soul from Joe Bataan. This 1972 release on Fania features the tracks "My Cloud," "Under The Street Lamp," "Young Gifted And Brown," and his anthemic "Ordinary Guy." With arrangements by Marty Sheller.

Joe Cuba | Steppin' Out

CONTRIBUTOR COMMENTS: "A must for every collection with Cheo Feliciano, Willie Torres and Jimmy Sabater. Can you turn down: 'A Las Seis,' 'To Be With You' and 'Como Rein'...of course you can't." (Al Santiago, 1994)

"Sammy says: When I was young I thought Cheo Feliciano was the greatest singer and Joe Cuba's band was the swingingest band in the world." (Sammy Figueroa & Rachel Faro, 1994)

Joe Cuba | Recuerdos De Mi Querido Barrio

This 1970 release featured Jimmy Sabater, Willie Torres, Jules (Slim) Cordero, Alberto Delgado, and the great pianist Alfredo Rodriguez. It's got some terrific tracks like "Pataqubiriquambambaram (En El Stoop)" and "Aprieta (Oye Como Va)." Not to be missed.

Tito Rodriguez | Tito's Hits

One of the tightest and cleanest bands ever recorded. Straw boss perfectionist Victor Paz was a musical director who rehearsed and drilled band the to perfection. Do not let the double entendre on 'Vuela La Paloma' fly by your bird." (Al Santiago, 1994)

Rick Davies | Siempre Salsa

Well done Latin jazz from Burlington, Vermont. Davies, a trombonist, has enlisted his old boss, Wayne Gorbea, on a track, but mostly sticks to straight ahead Latin jazz. Hes varied the group, also, so there are big band tracks and smaller group stuff, and a salsa band and a sextet. Good for the radio. Recommended. (Peter Watrous)

Judi Deleon | Judi Deleon

The lovely jazz vocal stylings of Judi Deleon are debuted on this self-titled project. With style and grace, Deleon covers jazz and pop standards like "Lullaby of Birdland," "It's Too Late," "Feel Like Makin' Love" as well as a few original tracks. Features pianist Travis Davis, percussionists Henry Brun and Brandon Rivas, sax player Brandon Rivas, and guest flautist Justo Almario. A terrific session - and just great for the dancers, too.

Henry Brun | Spiritual Awakenings

Direct from San Antonio, Texas, percussionist Henry Brun has produced a rich, groove-driven Latin jazz project. Many of these tracks swing hard, like "El Tren De Bernardo," a spin on "Take The A Train." Terrific vocals by Judi Deleon, who lends an R&B feel to several numbers on this project. To clear the palate, the songs are spaced by interludes of traditional folkloric or religious percussion riffs, clearly displaying Mr. Brun's capacity as a top notch conguero. One of my personal favorites, "Coquetona," is performed con mucho sabor. The album closes with Chick Corea's "Got A Match?" which features the sizzling organ of Benjamin Irom. Special guest: timbalero Victor Rendn. Highly recommended.

Los Saravah Soul | Cultura Impura

It's been two years since their eponymous debut came out, picking up diverse radio support from the likes of The Unabombers (XFM), Craig Charles (BBC 6Music) and Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1), but Saravah Soul have not rested; the need to soak up more and more influences, gathering obscure African and Brazilian instruments on the way...

"Great track, cool recording and very dynamic! Will play for sure" - Nick Luscombe (Flomotion) "Yea this is great !!!! Outdoor festivals & sunshine vibes all da way" - DJ Simbad "I think this band just gets better and better. Will support in clubs/radio" - Huw Ellis (Knowfoowl) "Love this! Great to have Saravah back - definitely on the playlist for Vibe Bar and Big Chill Bar this weekend" DJ Gilla (First Word) "Killer Afrobeat here from Saravah Soul. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album" - Erik Schneider (Giant Step USA) "Great Brazilian Afrobeat dancer" - Global SoulJah liners

Artist Mini Bio: Papaito

Renowned as a percussionist with the legendary Cuban musical institution La Sonora Matancera, Papato (1923-2000) was given the opportunity to make five solo albums as a sonero for Roberto Torres' prolific SAR label between 1979 and 1984. He demonstrated that he possessed an engaging bittersweet voice, which he employed effortlessly in his inspiraciones...more

Artist Mini Bio: Lebron Brothers

These funky mavericks from Brooklyn knocked-out 16 albums on Cotique between 1967 and 1982, often mixing Spanish lyrics Latin tunes and English language R&B / soul-oriented numbers. Fania Records took over Cotique in the early '70s and drafted in star bandleader Larry Harlow to produce Asunto De Familia in 1973...more

Artist Mini Bio: Ismael Rivera

Revered, even deified, Ismael Rivera (1931-1987), also affectionately known as Maelo, occupies the berth in the Latin music pantheon designated "El Sonero Mayor" (the foremost improvising Latin singer), though there is controversy about when and from whom he acquired this epithet. Beginning in the mid-'50s, as a member of Rafael Cortijo's...more

Artist Mini Bio: Sonora Ponea

La Sonora Poncea, Puerto Rico's longest running musical institution, was founded in 1954 by Enrique "Quique" Lucca. His son, Papo Lucca, a remarkable pianist (he also plays percussion, vibes, tres, synthesizer and flugelhorn), gifted soloist and innovative arranger, became musical director...more


vendredi 2 juillet 2010

l't sera reggae

Voici les dernires nouvelles des labels VP Records & Greensleeves:

- CAPLETON " I-ternal fire " (VP Records) sortira le 14 juin, le " Fire man " fait son retour avec un trs bon album reggae . Un album que Capleton defendra sur scne cet t en France, voir les dates ci-dessous:

le 10 Juillet ST Malo (Summer Reggae Festival) le 13 Juillet Paris (Elyse Montmartre) le 12 Juillet Antibes (La Pinede) le 18 Juillet au Dour Festival (Belgique) le 22 Juillet Biarritz (Big Festival) le 23 Juillet Six Fours (Les Voix du Gaou) le 31 Juillet Annecy

- ROMAIN VIRGO " Introduction " (VP Records) sortira le 21 juin. Le premier album de ce jeune artiste ag de 20 ans produit par Donovan Germain, le producteur qui a decouvert Wayne Wonder, Buju Banton et travaill au ct de Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Garnet Silk .. Romain Virgo fait dj preuve d une grande matrise de sa voix et ses paroles sont trs matures mais son nergie reste celle d un jeune jamaicain issue des quartiers difficiles. A couter et voir sur scne absolument, ce garon va se faire un nom trs rapidement dans le monde du reggae -

- GYPTIAN " Hold you " (VP Records) est le titre reggae/dancehall de l anne ! Dj dans le TOP 100 au billboard aux USA, GYPTIAN va faire danser le monde tout l t ! Titre disponible sur Ragga Ragga Ragga 2010 & Reggae Gold 2010 (14 Juin 2010)

- EVOLUTION OF DUB VOL 5 " The missing link " sortira le 21 Juin. Le 5me volume de cette srie ddie au DUB ou l on retrouve 4 albums exceptionnels et rares - Indispensable dans votre collection !

- GAPPY RANKS " HEAVEN IN HER EYES " (Greensleeves) sortira cet t. Le premier album de l artites #1 en Angleterre produit par Peckings Studio one. Le jeune artiste londonien deejay ou chante sur des riddims classiques de Studio One ou Treasure Isle ainsi que sur quelque Marley. Un album trs rafrachissant pour les gens qui ont aim " Bond street " de Bitty Mclean mais qui aime aussi Vybz Kartel et Buju Banton. Retenez bien ce nom GAPPY RANKS, il vient de ressusciter la scne reggae Anglaise qui s tait teinte depuis quelques annes !

