PUENTE ATLANTICO Salsa Cumbia & Remixes Puente Atlantico is an LP vinyl record with three french bands of latin music, each one offering one song of their last album and his remix for a just cause. Indeed, this record comes to support the actions of Club Quetzal, a humanitarian association of Mont de Marsan which is working to provide schooling to children in Guatemala. Puente Atlantico also offers to download on-line remixes with a code included in the LP. A musical bridge is created between France and Guatemala based on Salsa, Cumbia & remixes! LP vinyl record (12 inch). 8 titles, in a limited edition of 500 copies side A : 1 - OCHO Y MEDIA : Qué Chifla (Candida) - (Ocho Y Media) - 7’43 2 - OCHO Y MEDIA : Qué Chifla (Candida)(club remix par M∆P) – 4’13 3 – CUMBIA YA : Tolu – (L. Bermudez) – 3’00 4 – CUMBIA YA : Tolu (Digiskull remix) – 3’27 side B : 1 - CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Bajo el pino – (P. Marin, R. Davidico, P. Garjardo / F. Escojido) – 6’13 2 - CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Bajo el pino (Baja Frequencia remix) - 4'26 3 – OCHO Y MEDIA : Con mi bici - (Ocho Y Media) - 3’31 4 – OCHO Y MEDIA : Con mi bici (Angello DnD remix) – 3’00 Digital titles to be downloaded with coupon included in the LP : 1 – CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Bajo el Pino (Renzoo mix) 2 – CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Carrera (DJ Karim & Punto Rojo Remix) 3 – CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Flechazo (ChiWeu & FreneZik Remix) 4 – CUMBIA CHICHARRA : Mamita Rica (Dark-Fanta-Psy Remix ) 5 - INTI ZIMAN Revisited OCHO Y MEDIA : Kechifla ( la niña) 6 – OCHO Y MEDIA : Que Chifla (MODERNO remezcla con Maria Amelia GIAMARCHI) 7 – OCHO Y MEDIA : Con mi bici (DJ Dimitri remix) Label : SABOR DISCOS / Release: april 22 2017 Physical Distribution : independent / Partner : Allstyles Editions LA CUMBIA CHICHARRA (Marseille): Since 2001, this band was created listening and practicing the great artists of Colombian and Latin American music (Lucho Bermudez, Los Corraleros de Majagual, Pedro Laza, Andres Landero, Toto la Momposina, Lisandro Meza, Fruko Y Sus Tesos ...). Thus, their compositions extend and amplify these influences, they offer a music definitively from present and urban, the cumbia from here. http://www.lacumbiachicharra.com/ OCHO Y MEDIA (Paris): The Parisian salsa band Ocho Y Media released his first album “Llegó La Hora” with Sabor Discos Record. With an ardour and a huge energy, those 11 musicians literally set fire to each of its performances where everybody keeps dancing. The repertory of those « French Sauce Makers » is transformed into a big wave of happiness and cheerfully!!! http://ochoymedia.free.fr/ CUMBIA YA! (Paris): Emblematic ambassador of traditional Columbian music, this eleven-member band has become inescapable when talking about Cumbia in France. Fed with early century jazz and faithful to great composer's Lucho Bermúdez heritage, these musicians know how to mix flavours of the past with actual vibes to give a tasteful and unique result. http://www.cumbiaya.com The DJ’s are from France, Argentina and Guatemala : from Paris M∆P, the duet Inti Ziman, from Marseille Baja Frecuencia, from Toulouse Moderno, from Mont de Marsan Chi Weu, Digiskull, Renzoo, DJ Dimitri, from Guatemala Ciudad DJ Angello DnD & DJ Dark-Fanta-Psy, and from Mendoza DJ Karim. Un LP vinyl record for a solidarity project : With this new LP, Sabor Discos is committed to give all the benefits for Club Quetzal. Sabor Discos was moved by the purpose of obtaining funds and bring attention to the actions of Club Quetzal, a humanitarian association, dedicated to educate the children of the native communities of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Since 1998, Club Quetzal’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the children and the young people in Guatemala. Schooling the children, fighting against malnutrition and for the promotion of the fair trade, Club Quetzal and the Rigoberta Menchu Tum foundation brings a sustainable assistance to each of the communities with which they are working. Mrs Menchú Tum received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. Since 2003, Club Quetzal is the institutional relay of her foundation in France. The foundation is working on the ground for the recognition and the respect of Mayan culture. http://www.clubquetzal.org/ Our previous collaborative musical project with Club Quetzal resulted in the edition of the CD-DVD Solidario - Solidarité Guatemala. For further information about this first compilation, please visit our website http://sabordiscos.free.fr On sale for the Record Store Day april 22 2017