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samedi 30 octobre 2010

bersee news from Moskau to Bogota!?

Hola forget a nice Indian summer?! The days are getting shorter, colder & grey thats a call for a nice dose of steaming Mestizo from Colombia! No problem at all. Prescription-free at the local record dealer of your choice: DOCTOR KRAPULA! What else helps against the kicking in winter depression read for yourself! Shortcuts: Street-Date Oct. 29: DOCTOR KRAPULA Sagrado Corazn US Punk Rock en Espaol: LA PLEBE Brazo En Brazo coming Jan 21st 2011! Tour starts Oct. 22: SANTO BARRIO NOT on bersee Records this time: PANTEON ROCOCO Ejercito de paz Supplement to Echte bersee Records Vol. 4: Rantanplan-Video online Rumors: WISECRCKER go East! Hasta siempre Henning & die bersee-Crew +++ Street-Date Oct. 29: DOCTOR KRAPULA Sagrado Corazn+++ DOCTOR KRAPULA have made themselves almost immortal after their biggest show for 280.000 (!) fans. But theyve also gained quite an impressive reputation in other Latin-American countries but their drug- and civil-war troubled home country. Now the guys from Bogota are getting ready to hit Europe with Sagrado Corazon (UER047) for the first time and I shall be damned if the sacred heart wont get the old world just as exited Dance until your feet turn blood red! Prescription-based sing along galore! DOCTOR KRPULA have more energy that SKA-P and PANTEN ROCOC combined, more hits than KARAMELO SANTO or MAD CADDIES. And loads of football-choruses like LOS CALZONES and there you have it: bersee Records' album of the year: Sagrado Corazn (UER047)! Street-Date: Oct. 29th 2010 (pre-order here: http://astore.amazon.de/ueberrecorfin-21 ) Tour starts Nov. 11th 2010 (Tourdaten: www.uebersee-records.net) +++ US Punk Rock en Espaol: LA PLEBE Brazo En Brazo coming Jan 21st 2011!+++ This band goes where it hurts! Musically thats a given of course. But this year LA PLEBE also played a long and successful tour throughout Eastern Europe and especially the Balkan. Brazo En Brazo was produced by no other than FAITH NO MORE-bassist Billy Gould and is released on his label Kool Arrow worldwide. Were really excited that we managed to get some territories for bersee! Stay tuned for more! +++ Tour starts Oct. 22: SANTO BARRIO+++ They boys from Chile are getting ready for their 3rd Europea tour and if youve already seen them live youve been longing for their unique jazzy Mastizo for quite some time. If youve never seen them a nice serving of chilonean wont harm! +++NOT on bersee Records this time: PANTEON ROCOCO Ejercito de paz+++ Here comes the fifth album of the most popular and and hardest working band of middle- and latinamrica! Ejercito de paz is their masterpiece and their explosive mix of Latin, Ska, Punk & Mestizo-sounds picks up right where their earlier albums left off. This year PANTEON ROCOCO celebrate 15 aos ejrcito de paz! They started in Mexiko City with 11.000 fans and came straight over to Europe where they played 20 shows in 20 days. The highlight for that tour for sure was their show @ the 100 year anniversary concert @ the prestigious Millerntorstadium in Hamburg for their favorite German football club: FC St. Pauli! What a treat for the band! With the release of their 5th album Ejercito de paz they round up their anniversary year and again speak up for what still drives them on after 15 years. Injustice and violence are still present in politics and the lives of Mexicans and worldwide and these 15 years shall only be the first step! The Ejrcito De Paz, the peace army, is growing steady and is spreading the word of dancing protest every day. The Mexicans of PANTEON ROCOCO are famous for their sweaty live-shows and the incredible energy they release. There really are rumors that there are still people that havent seen their explosive mix of Latin, Punk, Rock and Ska live? Theyve expanded their musical horizons and exceeded their potential even more this time and they managed to capture that on this recording. But dont worry. They stay true to themselves a new start without their roots is impossible with these Mexicans. By the way, PANTEN ROCOC have played well over 450 (!) shows in Germany alone since the year 2000! Album-release: Oct. 1st 2010 (order here: http://astore.amazon.de/ueberrecorfin-21 ) Tour starts: Nov. 4th 2010 (Tourdaten: www.uebersee-records.net) +++Supplement to Echte bersee Records Vol. 4: Rantanplan-Video online+++ You know that Hamburgs spearhead of German Ska-Punk RANTANPLAN recorded their first ever in Spanish for our compilation number 4. Well, not enough of that they eve shot a video to that song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AGzu4RFz3k Order the compilation here: http://astore.amazon.de/ueberrecorfin-21 +++Rumors: WISECRCKER go East!+++ The title of Germanys most international Ska-Punk band was claimed by WISECRCKER easily. Even the US-authorities couldnt take that away from them after their 4th US tour was cancelled due to clear authority disposal . Well, and if it doesnt work out westwards, lets head east are WISECRCKER really on their way to Moscow?! ________________________ Booking directly: DOKTOR KRAPULA (Nov/Dec 2010) ROCOLA BACALAO (Summer 2011) ________________________ BERSEE RECORDS Henning Stoppel new adress: Brauhofstr. 4, D-30449 Hannover, Germany freight adress: Postkamp 16, D-30159 Hannover, Germany Fon: +49.511.911 99 78-3 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+49.511.911 99 78-3end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+49.511.911 99 78-3end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +49.511.911 99 78-3 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Fax: +49.511.911 99 78-4 Mobil: +49.178.79 00 356 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +49.178.79 00 356 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Skype: henning_uebersee www.uebersee-records.net www.youtube.com/profile?user=ubersee www.myspace.com/ueberseerecords www.lastfm.de/label/bersee+Records COMING SOON: DOKTOR KRAPULA 'Sagrado Corazn' (Oct. 29, 2010) Out now: VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Echte bersee Records Vol. 4' ROCOLA BACALAO 'Infierno' WISECRCKER 'The Pact' NO TE VA GUSTAR 'Mirarte A Los Ojos' NO TE VA GUSTAR 'El Camino Mas Largo' +++press-download-area at: www.uebersee-records.net/press +++Spread banners: www.uebersee-records.net/banner