- JR KELLY " Red pond " (VP Records), dj disponible, est le dernire opus de JR KELLY, un album produit en grande partie par le FIRE HOUSE CREW, un groupe de musicien trs connu pour accompagn SIZZLA en tourne ainsi que pour leur production reggae. Les singles " Nothin wrong with the world " & " African child " sont trs apprcis par les fans de reggae.

- LUCIANO " United nation of Africa " (VP Records) sortira le 5 juillet. Produit par Frenchie de Maximum Sound , ce nouvel album de Luciano est ddi l Afrique decidement trs populaire en 2010. Un album roots ou l on retrouve le Luciano que l on aime, mlodieux & militant !

- ALBOROSIE sera en tourne dans toute l Europe au mois d Aot pour chanter ses hits " Kingston town ", " Herbalist ", " No Cocaine " ... + d infos sur www.myspace.com/alborosie

Fabrice Delpech "Deldongo"

Deldongo Latin Salsa Groupe 12 musiciens sur scne

Deldongo : lead vocal,compositions,arrangements Bo Maria : Choeurs R.Garetea : Choeurs Omar Marquez : Timbales Luis Viloria : Bongo,Campana Jorge Posada : Congas E.Halter : Basse Daniel Stawinsky : Piano Y.Lecarboulec : Trumpet R.Millet : Trumpet J.Edwards : Bones Michael Joussein : Bones

www.deldongo.com playlist de deldongo sur deezer (40 morceaux!)

Bio de Deldongo :

Originaire de Cahors, Deldongo est auteur-compositeur, arrangeur, multi- instrumentiste et interprte. Il exporte depuis maintenant plus de 10 ans sa  Frenchy-Latin Music au quatre coins du monde. Entre Salsa, Bolro, Bossa Nova, Boogaloo, Latin-jazz et ballades, Deldongo a conquis le cur des gens en France, ainsi que dans de nombreux pays dAmrique du sud, des Carabes, les USA ,etc... Avec des textes trs "Frenchy, Deldongo a montr que la langue franaise pouvait se marier avec tous les rythmes latins. Deldongo produit son premier album de 17 titres intitul "SuperStar" en 2005.Cet album marie diffrents styles et influences tels que la salsa made in New York, le jazz et la new-soul. Il y ajoute sa touche personnelle Frenchy par son phras et ses textes en franais. En janvier 2007, il sort un single de quatre titres intitul  Destination Amazone qui affirme que la salsa peut se chanter en franais en respectant les diffrents rythmes de la musique afro-caribenne. En septembre 2008 nait le 2me album  Pueblo Populaire , album de 13 titres en majorit de couleur Salsa ,mais aussi bolro, bossa nova, boogaloo. Il est le premier franais a avoir t invit jouer sa Salsa sur la premire place Salsera dAmrique Latine, CALI en Colombie. Son titre  Destination Amazone a dailleurs t lu  chanson de lanne 2007 sur Radio Planicie "programme Rumba y Son " LIMA (Prou). Il a obtenu la quatrime place en tant quartiste le plus tlcharg aux Francophonies Diffusion en novembre et dcembre 2007 et 10me au Top 20 en Fvrier 2009 avec le titre  Fait Divers . Aujourdhui, DELDONGO est playlist sur de nombreuses radios internationales : San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Lima, San Juan, Montral, Munich, Berlin, Paris etc. Deldongo est donc assimil aujourdhui en Amrique Latine et en France comme le prcurseur de la Frenchy-Salsa Music,. Il dveloppe, dans sa musique, la culture des troubadours occitans dantan en incluant limprovisation vocale en rimes entre le thme mlodique et les churs rptitifs. Deldongo sort fin 2009 son nouveau single 3 titres : Catarina l haut", influences Bossa-Samba-jazz mais aussi, Jungle. Un retour ses 8 annes passes entre la France et le brsil, son premier coup de coeur affectif.

Comptences Chanteur, pianiste, guitariste, multi-instrumentiste, auteur-compositeur, ralisateur, arrangeur, ingnieur Pro-Tools, producteur, acteur, comdien, danseur. Formation musicale Etude de piano jazz et classique lage de 6 ans Etude de guitare lage de 9 ans Premier concert en trio pop rock lage de 11 ans Premier concert piano bar jazz 14 ans Etude de piano classique approfondi lage de 14 ans (professeur particulier) Etude au conservatoire de Toulouse en 1986/87/88 .diplme fin dtudes (Professeur (Yvetta Disnieska Madeleine Cury) 1985-1987 Cours de Thtre 1990-1992 Cours de perfectionnement jazz avec Bernard Maury Paris Exprience professionnelle 2007 Comdie musicale "Sol en Cirque" rle du zbre" zazie, j.m Leau, V. Baguian 2002-2007 Nombreuses ralisations et arrangements pour artistes (Toto Cutugno, Los Reyes, Gipsy-Kings, Rhany...) 1997-2007 Nombreux concerts internationaux avec Los Reyes / Gipsy-Kings 2001 Professeur de musique la Bill Evans Academy Paris 2000 Arrangements pour 3 thmes pour la Coupe du monde de Rugby - Sony Music 2000 Nombreux festivals en France sous Deldongo, 1er partie de Ruben Baldes, Chick Corea, Winton Marsalis etc. 1998 Deldongo au Kubanaz - Turquie De 1996 1998 Professeur MusicHalles (Toulouse) : musique latine  cycle pro 1998 1999 Deldongo festival Toros y Salsa,vic fezensac tempo latino 1998 - 1999 Donne Cours de jazz Guantanamo Cuba  Casa de la Onia 1996 Premiers enregistrements et formation de lartiste Deldongo (F. Delpech) De 1994 1997 Pianiste avec Camilo Azuquita : nombreux festivals De 1994 1996 Pianiste, chanteur et arrangeur au Barrio Latino (Toulouse) 1994 Nombreux concerts au Brsil De 1990 1992 Nombreux concerts en clubs (France et trangers) De 1987 1990 Tournes en France avec les Groupes : Cuban Corezos, Jungle Coast, Aguacate 1987 Exprience en club jazz 2007 2008 Concerts Paris : Chinagora Triptyque - La Java - La Coupole - Latina Caf - La Fleche Dor - Cuba compagnie - Culture Bire - Charly Birdy - La Petite Entreprise - La Guinguette Pirate -le Sens -La guinguette du petit Robinson lErmitage - Summum  grenoble -Dometoile  paris - Mjc de villebon/yvette 2008 Disney World  2008 Discographie 2007 Sortie du clip vido  La Timbale 2005 2007 Compilations avec les titres  Vivir en paz  El perro  Cest la ouate  Caminos peligrosos 2006 Sortie du Single  Destination Amazone Deldongo 2005 2005 : sorti de lalbum Jazz trio  Devil Duck Deldongo 2004 Sortie du single  Cest la ouate Version Salsa - Sony Music 2004 Sortie de lalbum  Superstar - distribution Virgin, FNAC 2002 Enregistrement de l album  Superstar Divers 2007 : Acteur ds le court mtrage  Mes supers zros 2007 : Interviews Trace Latina : diffusion du clip .La Timbale 2006- 2007 : playlister avec  Destination Amazone  La Timbale  Hermano de tu tierra aux USA, Canada, Prou, Colombie, France, Italie, Royaume Uni, Malaisie, Chine - 3me des playlists en septembre 2007 des Francophonies avec le titre  la timbale - 4me en dcembre 2007 avec  Destination amazone 2006 .article dans Courrier International 2005 : Invit la Fria de Cali (Colombie) 1er artiste franais dans l histoire de la salsa Nombreux passages TV et presse. Nombreuses interviews Radio Latina, Sud Radio, Arthur et les pirates  Europe 2

CD Recomandaciones




"Sincretismo" (2010)

Download / Bajar Tracks

Guajira Pa' La Osha


Sello: Raza Sound Records

Este es uno de los mejores albums que seguramente golpearan el mercado de la Salsa y el Jazz Latino este 2010 en las dicotiendas y salsotecas.

el magnifico percusionista, vocalista, compositor y arreglista venezolano presenta a la critica musical y al bailador su opera prima titulada Sincretismo con su agrupacion Los Okananis junto a los musicos mas talentosos de Barlovento, Guarenas y Guatire.

Como su nombre lo indica, esta es una produccion con mucha influencia santera, pero no piensen que es rumba, es altamente bailable y cada uno de los tracks fue elegido de manera cuidadosa con textos inteligentes. Guajira Pa La Osha es una delicia para escuchar, el corte que abre el album Shango y Santa Barbara prende cualquier rumba en una salsoteca y el corte para cerrar Yo No'Tasiendo Na (Sincretismo) simplifica de que se trata este album y pone las cosas claras acerca de la manera como se produjo este fenomeno en las comunidades negras orpimidas en el nuevo mundo.

Oscar ledezma la saca del estadio, excelente, pasa la prueba con creces, su voz magnifica, percusion ni se diga y composiciones altamente interesantes.

De nuevo Venezuela dando de que hablar con musica y salsa de calidad.

Tracks Shango y Santa Barbara Las Tres Potencias 2 de Febrero El Que Mas Baila Guajira Pa La Osha Toque de Guiro Ven, Maria Ven Yo No'Tasiendo Na (Sincretismo)

Integrantes Oscar Ledezma: congas, bongo, percusion y vocales Juan Manuel Garcia: piano David Gonzalez: bajo Angel Gonzalez: saxofon baritono Ismael Liendo: trompeta y trombon Romulo Fernandez: trombon y arreglos Omar " El Oso" Lopez: timbal y bongo Jose Cheo Alvarez: coros Rey Pinto: coros Wilfredo D. Ramos: coros


visita a Oscar Ledezma en la web

E-mail : Oscar Ledezma



"Montuno a Barreto" (2009)

Download / Bajar Tracks

Trompeta y Trombon


El flautista venezolano Alberto Gonzalez nos presenta su opera prima dedicada completamente a Ray Barreto con su orquesta Salsabor y Son,


album que espero les agrade, a mi me fascino esta version de Margie que Barreto hiciera en el ao 1966 en el album El Rey Criollo

Tracks Margie Trompeta y Trombon Quitate la mascara Oye la noticia Seguire sin soar Vive y Vacila Guarare Indestructible Todo se va a poder No me cambie camino Montuno a Barreto

Integrantes Alberto Gonzlez: flauta y direccion musical Luis Enrique Perez: piano Jess A Cedeo M: bajo Abilio Marron: trombon Luis Rangel: trompeta Jean Paul Sojo: congas Richard Lpez: bongo Ronald Becerra: timbal Julio "El Son" Farias: vocales Mauricio Marin: vocales

Musicos Invitados Leonel Cabrera: bajo Eldry Peraza: timbal Jess Muoz: tres cubano Yuleima Quintana: vocales __

visita a Salsabor y Son en la web

E-mail : Salsabor y Son



"Espacio y Tiempo" (2010)

Download / Bajar Tracks

Espacio y Tiempo


Sello: LaContrassoce Records

Primer do franco-puertorriqueo en la historia de la salsa, "Espacio y Tiempo" es el resultado del encuentro entre La Contrabanda y el gran vocalista Kevin Ceballo.

Aprovechando su venida a Miami en agosto 2009, para la mezcla de su segundo algum "Y Ahora Qu!", los salseros franceses invitaron al cantante boricua a compartir en este tema bien moderno.

"Espacio y Tiempo"cuenta la historia de amor por internet entre un muchacho de Pars y una linda colombiana.

Esta cancin se inspira de hechos reales, y sin duda alguna, muchos se reconocern en ella.

Tracks Espacio y Tiempo

Integrantes Faverais Fransu: composicion y arreglos Garatea Ricardo: composicion Greg: vocales Ricardo Garatea, Oda Publes-Garcia: coros Guillaume Broquin: congas Ricardo Garatea: gongosy rap: Sebastien Larminay: timbales David Picard: bajo Jrme Chappe: piano Eric Lachaud, Fransu Faverais: trompetas Sebastien Decalonne Fred Bodin: trombon


visita a La Contrabanda en la web

E-mail : Contrabanda

_ _

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jeudi 1 juillet 2010


Voici la prochaine sortie du label Irie Ites Records disponible vers le 15/20 Juin en 45T et tlchargement lgal.





SINGLE 3 (II 7" 09.3): SIZZLA "FRENZ FOR LIFE" // PARTY TIME Riddim By Mafia & Fluxy


Musically Irie Ites


Lee Perry, Desmond Dekker, Dave & Ansell Collins, Spotify and more...

A few exciting things have happened since we last spoke to you. Spotify kindly asked us to put together another playlist for their site, if you'd like to listen to it, click this... Disco Devil - Trojan Are The Controller

June and July sees the release of some exciting stuff from Trojan, with 5 must-have collections scheduled to be issued over the next couple of months...


Scheduled for release on June 7th are four 2CD 40 track sets that mark the launch of a new series, aimed at highlighting the depth and quality of the Trojan catalogue, with each release focusing upon a particular facet of the music that we all know and love.

TROJAN DUB features a selection of killer Dub sounds, none of which are available on any current Trojan collection. Performed by Jamaica's most celebrated session players, mixed by the genre's most gifted engineers and produced by some of the most creative and influential music makers, this set highlights some of the best Dub ever released and in doing so provides the perfect introduction to the genre.

TROJAN MOD REGGAE is an eclectic mix of vintage tracks, popular among both latter-day Mods and their predecessors - and with many of these sides making their CD debut, this compilation is sure to also appeal to anyone with a taste for classic Jamaican sounds.

TROJAN SKA collects some of the best examples of the dance-friendly genre from the Island and Trojan archives, with almost all the tracks unavailable elsewhere. Despite the scarcity of the music, it is of the highest quality, performed by some of the biggest talents of the original era, ensuring the best Ska collection to see issue in years!

THE HEAVY MONSTER SOUND is a tribute to the Trojan label itself, with disc 1 comprised of twenty of the hits that brought it to mainstream consciousness, and the second CD made up of an equal number of lesser known tracks from the label archives - almost all of which have remained unavailable since their original issue. This must-have collection not only provides a fascinating introduction to this historic imprint, but also highlights some of the best in Reggae sounds from the past four decades.

Trojan Foundation Dub

Trojan Sounds & Pressure: Mod-Reggae

Trojan Ska-ing West!

The Heavy Heavy Monster Sound


The next two releases in the new classic Trojan albums series are now available!

Desmond Dekker & The Aces' 1967 LP, 007 Shanty Town along with Double Barrel by Dave & Ansel Collins both see issue on CD for the first time and, as with previous releases in the series, every effort has been made to maintain the look and sound of the original albums, with original analogue quarter inch tapes used for mastering and the sleeve artwork faithfully reproduced.

This is vintage Trojan at its very best!

 007 Shanty Town

Double Barrel


What promises to be one of the Reggae releases of the year, this 2CD collects the best of Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Black Ark productions that originally saw issue in Jamaica as 7" singes during the latter part of the 1970s.

Included among these 44 stunning works are a number of recordings that also breached the UK Pop and Reggae charts, including Hurt So Good, Curly Locks, Sipple Out Deh (aka War In A Babylon), Mr Cop and Police And Thieves, all of which bear the unmistakable hallmarks of Perry's Black Ark sound.

If you only ever buy one Jamaican music CD in your life, this should be it!

Lee Scratch Perry


Now via the website you can click through to buy all available Trojan product... keep checking back for some exclusive unreleased material on 7" ... more to follow

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Here's the mighty Trojan Sound System's summer schedule of gigs and festivals.