image001.jpg@01CB69E2.C34CD970 La agrupacion colombiana Doctor Krapula da inicio a su gira Corazon Bombea Vivo con 30 presentaciones en cinco paises, 2 continentes. La musica del Doctor Krapula se hara sentir en Estados Unidos, Mexico, Alemania, Austria y Dinamarca. El 15 de Octubre da inicia la gira que pasara por distintas ciudades en estos cuatro paises. Este tour calentara el ambiente para el lanzamiento del primer dvd en vivo de la agrupacion, dvd que resume 10 aos de una carrera llena de mensajes, logros, miles de fans y muchas tarimas. El Dvd saldra en simultaneo en varios paises en el mes de diciembre e incluye 3 canciones ineditas de la banda mas todos sus exitos que han hecho que el Doctor Krapula se convierta en una de las agrupaciones favoritas de Latinoamerica. FECHAS DE LA GIRA CORAZON BOMBEA VIVO ESTADOS UNIDOS 15 Washington USA 16 New York USA 17 PHILADELFIA USA 21 TAMPA USA 22 NAPLES USA 23 MIAMI BEACH USA MEXICO 28 Mexico DF MEXICO 29 Mexico DF MEXICO 29 Cuernavaca MEXICO 30 Mexico DF MEXICO 31 Tepoztlan MEXICO NOV. 4 Guadalajara MEXICO NOV. 5 Toluca MEXICO NOV. 6 Monterrey MEXICO NOV. 7 Mexico DF MEXICO EUROPA 11 Rotenburg ALEMANIA 12 Copenhagen DINAMARCA 13 Husum ALEMANIA 14 Hamburg ALEMANIA 16 Chemnitz ALEMANIA 18 Rosenheim ALEMANIA 19 Kufstein AUSTRIA 21 Nrnberg ALEMANIA 22 Hannover ALEMANIA 23 Erfurt ALEMANIA 26 Neu Tramm ALEMANIA 27 Stemwede ALEMANIA 29 Kln ALEMANIA PARA MAS INFORMACION VISITA: www.doctorkrapula.net facebook.com/doctorkrapula Maria Isabel Ramirez Directora Marketing P (571) 643 0777 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (571) 643 0777 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Sony Music Colombia

MI SOL " el nuevo sencillo de Doctor Krapula, es una cancin de amor..!?

MI SOL el nuevo sencillo de Doctor Krapula, es una cancin de amor..! Esta cancin pertenece a la nueva produccin Corazn Bombea Vivo, grabado en directo con todos sus xitos en La Media Torta de Bogot el pasado 10 de junio ante ms de 6.000 seguidores de la banda y ser lanzado en CD, DVD y por primera vez para un grupo colombiano en Blue Ray en el mes de noviembre de 2.010. Corazn Bombea Vivo, incluye 16 de sus grandes xitos y adems con esta produccin, el grupo quiso entregar un documental memorable de sus primeros 10 aos de carrera. DOCTOR KRAPULA ha tenido 4 nominaciones a los premios MTV Latinos. Han recibido 5 Premios Nuestra Tierra, 11 Premios Shock de la Msica y 1 nominacin a los Premios 40 Principales en Espaa. Sus discos han sido publicados en Colombia, Mxico, Argentina, Ecuador, Alemania y Estados Unidos. En ms de 500 conciertos, la banda ha recorrido ms de 200.000 kilmetros en solo Colombia y ha presentado su msica ante ms de 3000.000 de personas. Uno de sus ms grandes conciertos fue el Gran Concierto Nacional ante ms de 280.000 personas en el parque Simn Bolvar de Bogot. Han compartido escenario con figuras como The Black Eyed Peas, Manu Chao, Gustavo Cerati, Julieta Venegas, Prisioneros, Fito Pez, Willie Colon, Juanes, etc Doctor Krapula ha tocado en festivales como Vive Latino en Mxico, Pepsi Music en Argentina, South By South West en Texas, el concierto de cierre de La Marcha Mundial por La Paz y la No Violencia en Chile, Rock Al Parque (5 veces) y en todos los festivales de msica en Colombia. El grupo de facebook de Doctor Krapula supera los 238.000 seguidores. Despus de todo esto la banda siente que su carrera apenas comienza Foto DR K 1 Niko Cabrera Germn Martnez Mario Muoz David Jaramillo Sergio Acosta