19 Jun - KoKo - Co-headline with Mad Professor 25 Jun - Solidaze Festival, Paris. 26 Jun - Sea Sessions, Donegal, Ireland 01 Jul - Mylos, Greece (headline) 09 Jul - Brighton (headline) TBC 10 Jul - Nowa Reggae (headline), Barcelona 15 Jul - Villa, Oslo (headline) 17 Jul - Lovebox, Victoria park 06 Aug - One Love Festival 13 Aug - '80s Warehouse Party, Vintage at Goodwood with Ashley Beedle 15 Aug - Boomtown Fair Festival

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Shaolin Temple Defenders : Nouvel Album "Take It Slow"

Shaolin Temple Defenders : From Deep Soul To New FunkEuropean tour OCTOBRE 2010 to MAI 2011 + SUMMER FESTIVALS

Dignes hritiers du mouvement soul funk des annes 60, 70, les Shaolin Temple Defenders restent fidles cette culture, tout en souvrant aux influences actuelles.Aprs leur travail Leeds (Uk) sur le prcdent album mix par Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), le groupe sest offert les services de Patchworks (Mister President, Uptown Funk empire, Mister Day) pour les Mix et Mastering. Ce scientifique du groove a mis en relief la densit de leur son, que Mister Day a illustr en images en crant lartwork de ce nouvel opus. On y retrouve Gift of Gab, MC acrobate et expriment des fameux Blackalicious, qui nous offre son flow hip hop imparable sur le titre ponyme Take it slow enregistr Oakland-California, mais aussi une bonne partie de la scne Bordelaise (The Joubys, Gang of Divas). Toujours motivs par de nouvelles expriences musicales, nos fidles moines ont partag leur amour de la soul avec des artistes tels que Dionne Charles, Martha High ou encore les Dynamics.6 titres en playlist en 2009 sur la BBC dans lmission de Craig Charles et une omniprsence nationale ont sduit des medias tels que TF1, France O, RFO, Arte, Trace Tv , MCM, France 3, FIP, France Bleu, Vibrations, World Sound, Blues Magazine, Longueur dOndes, SoulBag Mag, Soul R&B, WeGofunk, FonkadelicaDepuis 5 ans le groupe ne cesse de tourner : Festival International de Jazz de Montral, Pop kom Berlin, tourne en Italie, Suisse, Olympia Bruno Coquatrix avec Sly and the Family StoneLe talent des Shaolin Temple Defenders et la foi en leur musique prennent toute leur dimension sur scne avec le public. Bien plus que de simples reprsentations, nous assistons chaque fois des performances scniques notoires o  lesprit RAW FUNK BOOGALOO des SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS sempare du public. Sans les SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS il ny aurait pas de revival Soul funk en France !!!

Sortie LP + new single  Take it slow Juillet 2010 et en album cd Octobre 2010 chez Soulbeats / Discograph.


As honorable heirs of the 60s & 70s Soul Funk movement, the Shaolin Temple Defenders stay true to this tradition while extending their influences towards current musical moods. At a time when the Western world is developing technologies which shorten every mo ment of our lives as if to accelerate our deaths, our Shaolin monks have decided to slow down the pace. They wish to push things forward in time but they want to keep a more organic rhythm in order to stay close to Natures cycle. This desire has found expression in a musical world which combines classic Soul & Funk with modern urban grooves. According to this quest for a musical balance, they now present their 3rd and new album Take It Slow set for release on Soulbeats Records. LP available July 2010 and cd european release october 2010.

After working in Leeds(UK) on their previous album under the musical supervision of Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), this time the band hired the services of Patchworks (Mr President, Uptown Funk Empire, Mister Day..) for both the mixing and mastering processes. As a groove scientist, he has managed to enhance the density of their sound which is illus trated by the original artwork of Mr Day. The record features Gift Of Gab, the talented and experienced MC from Blackalicious, who delivers his highly-recognizable rap style on the title track, Take It Slow, recorded in Oakland, CA, but also a good deal of the Bordeaux music scene (The Joubys, Gang Of Divas). Always interested in new musical experiences, our faithful monks have shared their love for Soul with artists such as Martha High, Dionne Charles, as well as The Dynamics that has recorded a Jamaican-styled remix of the single, International Soul.

6 tracks playlisted on the BBC 6 in 2009 on the Craig Charles show !!!The band has been touring for 5 years: Montreal International Jazz Festival, Francofolies of La Rochelle, Pop Kom Ger , Italian Tours, Switzerland, Olympia Bruno Coquatrix opening for Sly & The Family StoneTheir talent and the faith in their music become fully dimensional when they take to the stage. The audience is given far more than just a mere live show. Actually, they provide the attendants with incredible stage performances in which the Raw FUNK Boogaloo spirit of The Shaolin Temple Defenders explode.

New release : LP + single July 2010 and Cd european release October on Soulbeats records www.shaolintempledefenders.net www.myspace.com/shaolintempledefenders1 Teaser N1 New Album "Take It Slow" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVJQrr2rO_k Shaolin Temple Defenders - International Soul (Official Video Clip) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTAdwf0GoM4 Download "Take it Slow" Mp3 : http://rcpt.yousendit.com/884824885/57d1967f805a5ed573f531e86152677c

Worldwide management and booking : Fred lachaize fred@musicaction.fr Press agent : sophie cadrouilh sophie@musicaction.fr Label manager :: Vianney Liesenborg vianney@soulbeats.fr

Music'Action Prod Concerts & Tournes 53 routes des Gunes 33250 Cissac Mdoc (France) Tel: 0033 (0) 5 56 73 92 92 Fax: 0033 (0)5 56 73 84 95 www.musicaction.fr www.myspace.com/musicaction



Palenque Palenque, Champeta, Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia 1975-91


3xLP Version of Palenque Palenque released on the 9th June

Boasting twenty one pulsating tracks drawn from the northern coasts of Colombia, Palenque Palenque! reveals a unique and fascinating story of how Afro Colombian music developed from the 1970s onwards and how the local sound-systems in Cartagena and Barranquilla played such an important role in shaping the sound of the Colombian champeta.

Co-compiled by Lucas Silva (resident of Bogota and owner of Palenque Records) and Soundway Records Miles Cleret, the album highlights the long relationship that the Caribbean coast of Colombia has with Africa stretching back to the 17th century. Specifically, the rise of the percussion heavy champeta sound, born out of a wave of popularity for psychedelic Afro, Latin & Caribbean music inspired by the DJs of the time.

The influence of the sound-systems spread to local artists as well as re-energising traditional African folk songs and rhythms that had survived since the days of slavery. Record labels recognized the major change in direction from the days when cumbia and porro ruled the hearts of the ghettoes and began employing bands that began experimenting and tapping into these new cultural and musical movements.

Disco Fuentes were one of the first labels to recognize this sudden swing and duly signed Wganda Kenya who went onto record some of the first Afrobeat records in Colombia. The trend in recording African music continued at pace with labels like Machuca, Discos Tropical, Orbe & Costeo quickly adapting to the newly adopted sound of the Palenques and bands like Son Palenque, Cumbia Siglo XX and La Cumbia Moderna de Soledad went onto readapt Afrobeat rhythms with a Caribbean slant.

Soundsystems (picos) would be in full swing for days, DJs spinning African records from Ghana, Nigeria & Benin, alongside all varieties of experimental and psychedelic sounds from the vallenato of Valledupar to Nigerias Prince Nico Mbarga. The desire for keeping the ghettoes feet moving led to producers of the record labels traveling to France, Carribean and Africa sourcing hard to find highlife, soukous, compas and Afrobeat and feeding back records to the DJs.

The DJs were leaders of this musical revolution and their reputation as ambassadors for their chosen system preceded them all over La Costa. The most famous of these were the Cartagena based systems El Ciclon and the `El Conde who would hold parties in and outside the ghettoes. El Condes legendary DJ Victor Conde recounts: When I arrived in in Palenque it was if a president had arrived, damn! One kilometer before getting into town people would greet the pico, kids would run after the truck singing the songs I had to play that night.

The histories of reggae sound-systems in Jamaica are very similar to the systems on the Colombian coasts the culture of the exclusive record guarded in utter secrecy a key feature of both. So much so that DJs were renowned for throwing away record sleeves, scratching off labels and often not revealing track titles for up to 20 years!



Back due to popular demand the LP versions of Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound of The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79 and Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria have been re-pressed and are available from the Soundway Store!

Fania news letter !!

SIEMBRA LIVE The Fania catalogue is known all over the world as the definitive treasure trove of Afro-Caribbean music - a library of epic proportions that includes hundreds of timeless albums. What many people don't know, however, is that the vaults of Fania also contain dozens of rare recordings that have yet to see the light of day. Beginning a long standing effort to finally make the entire contents of its catalogue available, Fania is releasing a stunning recording of Rubn Blades and Willie Coln in concert, taped in 1980 at New Jersey's Capitol Theatre.

At the time, Blades and Coln were touring to promote Siembra - considered by many as Blades' magnum opus. The sonics of the original tapes are clear and warm, making this release one of the most exciting live albums in the annals of salsa.

The majority of the Siembra album was performed during that evening - including a raucous extended version of "Buscando Guayaba," and a superb reading of the mega-hit "Pedro Navaja." Fans of the leaner, highly atmospheric Metiendo Mano will be delighted to know that Blades and Coln chose to include two tracks off that LP: "Plantacin Adentro," as well as the socially aware anthem "Pablo Pueblo."

Monthly Contest: SIEMBRA QUIZ We are giving away THREE copies of the Siembra Special Edition CD. For a chance to win, answer the following trivia questions. For studious salseros only!


WILLIE COLON Together with Hctor Lavoe and Rubn Blades, Willie Coln constituted the Holy Trinity of salsa - the three artists who took Afro-Caribbean music to remarkable levels of lyricism and sophistication. Free Download: JOE CUBA "Aprieta (Oye Como Va)" Fania's free download is a real treat this month: here we have what's arguably the coolest cover ever recorded of a venerable Latin classic - Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va." Playlist: LARRY HARLOW Throughout the years, virtuoso keyboardist, composer and producer Larry Harlow has always remained close to the Fania legacy - cherishing and expanding the roots of Afro-Caribbean music.

Plan B Hace Realidad Su "House Of Pleasure"


Tras estar cosechando xitos sin tener un disco por los pasados aos, este carismtico do urbano y con el apoyo del exitoso sello Pina Records, anuncian con gran entusiasmo el lanzamiento de su nueva produccin discogrfica " HOUSE OF PLEASURE" para el prximo 20 de julio a travs de PINA RECORDS/SONY MUSIC LATIN. Luego de arduo trabajo con su productor HAZE y con la ayuda del experimentado RAPHY PINA , Chencho y Maldy al fin logran terminar su producto con una gran satisfaccin que entienden ser recompensada con el apoyo de su fiel fanaticada. Luego de alcanzar relieve mundial con el xito "Frikitona" , el grupo solidifica su trayectoria con recientes y exitosas colaboraciones con Tego Caldern " Pegaito a la pared" , Tony Dize "Solos " y Don Omar "Hooka", convirtindolos en uno de los artistas mas respetados por sus colegas y mas aclamados por los seguidores de este gnero. "HOUSE OF PLEASURE" presenta como primer tema de promocin " SI NO LE CONTESTO " , el cual ya se ha convertido en uno de los favoritos de la calle y en las ondas radiales logrando posiciones privilegiadas en los "charts" del gnero urbano a nivel nacional e internacional . Prximamente se estrenar el video clip de esta cancin en los canales especializados de Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos y Latinoamrica. SI NO LE CONTESTO" A LA VENTA YA ENITUNES. Entre los cantantes colegas que colaboraron en este disco se destacan RKM& KEN-Y, TITO EL BAMBINO, DE LA GHETTO y J-KING & MAXIMAN. Cabe sealar tambin el trabajo de cotizados productores como HAZE, DJ BLASS, NELLY " El Arma Secreta ", entre otros. Desde este prximo julio 20 "HOUSE OF PLEASURE" estar en CD, Mvil y todos los formatos digitales a precio mdico para el consumidor.

Descrga lo nuevo de Plan B "Si No Le Contesto" aqu:



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"Many Moods" (2010)


La Peleona __

Sello: Amigos Music Records

Y siguen la Big Bands con fuerza salsera e industructibe !!! Despues de gozarnos a Los Latin Giants Of Jazz todo este 2009 con su album Ven Baila Conmigo, Llega esta otra joya de la vocalista dominicana Yolanda Duke con la Orquesta de Tito Puente.

Many Moods es un homenaje de Yolanda Duke a su gran padrino y mentor, Tito Puente, quien se enamoro de su voz cuando escucho el tributo de Yolanda a la reina del Latin Soul, La Lupe, en el cd Nostalgias De La Lupe (1992) para el sello CBS International.

Esta vez la orquesta de Tito Puente esta acompaandola con arreglos musicales creados por Jose Madera, Rey Santos, Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Marty Sheller, Gil Lpez y Oscar Hernandez.

Aqui les presento el tema La Peleona en dueto con el dominicano Jose Alberto "El Canario" rindiendo un homenaje a Machito y Graciela.

con esto demostramos que Solar Latin Club es la pagina mas actuliazada de Salsa y Jazz Latino a nivel Mundial gracias a todos los musico y colaboradores.

The Latest Salsa & Latin Jazz Music on The Planet

Tracks What Is This Thing Called Love I,ve Got You Under My Skin La Peleona Myrta Silva's Medley The Can't Take That Away From Me Oh God! I Love You Misty Muchos Besos Blue Moon The Hungry Years Til You Come Back To Me That Old Black Magic

Integrantes Sonny Bravo: piano Gerry Madera: bajo Willie Martinez: bateria Jose Madera: timbales John Rodriguez: direccion, bongo George Delgado: conga Mitch Frohman: saxofon tenor y flauta Bobby Porcelli: saxofon alto y flauta Pete Miranda: saxofon baritono Todd Bashore: saxofon tenor y flauta John Walsh: trompeta Richard Viruet: trompeta Peter Nader: trompeta Kevin Bryan: trompeta Reynaldo Jorge: trombon Noah Bless: trombon Lewis Kahn: trombon Sam Burtis: trombon Frankie Vasquez: coros Claudette Sierra: coros Marco Bermudez: coros El Canario: coros Cita Rodriguez: coro Jennifer Martinez: coros

invitado Champian Fulton: piano


visita a Yolanda Duke en la web

E-mail : Yolanda



"La Ruta De La Salsa" (2010)


Ese Dolor

El Vago __

Sello: Bloque 53 Records

La agrupacin Bloque 53 de Barcelona, Espaa trabaja con el clsico formato de sexteto, integrado por piano, vibrfono y ritmo completo a la vieja usanza de Joe Cuba, The New Swing Sextet y Grupo Mango, entre otros. Salsa hecha en Barcelona! Parece ser la consigna complementaria de esta banda de salsa europea, integrada por jvenes msicos de Venezuela, Argentina y Catalunya. La ruta de la salsa "es el primer cd de salsa que se graba en Espaa con vibrfono..." asegura Joaqun Arteaga, percusionista, productor y director de la banda.

Luego de una rpida ojeada a la contra cartula del disco, descubrimos que la totalidad del repertorio, a excepcin de los dos standards del jazz, resulta ser material indito, lo cual de entrada ya nos prepara para escuchar algo nuevo, al menos en trminos textuales, a travs de una mirada de diferentes situaciones y comportamientos sociales.

Barcelona es una rumba interpretada por la cantante Diana Feria, la cual cuenta con un texto descriptivo, festivo e incluyente, el cual celebra el encuentro por la msica en diferentes contextos de la ciudad, por parte de los nativos de esta urbe, con otros ciudadanos de ese pas y con la presencia visible de los inmigrantes. ngel es una tpica cancin de salsa, con la cual su autor, el conguero de la banda Miguel Porras, alude a la historia de vida, mnima diran algunos, de un personaje annimo citadino. Cuenta con la interpretacin de Enso Verd. Baila la negra es una cancin propicia, por su tempo musical, para el disfrute del baile especialmente ajustado al estilo de danzar la salsa en Europa. Su letra exalta los atributos de la danza y el danzante. Adems contiene la prctica de la descarga musical, expresada sta de manera protagnica, con los solos de vibrfono y timbal. La cancin El Vago, es una de esas canciones de vida que nunca estn de ms, ya que contiene un claro mensaje a los jvenes de los barrios populares, los cuales apostados casi siempre sobre las esquinas de sus calles ven pasar la vida frente a sus ojos sin expectativas de cambio, esa inoficiosa manera de ver pasar la vida seguro pasar su cuenta de cobro en sus aos de madurez.

Dos clsicos del jazz son considerados en este disco, el primero Killer JoeStrangers in Paradise, pieza favorita de algunos crooners norteamericanos como Tony Bennet, presenta a los solistas Andreu Caadell (piano) y Andreu Vilar (vibrfono). una pieza del saxofonista Benny Golson interpretada en los aos 40s por diferentes bandas del afrocubanjazz, es aqu abordada en ritmo de cha cha ch con el dilogo de los percusionistas Miguel Porras (congas) y Joaqun Arteaga (timbal). El segundo nmero es la cancin

La ruta de la salsa en Barcelona, tiene en Bloque 53 una de sus bandas representativas.

Resea por Roberto Carlos Lujan

  • Socilogo, realizador radial y articulista cultural.

Tracks Baila La Negra Ese Dolor Barcelona Tiene Angel Estar Contigo Stranger in Paradise Ya Yo No Sufro El Vago Killer Joe

Integrantes Ernesto "Melaito" Paz: vocales Tito Bonacera: bajo Andreu Caadell: piano Andreu Vilar: vibrafono Miguel Porras: congas Joaquin Arteaga: timbal, bongo

Invitados Diana Feria: vocales Enso Verdu: vocales Lenin Jimenez: vocales Andrea Arrieta: vocales Olmo Abreu: vocales


visita a Bloque 53 en la web

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"Salsa Retro" (2010)


Juan Soledad

Perico Mamaguela __

Sello: Hooters Records

Pura Vida, Pura Salsa.

El grupo costarricense Son de Tikizia ha publicado su ms reciente entrega discogrfica Salsa-Retro en 2010, bajo una realizacin independiente. Son de Tikizia est integrado por destacados msicos jvenes, formados acadmicamente en ese campo especfico de las artes. Salsa-Retro, propone exactamente eso: la salsa del ayer! A partir de un repertorio clsico la banda comunica respeto y alegra por las prcticas que distinguen a las mejores obras musicales de la salsa: solos musicales, improvisacin, descargas colectivas y soneos, bajo el mandato de esta suerte de premisas bsicas e insoslayables, Son De Tikizia elabora un discurso musical consciente y sabroso, con el cual seduce a melmanos y bailadores de diferentes generaciones.

Curiosa, pero perfectamente comprensible, el disco abre fuego con Fantasa cubana -Cuban fantasy-, pieza memorable del jazz afrocubano, con la cual quiz de manera in-consciente saludan la eterna deuda con esta fuente de inagotable inspiracin. Esta versin trabaja en su ejecucin con un tempo ms apurado o adelante que el empleado en la grabacin original de Machito, aunado al matiz que proponen los solos musicales.

Perico Mamaguela, presenta la combinacin de tres nmeros en uno, una especie de medley: Maquino landera, Perico -Qutate de la Va Perico- Y Mamaguela, pero tan slo dos nombres son utilizados en el ingenioso nombre propuesto.

Juan soledad, nuestra cancin preferida del disco, es especial por varias razones, una de ellas es por retomar de manera inteligente la tendencia de la salsa de los 70s, poca en la cual la alusin a los personajes annimos del barrio era recurrente. De tal manera, aludir en este caso a las historias individuales puede servir para enfatizar o resaltar diferentes actitudes o actuaciones sociales. Otra razn especial, es por la gran dimensin en la cual escuchamos al experimentado cantante y trombonista Alfredo Poveda, afianzado en un estilo interpretativo, no pocas veces asociado a Rubn Blades, msico con el cual trabaj durante una dcada, como trombonista y corista.

Junto a Poveda, figura el trombonista Marcial Flores destacado solista en el nmero de salsa instrumental EnDC y en el clsico Sonero Mayor de la autora de Willie Coln. Flores ha integrado la Orquesta de las Amricas con la cual ha viajado por Norteamrica y Europa acompaando a figuras como Paquito D Rivera y Pavarotti. Walter Flores, pianista y lder de la banda, trabaj como director de orquesta y productor musical por ms de 10 aos de la magnfica formacin Editus Ensamble.

El percusionista Pingui Mora, aporta su interpretacin en los nmeros Pasin y Navarreteando, ste ltimo un homenaje dedicado al popular msico costarricense Paco Navarrete. Pa Curubande yo voy, contiene los solos de Walter Flores (piano) y Pangui Mora (timbal). Mosaico indestructible rene algunas de las ms populares piezas de la salsa, con lo cual consigue expresar de manera idnea la idea central de este registro.

Resea por Roberto Carlos Lujan

  • Socilogo, realizador radial y articulista cultural.

Fantasia Cubana Perico Mamaguela Juan Soledad Pasion Navarreteando Pa Curubande Yo Voy EnDC Mozaico Idestructible Sonero Mayor

Integrantes Alfredo Poveda: vocales y trombon Walter Flores: piano Pangui Mora: vocales, timbales y bongo Miguel Rojas: congas Mauricio Alfaro: bajo Marcial Flores: trombon Cesar Fumero: trombon Leo Rodriguez: trombon Alla Estrada: bongo Alonso Lopez: timbal Ricardo Wint: bongo


visita a Son de Tikizia en la web

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"Yo Soy Ritmo" (2009)

Download / Bajar Tracks

A Study In Salsa Minor

Guajira Blues __

Sello: Plazaul Recods

Paul Lpez se destac como un importante sideman en los aos 40s, 50s y 60s en Nueva York y Los ngeles. Recientemente este trompetista, arreglista, compositor y director de orquesta reapareci en el mercado discogrfico con un excelente disco de jazz latino. El disco Yo soy ritmo, nos presenta a un octogenario msico que ha colgado la trompeta, al menos en el ejercicio profesional, y ha enfilado sus esfuerzos hacia la direccin orquestal. El trompetista Paul Lpez naci en Los ngeles, California el 3 de Diciembre de 1923. Adelant estudios musicales en su ciudad, luego en la Escuela Julliard en Nueva York y en el conservatorio Pablo Casals en Puerto Rico. Su primer modelo como instrumentista fue el trompetista Bunny Berigan. A temprana edad tuvo la oportunidad de vincularse a la orquesta del pianista Noro Morales, con el cual actu en el club China Doll en Nueva York. Coautor de la famosa composicin 110 street and 5th avenue (Rumba with Noro Morales, MGM, 1949). Obtuvo luego una plaza en la banda gigante de Stan kenton.

En su trayectoria musical consigui actuar con diferentes lderes de banda latinos y americanos. Con respecto a los primeros, podemos mencionar a Tito Puente, Machito, Chico OFarrill, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamara, Miguelito Valds (con ste trabaj entre 1950-1952), Jack Constanzo y Rene Bloch, entre otros. Su labor con bandas americanas fue tambin destacada, con Elliot Lawrence, Boyd Raeburn y Don Ellis, entre otros. Luego de trabajar con muchos directores constituy su propia banda, la cual estuvo activa entre 1962-1964.

En los ltimos aos ha ejercido la labor como pedagogo en diferentes escuelas y universidades de la Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos. En los aos 90s se convirti en co-lder de la banda de la HMA, junto al trompetista Bobbie Rodrguez con el cual grab un par de discos.

Sintetizar en un par de prrafos una trayectoria tan extensa y compleja como la de Paul Lpez no hace justicia en su justa medida, dada su transcendencia musical. Por ello, la invitacin es que reconsideremos su aporte artstico, a partir de esta nueva entrega discogrfica.

Con este disco Yo soy ritmo, Paul Lpez acompaado de algunos de los mejores msicos del ambiente musical de la Costa Oeste de los Estados Unidos hace un recorrido por diferentes gneros musicales cubanos con un conjunto de obras de su autora y arreglos. De hecho algunos nmeros aluden, en sus nombres, a los gneros y modalidades musicales desarrolladas. En tal sentido, encontramos Mambo Di Paulo, nmero en el cual escuchamos al veterano solista Steve Huffstetter. Guaracha Variations, como su nombre lo indica el gnero desarrollado es la guaracha contextualizada con elementos jazzsticos. Guajira blues, contiene una tensin especial establecida entre los metales y las caas (los saxofones), se destaca adems el solo de saxofn tenor de Javier Medina. A study in salsa minor, es un nmero con una sabrosa marcha musical con dos excelentes solos de Javier Vergara (saxofn tenor) y Francisco Torres (trombn). Salsa canon, incluye el solo de violn de Scarlet Rivera el cual consigue estar a tono con la potencia rtmica y sonora de la big band. Yo soy ritmo, es una pieza trabajada en 6/8 en la cual se destacan los solos de Bennie Maupin (saxofn tenor) y Donald Vega (piano). April nocturne, es un bolero salpicado de cadencias de cha cha ch. El carcter festivo, caracterstico del jazz latino de esta costa americana, se manifiesta en los temas Reason for brizen, Uno ms y Mi columpio.

El retorno del maestro Paul Lpez a los estudios de grabacin, representa un motivo de alegra, el cual celebran los jazzfilos del mundo.

Resea por Roberto Carlos Lujan

  • Socilogo, realizador radial y articulista cultural.

Tracks Yo Soy Ritmo Mambo Di Paulo April Nocturne A Study In Salsa Minor Guaracha Variations Guajira Blues Reason For Brizen Salsa Canon Mi Columpio Uno Mas

Integrantes Mel Steinberg: saxofon alto Robert Incelli: saxofon alto Ray Pizzi: saxofon alto Larry Covelli: saxofon tenor Bennie Maupin: saxofon tenor Javier Vergara: saxofon tenor Alan Goldman: saxofon baritono Joe Perez: saxofon baritono Mike McGuffey: trompeta Brenda Goforth Adelante: trompeta y saxofon tenor Ramon Flores: trompeta Steve Huffstetter: trompeta Jock Ellis: trombon Francisco Torres: trombon Alejandro Carballo: trombon Kevin Bradley: trombon Donald Vega: piano Rene Camacho: bajo Joey De Leon: timbales Michito Sanchez: congas Robertito melendez: bongos Danilo Lozano: guiro Scarlet Rivera: violin electrico Sandy Stein: piano Papo Rodriguez: congas Javier Medina: saxofon tenor Bryan Byers: trombon Andrew Lippman: trombon Dave Ryan: trombon


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E-mail : Paul Lopez



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SonfoniaLatin Beat Magazine


Este Domingo 27 de Junio estaremos en Amsterdam


DJ El Chino

Solar Latin Club Culture Management World Talent Representativ

email: solarlatinclub@gmx.de

Promotional material for airplay may be sent to: SOLAR LATIN CLUB Calle 3C #63A- 45 Bosques de Puente Palma, Sector B. App. 307 Cali, Valle Colombia

AGSO : 5 songs from the new cd !


zie tourdata 2010 !!!

Were in the final phase of finishing the album! Release planned for sept/okt.2010!!

Please check these 5 songs we selected. Enjoy!


www.gipsyska.com vriendelijke groet, zjef van beek


0494 395 843

le nouveau Chezidek

CHEZIDEK 'FREE UP THE MUSIC / RIGHT TRACK' (sortie le 5 Juillet 2010)

2 nouveaux singles du talentueux Chezidek produits par Kinyama Sounds.

Le jeune label de production musicale Kinyama Sounds, bas Genve, sort deux nouveaux singles avec la collaboration du talentueux artiste reggae jamacain Chezidek.

Aprs avoir sorti leur premire compilation  Reggae Dishes au dbut de lanne avec notamment la participation de Prince Alla, Chezidek, Rod Taylor ou encore Brother Culture, Niko et Stan, les deux fondateurs de Kinyama Sounds, proposent deux nouvelles productions avec Chezidek, un des artistes reggae les plus prolifiques de cette dcennie.

La premire rencontre entre lartiste et le label a eu lieu en Suisse en 2008 par le biais dAsher Selector. Celle-ci sest concrtise par une premire collaboration sur un riddim original du label pour donner vie au titre  Freedom is the song . En 2009, Chezidek et les deux membres de Kinyama Sounds se croisent nouveau Genve et travaillent sur deux nouvelles productions, avec une complicit qui laisse prsager de belles choses pour les annes venir.

Le titre  Free up the music sur le riddim  Give a smile est un hymne la musique et sinspire du son roots old-school avec une touche contemporaine dans le mix. Quant au titre  Right track sur le riddim  Circus , le ska est lhonneur avec un message positif de persvrance et de respect.


Ubersee !!!

Headlines: out today: Echte bersee Records Vol. 4 starting today: ABUELA COCA (URG) European Tour already over: European Tour of ROCOLA BACALAO (ECU) in July: WISECRCKER (GER) go USA coming soon: DOCTOR KRAPULA (COL) Sagrado Corazn first time in Germany in July: LA ZURDA (ARG) booking this fall Herbst: DOCTOR KRAPULA (COL) and PROFETAS (COL) always up to date: tourdates as if theres no tomorrow!

Hasta siempre Henning

nouveau LP de Princess K-shu / deezer, itunes, amazon, fnac, virgin.... go!

#1 The new LP by Princess K-shu / deezer, itunes, amazon, fnac, virgin.... go!



PRINCESS K-SHU www.myspace.com/princesskshu

Version City Party Brooklyn, Sat. July 3!!!

www.stubbornrecords.com and Version City proudly present Version City Party Brooklyn first Saturday of every month at the Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 ALL AGES! Doors at 7pm, $10 in advance, $12 day of show Saturday, July 3, 2010 NY SKA-JAZZ ENSEMBLE THE SCOFFLAWS Mother Fletcher Tip the Van Harold's Trousers

watch for VERSION CITY SEASIDE dates coming soon! Last Saturdays at the Seaside Tavern in Stamford, CT beginning August 28, 2010 Also check out the brand new VERSION CITY WEBSITE

Fri. 7/9: Clash Bar, Clifton, NJ : Hub City Stompers, King Django, The Bandulus, Crave Case!



KLASSE KRIMINALE - 25th Anniversary Tour

Klasse Kriminale will tour Europe in september 2010 to celebrate their 25 years of activity.The band started in 1985 and never stopped since.

PROPRIETA' DEI RAGAZZI/KIDZ PROPERTY celebrate the 25 years of the Klasse Kriminale this Cd is a sort of greatst hits album with 25 re recorded classics stronger and louder than the original... Featuring from the classics Oi! Fatti Una Risata, Ragazzi Come Tu & Me to new songs like Uniti Si Vince, Cuore Libero

This is the sound of the Kids....

PROPRIETA' DEI RAGAZZI - KIDZ PROPERTY SINCE 1985 01-Ci Incontreremo Ancora Un Giorno 02-Solo Un Cuore 03-Non Un Gioco 04-Reclaim The Street 05-Politicanti 06-Nulla 07-Facci A Faccia 08-Loro 09-Riot! (Are You Ready?) 10-Welcome To Genoa 11-Produci, Consuma, Crepa 12-Spacca Tutto 13-Take Your Boots 14-Uniti Si Vince 15-Birra Donne & Ciminiere 16-Skunx 17-Anarchia Libert 18-Goal! 19-Locale 20-Ragazzi Come Tu & Me 21-La Ragazza Dalla T-Shirt Degli "Angelic Upstarts" 22-I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti 23-Klasse Kriminale 24-Oi! Fatti Una Risata 25-Strength & Unity




Loudmouth were formed under the slate-gray skies of post-Industrial Sunderland in late 1999 by Mick and Dave Jones (sons of Jammy from the first punk band in Sunderland: The Rebels). They initially recruited guitarist Duggy Giro and drummer Droy (Drummer Boy). This lineup played their first gig at The Borough(Sunderland) supporting Ramones tribute act Ramona (which was fitting since they took their name from the Ramones song Loudmouth). With their first EP (Useless Generation) selling well at gigs Loudmouth steadily built upon their growing reputation and released their second EP (Idiot Army) which was met with rave reviews. By this point they had parted company with Droy due to musical differences and replaced him with Andy Wilkinson. Replacing Duggy Giro with Willis, Loudmouth recorded their third EP (All Tied Up) and won a Battle of the Bands in Bar-36 (now Independant) in Sunderland, winning 500 which was used to record their debut single (Friends Like You) which was self-released. The late Tommy Hair (ex- Producer for TV Channel Scuzz) worked with the band to record a video for their single. Loudmouth continued to play gigs, their growing reputation enabling them to share the stage with some of the biggest names in punk rock, including UK Subs, Dead Kennedys, The Damned, Glenn Matlock, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Total Chaos, Red Alert, The Vibrators, Leftover Crack and the Angelic Upstarts. They then embarked on a tour of Europe with Red Alert, playing Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic before coming back and supporting Rancid in Edinburgh. Making the most of the situation they also booked themselves to play in Glasgow and Aberdeen, the latter with Jugheads band Even In Blackouts. Upon returning to Wearside, Loudmouth recorded another EP Bludgeoned with Reality and continued to gig steadily. Willis temporarily left the band to be replaced by Perky and later Dean Liddel. It was in this time that they toured America and Europe again and started working on their debut album. Upon Willis return Loudmouth recorded their self-titled debut album and have it ready for release. Theyre planning to tour again shortly after brief visits to France and the Czech Republic along with well-recieved notable gigs in Camden, Halifax, Watford and Newcastle left them hungry for success. With driving ambition, powerful songs and an energetic live show Loudmouth keep pushing forward with their ever-growing army of fans behind them. Contact Loudmouth Web: www.myspace.com/loudmouthpunk




Born in 2005 on the ashes of the Slow Slushy Boys & Bees & B-Mice, the B Soul All Stars is a tribute band to all the soulfull music flourishing in Jamaica during the late sixties. Call it rock steady or early reggae, that was Soul Sound, that was Dance Beat, with such great singers as Ken Boothe, Stranger Cole, Delroy Wilson, John Holt, BB Seaton, Slim Smith, almost of all magnified by the unique touch of Jackie Mittoo's organ. The B Soul All Stars released in 2006 & 2008 two vinyl albums "Rock steady with" & "Country Girl" & just contribute with 5 new songs on the "Benny Gordini & Friends" album. Here you find the best selection from all their recordings, including some of the best jewels from Studio One, Treasure Isle, Beverley's or Jaguar labels, aswell as quite authentic originals. So Get Ready to Dance All Night !!

01. Reggay Party (D. Oliveres) 02. My best girl (Paragons) 03. The one to blame (J. Holt) 04. Sweet Daisy (D. Oliveres) 05. Lovers Train (Freedom Singers) 06. Ali Baba (J. Holt) 07. Black Gold & Green (K. Boothe) 08. Winter Breeze (A. Oliveres) 09. Do the Reggay (Maytals) 10. Green Queen (D. Oliveres) 11. Danger in your Eyes (D. Evans) 12. Full Up (J. Mittoo) 13. My mocking bird (D. Oliveres) 14. Country Girl (D. Oliveres) 15. Knock on weed (D. Oliveres) 16. Change your style (J. Holt) 17. Ololufe Mi (Fela Kuti) 18. This old heart of mine (Isley Brothers) 19. Movie Star (D. Wilson) 20. The Booger Man (The Gaturs)





Till I die its the single that marks the change of sound more punk rock oriented without forgetting the 2tone ! The single includes 5 punk rock anthems from Rancid-Cock Sparrer-Misfits-Undertones-Clash,played in Offenders Style,plus an offbeat version of Allright,the first smash hit from the British pop band Supergrass.

1) Till I die 2) Oi! Skins

3) Teenage Kicks* 4) Roots Radicals* 5) Last Caress* 6) Because youre young* 7) White Riot* 8) Allright*

  • bonus tracks




Hooligan Reggae is the first full length of Offenders, classical 2tone influences , ska original and soulthe title track became an anthem in the underground ska scene and still the most popular song of the band. In this re-issue, Mad Butcher included as bonus tracks 2 songs taken from the 7 Wake up rebels, another well known 2tone sing a long anthem.

01. Hooligan Reggae 02. Coventry Rebels 03. Rudeboys on a dacefloor 04. Police Oppression 05. Life is a jail 06. Sandy 07. Teenage Story 08. Stay 09. Call it justice 10. Lets dance 11. Mad for ska 12. Big Bad show 13. Run run 14. Wake up Rebels* 15. Rudestyle Selecter*

  • Bonus tracks taken from 7 Wake up Rebels Conehead Records 2008

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Los Fastidios

07.07.2010 Mondiali Antirazzisti/Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) Italy 17.07.2010 Volcano Festival/Tholey Germany

31.07.2010 Rock in Dusty Fest/Val Sarentino (Bolzano) Italy

01.08.2010 JIE/Eibenstock Germany

02.08.2010 Chez Heinz/Hannover Germany

03.08.2010 Hafenklag/Hamburg Germany

07.08.2010 Rebellion Festival/Blackpool Great Britain

08.08.2010 St Pauli Glasgow Fans Fest/Glasgow (Scotland) Great Britain 13.08.2010 Fuck Feria Festival/Beziers France

16.10.2010 AKC Medica/Zagreb CROATIA

31.10.2010 Festival Les Graillouteurs/St Aubine de Baubign France


03.07.2010 ROCK AND BOL/Nuoro Italy

09.07.2010 FESTA DELLA BIRRA/Monte S. Giusto (MC) Italy

10.07.2010 GADER SOUND/Bolzano Italy

29.07.2010 COMUNISTINFESTA/Cornaredo (MI) Italy

30.10.2010 /TBA France

31.10.2010 TBA/ France

The Baboonz

23.07.2010 Sommerfest/Dietersburg Bavaria

06.08.2010 Havanna Beachparty/Hebertsfelden Bavaria

28.08.2010 Open Air/Prienbach Bavaria

02.10.2010 Stak Reloaded/Schmlln Germany



16.07.2010 T.B.A./T.B.A. Germany

17.07.2010 Volcano Festival/Tholey Germany

23.07.2010 T.B.A./T.B.A. Germany

24.07.2010 Umsonst & Draussen Festival/Sudwinden Germany

21.08.2010 Aposkalypse Ska Festival/Berlin Germany

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